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IDEA-151400 (Feature)

Spring MVC: view controllers registered using #addViewControllers method could be recognized

WEB-20263 (Feature)

Enable Fill Paragraph for JS

WEB-20330 (Usability Problem)

JSON Schema: missing description on the right

IDEA-115916 (Cosmetics)

Tab bug : graphical and not only

IDEA-151565 (Bug)

Action 'Form main()' in inappropriate place causes exception

IDEA-151578 (Bug)

"Infer Nullity" broken?

IDEA-151264 (Bug)

IDEA adds imports for java.lang doppelgangers

IDEA-146676 (Bug)

Keyboard focus is lost after Ctrl-F in the detached editor

WEB-20244 (Bug)

Foundation 6 not updated yet in new version. How do you do this manually?

WEB-20245 (Bug)

Strings in require() statements are spell-checked

WEB-17148 (Bug)

Structural replace broken

IDEA-151469 (Bug)

ImplementingFunctional2x.png is not used because it is named with capital letter

WEB-20041 (Bug)

In Angular2, inside a Template, doing cont-/ to comment produces // comment instead of <!-- HTML type comment

IDEA-144453 (Bug)

IDEA rejects opening recent project if there are no .idea subfolder

IDEA-151656 (Bug)

ProgressableTextEditorHighlightingPass breaks (at least) Inifinitest plugin

WEB-18650 (Bug)

Structural search and replace doesn't work in JavaScript

WEB-20002 (Bug)

Template sring `${new Date().getTime()}${Math.random()}` breaks syntax higlighting

IDEA-151601 (Exception)

Too many events posted



IDEA-147653 (Bug)

Gradle JVM resets to 1.7 when making project, ignoring my setting.

IDEA-151769 (Exception)

Android: ISE at on opening New Project Wizard -> Android if no Android SDK is configured



WEB-150 (Feature)

CSS completion of ID/CLASS name of html files in the project

WEB-16792 (Feature)

Support WebPack specific import statements

WEB-14124 (Feature)

Support for CSS Custom Properties

WEB-20333 (Bug)

HiDPI display: small gutter icon for CSS color preview

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-151356 (Feature)

Simplifying known true/false conditions should remove unnecessary parentheses

IDEA-97607 (Usability Problem)

'instanceof' a concrete class inspection shall have an option to be ignored in equals() method

IDEA-151625 (Bug)

inspection "Unpredicatble 'new BigDecimal()' call" quick fix can cause NumberFormatExceptions

IDEA-151305 (Bug)

Enum.valueOf not recognized as @NonNull in inspections

IDEA-90061 (Bug)

Static method only used from one another class inspection bug

Code Navigation


IDEA-128907 (Bug)

Goto declaration in code fragment opens new editor

Compiling Project


IDEA-151490 (Bug)

Class files compiled from source files generated by an annotation processor, do not get @NotNull instrumentation.



DBE-197 (Bug)

Derby: Validate empty database name



DBE-2367 (Bug)

Length of Char and decimal fields not shown when extracting DDL

DBE-2002 (Bug)

Duplicating connection doesn't change displayed DB

DBE-2354 (Exception)

MS SQL: Numeric Overflow on Spatial indices (384000)



WEB-16813 (Bug)

Generating a method between two commented methods will steal comment of the next method

WEB-19915 (Bug)

'Override method' in Dart suggests to override members that are not overridable

WEB-20204 (Bug)

Getter/Setter generators don't currently generate for static fields



IDEA-151287 (Bug)

Breakpoints are ignored in groovy scripts if file name contains dash

IDEA-151452 (Bug)

any exception with condition constantly says "Cannot find source class for current stack frame"



IDEA-22363 (Bug)

Diff Window in Ignore Whitespace Mode: Says "No Difference" Even If Threr're Ignored Differences

IDEA-144276 (Bug)

Diff view shows "no differences" message when "Do not highlight" option is set

IDEA-151526 (Bug)

No annotate action is enabled in "Compare with..." dialog for repository version

IDEA-151524 (Bug)

Strange error and exception in log if try to annotate diff for newly added file(from local changes)

IDEA-151521 (Bug)

Assertion error on try to annotate diff for local changes(in case one line)



IDEA-151572 (Bug)

Docker: rename Settings / Clouds item to 'Docker' if it's the only cloud available

IDEA-151477 (Bug)

Dockerfile false negative syntax error message

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-151393 (Usability Problem)

Changed order of intentions

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-151326 (Cosmetics)

Grammar bug in Generate -> Constructor action: "Constructor already exist"

IDEA-151327 (Bug)

Generate -> Constructor action makes excess line between class and constructor declarations

File System


IDEA-103559 (Task)

File sync issues on paths containing non-ASCII characters

GUI Designer


IDEA-150585 (Bug)

uiDesigner NewKeyDialog missing getDimensionServiceKey



IDEA-60162 (Usability Problem)

GWT run configuration should allow to set the working directory

IDEA-151843 (Bug)

Deadlock when starting IDEA 16 EAP

IDEA-150142 (Bug)

GWT plugin breaks when being passed -war DevMode parameter



IDEA-125174 (Bug)

Linking gradle project fails: java.lang.String is not an interface

IDEA-151590 (Bug)

Intellij IDEA 16 EAP does not handle gradle modules with "-" in the name correctly for all functionality (i.e. Kotlin accessing between test and non test classes with internal scope)



IDEA-151354 (Bug)

IDEA 15 CE hangs forever

IDE Configuration


IDEA-151560 (Bug)

Map help button to the specified id

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-151237 (Usability Problem)

Complete outer class methods with the correct prefix

IDEA-144816 (Bug)

Usage of a static method inside a sibling inner class with a same name method

IDEA-151470 (Bug)

Autocomplete not suggesting after finally block

IDEA-151552 (Bug)

No completion after instanceof inside lambda

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-151443 (Bug)

Good code highlighted red: bad return type in lambda expression

IDEA-151408 (Bug)

Good code red. Invert <? extends Boolean>

IDEA-151406 (Bug)

Good code red. Map.Entry.getValue() for map with wildcard

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-151371 (Usability Problem)

Ambiguous import of Map that is not ambiguous anymore

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-151501 (Usability Problem)

Invert Boolean refactoring: cannot correct incorrect identifier

IDEA-151190 (Bug)

Change class signature doesn't support complicated bounds

IDEA-151546 (Bug)

Java Refactor: extract interface changes equals method

IDEA-151556 (Bug)

Exception when preview Invert Boolean refactoring and name is a duplicate

IDEA-151581 (Bug)

'Cannot modify compiled element' exception when rename standard method in 'Invert Boolean' refactoring

IDEA-151448 (Bug)

Invert Boolean refactor base method warning: cancellation causes odd warning message



IDEA-151423 (Bug)

Replace all anonymous with lambda does not replace all on first invocation

IDEA-151174 (Bug)

Annotation method return values are non-nullable

IDEA-151494 (Bug)

'Replace with collect' produces uncompilable source

IDEA-151355 (Bug)

Wrong 'condition always false' after using decrement on object field



IDEA-141033 (Bug)

"Unresolved fx:id reference" inspection quickfix doesn't add @FXML annotation



WEB-20252 (Feature)

Support trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls

WEB-16359 (Feature)

Intention for converting string concatenation into ES6 template string

WEB-20251 (Bug)

Corrective auto-complete produces unexpected results

WEB-20237 (Bug)

Export foo as default gives issues

WEB-20127 (Bug)

Merge duplicates in parameter info

WEB-20188 (Bug)

No argument hinting for IIFE (Javascript)

WEB-20186 (Bug)

CommonJS: no parameter info shown for constructor reference used as exported module property

WEB-20191 (Bug)

Convert to ES6 template works incorrectly

WEB-17446 (Bug)

Wrong message "overrides method in object" in node.js project

WEB-20261 (Bug)

Wrong 'Replace with template string' intention inside angular message

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-20308 (Bug)

Wrong color of commented lined inside template

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-20190 (Feature)

ES6 imports: suggest to install [with npm] modules metioned in from clause

WEB-20147 (Bug)

False positive "Add missing import"

WEB-20281 (Bug)

Inspections: disable "Missing module dependency" for TypeScript ES6-style imports

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-20054 (Bug)

Create Function Definition feature does not use selected scope - always creates it in global scope



WEB-13651 (Bug)

LESS not using web resource root directory



IDEA-139559 (Feature)

Maven: maven-processor-plugin: options passed as <compilerArguments> (old style) are not recognized

IDEA-141849 (Usability Problem)

Maven integration should not create multiple annotation processors profiles with same settings

IDEA-151579 (Bug)

Test JAR dependencies within WAR contains production classes/resources instead of test classes/resources



WEB-20033 (Bug)

don't warn about "missing import statement" / "require() call is missing" for mocha describe/it methods

WEB-20304 (Bug)

Hide Remote interpreters from the Node.js and NPM Settings/Preferences

WEB-20306 (Bug)

Node Interpreters: auto fill in path to the npm package on the Windows

WEB-20060 (Bug)

Scratches don't recognise project installed NPM modules - Defective behaviour

WEB-20303 (Exception)

Remote interpreter: IAE is thrown on Canceling the Added Remote configuration

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-151688 (Usability Problem)

Implicit dependency 'zenity'

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-151593 (Bug)

Cannot run platform tests in plugin project



WEB-13028 (Feature)

SASS/SCSS + Compass regular CSS import syntax

WEB-19743 (Bug)

"cannot resolve sass into sass/scss file" warning is not relevant with sass globbing pattern resolver importer in project

WEB-19458 (Bug)

SCSS: use "java-resource" root when resolving SCSS import paths

WEB-19176 (Bug)

Sass @import of css file without extension doesn't resolve

WEB-9251 (Bug)

Compass support: correctly update imports on Refactor-Move



IDEA-149291 (Bug)

Choose Lookup Item Replace command deletes trailing backtick in MySQL dialect



DBE-1632 (Usability Problem)

PostgreSQL: Accessing subfields from function returning composite type

DBE-2312 (Bug)

User parameter makes alias unable to resolve

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-151620 (Bug)

False warning on Velocity template files



IDEA-117485 (Feature)

Support Find in Terminal panel

IDEA-151339 (Usability Problem)

Terminal swallows keyboard shortcuts



WEB-20323 (Bug)

Typescript: 'export default class' expects a name

WEB-20229 (Bug)

TypeScript `this` parameter type is not resolved as actual type

WEB-20291 (Bug)

Refactor: Extract Field: Type should be calculated and applied in method/constructor scopes

WEB-20079 (Bug)

TypeScript field creation intent generates field with wrong name

WEB-20315 (Bug)

Ugly tsx autoformat code

Unit Tests


WEB-20331 (Bug)

Mocha: when same-named tests are defined in 2 files, wrong test is chosen when running from test results

User Interface


IDEA-151515 (Bug)

Goto Action sorts incorrectly

IDEA-142106 (Bug)

Quick documentation popup always minimized

Version Control


IDEA-151632 (Bug)

"Move to another changelist" shortcut key is not working!

Version Control. Log


IDEA-147977 (Bug)

Bug in drawing selected edges

IDEA-149285 (Bug)

VCS Log: details panel has no horizontal scrollbar

IDEA-139989 (Bug)

VCS Log: Structure filter: can't select folder not under any module

IDEA-149987 (Exception)

Completion in Go To Ref/Tag/Branch popup frequently throws an Already Disposed exception