PhpStorm EAP 163.6957 Release Notes

PHP CompletionUsabilityWI-33532Unecessary space character after autocomplete for "implements <Interface>"
UsabilityWI-33342Overriding class property cursor placement is not useful
PHP InspectionsBugWI-23967Parameter type inspection - false positive: type of unpacked arguments are not inferred
BugWI-30855Member has protected access error for protected parent class method/field usage in trait
BugWI-33681Strict standards: Parameter with default null value should be matched with the same default value or type ?type when overriding
BugWI-33680Strict standards: return type (by-value or by-reference) incompatibility is not detected
BugWI-33222Change modifiers: creates invalid signature for Interfaces
BugWI-33666False positive: "Declaration must be compatible" when overridden method has var arg
BugWI-31754Regression with Recursive resolve of constant values inside include expressions
BugWI-33466PHP 7.1: Private constant not indicating as being used in class.
BugWI-33612Cannot use argument unpacking with strict types enabled
BugWI-33679Strict standards: Parameters don’t have to match when overriding trait’s method.
BugWI-33675Strict standarts: parameters in constructor should be excluded from overrided inspection
BugWI-33102Missing declare types inspection: Don't show inspection warning in a mixed code
PHP RefactoringBugWI-33007Moving class to global namespace breaks @see statement
PHP debugBugWI-32748'break on first line' while attempting debug validation hangs PHPStorem
PHP langFeatureWI-33370Make completion aware of assert($x instanceof Y)
BugWI-23909It should be possible to add optional argument to match signature
BugWI-33638Find usages doesn't group imports of constants and functions
BugWI-14678Strict standarts: declaration of overridden method should be compatible with parent class
BugWI-32709Analyze Stacktrace cannot parse filenames / line numbers anymore
BugWI-14680Green code marked Error: Cannot redeclare non static private variable as static
PHP testFeatureWI-33586PHPSpec: support phar executable
BugWI-33475Link to download Behat is unexpectedly editable
BugWI-33594Behat 3.2.0+: if there is undefined step the suite will hang
UsabilityWI-33537PHPSpec: allow only PHPSpec configuration for the PHPSpecs files
UsabilityWI-33661PHPUnit: add hyperlink to download phpunit.phar
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..CosmeticsWI-33655Deployment - "User name not specified" error with local folder
PHP InterpretersBugWI-33563Docker: addition of a new docker interpreter cause the first one to forget image name
ExceptionWI-33557Docker: NPE is thrown on attempt to change docker mappings
SQL EditingBugDBE-3253Valid H2 SQL shows red line
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-3302SQL Server wrong highlighting of proc source
Build toolsBugWEB-21484Ability to pass --silent option to npm when running script
JavaScriptBugWEB-23766Template string conversion bug
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-22858incorrect indentation for arrow functions with implicit return
BugWEB-22044Shorthand object property names are formatted incorrectly
Node.jsBugWEB-23802Deadlock when configuring node_modules library