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Version 13.1.6

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-13.1.6.exe ideaIC-13.1.6.exe
Linux ideaIU-13.1.6.tar.gz ideaIC-13.1.6.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-13.1.6.dmg ideaIC-13.1.6.dmg

Version 13.0.4

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-13.0.4.exe ideaIC-13.0.4.exe
Linux ideaIU-13.0.4.tar.gz ideaIC-13.0.4.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-13.0.4.dmg ideaIC-13.0.4.dmg

Version 12.1.7

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-12.1.7.exe ideaIC-12.1.7.exe
Linux ideaIU-12.1.7.tar.gz ideaIC-12.1.7.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-12.1.7.dmg ideaIC-12.1.7.dmg

Version 12.0.4

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-12.0.4.exe ideaIC-12.0.4.exe
Linux ideaIU-12.0.4.tar.gz ideaIC-12.0.4.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-12.0.4.dmg ideaIC-12.0.4.dmg

Version 11.1.5

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-11.1.5d.exe ideaIC-11.1.5d.exe
Linux ideaIU-11.1.5d.tar.gz ideaIC-11.1.5d.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-11.1.5d.dmg ideaIC-11.1.5d.dmg

Version 11.0.2

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-11.0.2.exe ideaIC-11.0.2.exe
Linux ideaIU-11.0.2.tar.gz ideaIC-11.0.2.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-11.0.2.dmg ideaIC-11.0.2.dmg

Version 10.5.4

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-10.5.4.exe ideaIC-10.5.4.exe
Linux ideaIU-10.5.4.tar.gz ideaIC-10.5.4.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-10.5.4.dmg ideaIC-10.5.4.dmg

Version 10.0.3

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-10.0.3.exe ideaIC-10.0.3.exe
Linux ideaIU-10.0.3.tar.gz ideaIC-10.0.3.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-10.0.3.dmg ideaIC-10.0.3.dmg

Version 9.0.4

Platform IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Community
Windows ideaIU-9.0.4.exe ideaIC-9.0.4.exe
Linux ideaIU-9.0.4.tar.gz ideaIC-9.0.4.tar.gz
Mac OS X ideaIU-9.0.4.dmg ideaIC-9.0.4.dmg

Version 8.1.4

Platform File URL
Windows idea-8.1.4.exe
Linux idea-8.1.4.tar.gz
Mac OS X idea-8.1.4.dmg
Plug-ins SDK:

Version 7.0.5

Platform File URL
Windows idea-7.0.5.exe
Linux idea-7.0.5.tar.gz
Mac OS X idea-7.0.5.dmg
Plug-ins SDK:

Version 6.0.6

Platform File URL
Windows idea-6.0.6.exe
Linux idea-6.0.6.tar.gz
Mac OS X idea-6.0.6.dmg
Plug-ins SDK:

Version 5.1.2

Platform File URL
Windows idea-5.1.2.exe
Linux idea-5.1.2.tar.gz
Mac OS X idea-5.1.2.dmg

Version 4.5.4

Platform File URL
Windows idea-4.5.4.exe
Linux idea-4.5.4.tar.gz
Linux Installer idea-4.5.4.bin
Mac OS X idea-4.5.4.dmg

Version 4.0.3

Platform File URL
Windows idea-4.0.3.exe
Linux idea-4.0.3.tar.gz
Linux installer idea-4.0.3.bin
Mac OS X idea-4.0.3.dmg
ZIP (no JRE)
ZIP (with JRE)

Version 3.0.5

Platform File URL
Windows idea-3.0.5v2.exe
Linux idea-3.0.5v2.tar.gz
Linux Installer idea-3.0.5v2.bin
Mac OS X idea-3.0.5v2.sit
ZIP (no JRE)
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  1. Sep 07, 2014


    Apparently it is a known issue that Ultimate V 13.1.14 does not create scaffolding for Grails projects property.  The notes suggest installing 13.1.13 instead, but you don't appear to offer that version on the download page so I have to go back to V13.0.4 instead, which seems like I'm going pretty far back.. You should address this quickly. Either release 13.1.15 witha fix for this problem or put up 1.13 instead.  Or osmehting.

  2. Sep 27, 2014


    Is there any reason why the installer for version 12.1.7 on Windows is not signed? Previous versions were signed, giving a level of confidence in the security of the download. As far as I can see, there is no other way of verifying the downloaded file.

    1. Sep 29, 2014

      Our certificate used for signing releases was expired, we will reupload the build signed with new certificate

  3. Oct 01, 2014


    any plans for ?

  4. Oct 09, 2014


    can you add links to 13.1.4 for goodness sake?!?

  5. Oct 16, 2014


    Just copy the links from older version and change the numbers ;)

  6. Oct 31, 2014



    I can't download ""...

    Is there a problem ?

    The download is "paused" at 105 Mo with a 0o/sec speed...

    If I want to take version ideaIU-12.1.7.exe, is it ok ?

    Thanks by advance.

    1. Nov 10, 2014



      1. about 12 hours ago


        Could the admin of the site remove the above offensive comment (and this one together)? It means idiot in Chinese.

  7. Nov 05, 2014


    Hi , 

    I think that this page should contain all the available versions. Otherwise it doesn't make sense this page to exist. 
    I wanted to download InteliJ IDEA 13 (because i don't have valid license for 14), so i navigated to this page and download latest 13.x version from this page(which is not latest 13.1.x at the moment). After installing i noticed that i didn't get latest version from 13(13.1) but i got 13.0.4.
    So i think that it would be nice to have all the versions listed here (maybe not minor versions, but major like 13.0 and 13.1 should be both here on this page).

    Best regards.

  8. Jan 28, 2015


    It was a bit hard to find the checksum for the ideaIU-13.1.6.exe file, because there is no information about the location of the checksums at this page. Please add it to this download page. For all other people, who didn't find the checksum yet, you can use the following URL pattern in order to check the ckecksum of the downloaded file:*<NAME-OF-DOWNLOADED-FILE>*.sha256, e.g.:

  9. yesterday at 22:25:52


    Where can I get 14.0.2?  14.0.3 is BADLY broken for scala development.

    1. about 4 hours ago

      All releases of IntelliJ IDEA have the same URL structure. Take the URL for the version that you need and replace the version number with 14.0.2.

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