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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3.4 (203.8084.24 build) Release Notes
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Build. MavenBug IDEA-255594 Intellij keeps old dependencies
Usability IDEA-258602 Maven Dependencies not imported in 2020.2.4 because of the pom syntax issue with the 'version' property which is not shown in pom editor but only in log
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-259705 Module can't be deleted
Frameworks. LombokBug IDEA-262693 lombok @Builder is broken
Bug IDEA-265211 2020.3 Update is causing a lombok error using log in static block
Performance IDEA-264579 Autocomplete is slow with the latest updates with Lombok plug-in querying indices
JavaX. Web ServicesBug IDEA-251914 Dead lock between GenerateJavaFromJAXBSchemasAction and it's base MyDialogWrapper
Bug IDEA-266805 Generate Java Code From Xml Schema Using JAXB doesn't work
LocalizationBug IDEA-248785 Illegal reflective access by com.intellij.util.ReflectionUtil to method java.util.ResourceBundle.setParent
DartBug WEB-50043 Dart file move: relative imports become absolute. (Windows only)
Task WEB-49464 Support new Dart syntax: Generalized Type Aliases
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