Third-Party Software Shipped with dotMemory Command Line Tools 2017.1

Castle Core 3.2.0 for .NET 3.5

Binary: Castle.Core.dll

Copyright: 2004-2013 Castle Project -

License: Apache 2.0

Cook Computing XML-RPC 2.5

Binary: CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll

Copyright: Charles Cook (c) 2001-201

License: MIT X11 License

DotNetZip Library

Binary: Ionic.Zip.Reduced.dll

Copyright: Dino Chiesa 2006 - 2011

License: Ms-PL


Binary: Analytics.BLL.Interface.dll

License: Ms-PL

Json.NET 3.5

Binary: Newtonsoft.Json.dll

Copyright: James Newton-King 2008

License: MIT License

Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows Redistributable Package

(Only symsrv.dll is redistributed.)

License: Microsoft Software License (license text not available online but is available upon installation of Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows)


Binaries: NuGet.Core.dll, NuGet.Frameworks.dll

Copyright:  Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

License: Apache 2.0

ResourceLib C# File Resource Management Library

Binary: Vestris.ResourceLib.dll

Copyright: Vestris Inc.

License: MIT License


Binary: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll

Copyright: 2001-2010 Mike Krueger, John Reilly

License: Custom


Binary: Sprache.dll

Copyright: Nicholas Blumhardt 2010

License: MIT License

WPF Contrib 1.1

Binary: WpfContrib.dll

License: Ms-PL