Please note that the labels below are usually included in the README.MD file of the project repository. If the project has been forked, the label will be carried over to the new organisation. JetBrains is solely responsible for repositories under the JetBrains and Kotlin organisations. If you have forked one of JetBrains repositories, please make sure you remove the corresponding labels.

JetBrains is a strong proponent of open source software and maintains a number of repositories on GitHub. To help you easily identify the various types of repositories, we have created a group of badges.

Official projects are officially supported by JetBrains. These can be products, plugins, learning materials, books, and more. Here are just a few examples:

Official Projects are available for all to use in accordance to the licensing terms and are fully supported by JetBrains.

Incubator projects are official projects that are being developed by JetBrains. They are considered experimental, not mature enough, or lacking in some manner or release quality such testing and supporting documentation. They are provided as-is. You're welcome to use them.

Team projects are created by JetBrains employees. These projects include 20% projects, Internal hackathons, those that support product development process, and/or benefit the JetBrains developer community.

Team Projects are available for all to use in accordance to the licensing terms, despite not being officially supported. However, there are times that Team Projects become Official Projects.

Research projects are official projects developed and maintained by laboratories of JetBrains Research. These projects aim to contribute to cutting-edge scientific work and bring its discoveries into the everyday experience of our users. The projects are provided as is.
Obsolete projects are those that have been discontinued, superseded, or historical.

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