IDEA-118500 Procedure editor with sybase doesn't work

IDEA-147517 Cannot execute query from Console window

IDEA-147469 Can't connect to HBase using Apache Phoenix driver

IDEA-141990 Schemas once added to Database tree view are not removed on synchronization (Oracle)

IDEA-145596 MSSQL: 14.1.5 Database Console completely screwed up

IDEA-146598 Oracle Database tool window: Synchronize does not update replaced Oracle package

IDEA-147178 Oracle DB error

DBE-1852 "Create New Table" dialog: foreign key name is ignored

DBE-1828 All objects from default schema are not resolved

DBE-1853 NPE in Database view

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DBE-1834 In database tools with Xerial, SQLite shows error when inserting with a UNION ALL

DBE-1836 MySQL: Good code is red

DBE-1786 "definition is not available or empty" when trying to view some stored procedures on Sybase ASE

DBE-1443 Error Loading Databases over SSH

DBE-1817 Table field resoving bug in SQL editor with MySQL dielect

DBE-1804 MS SQL Introspector: nvarchar(10) becomes nvarchar(20)

DBE-515 Connecting dialog: provide a way to see the full database error message

DBE-561 Database: Oracle table saved as SQL insert statements has wrong format for date types

DBE-1818 Duplicate 'end' inserted for begin...end on enter

DBE-601 MySQL Wrong syntax for "drop default" for a column

DBE-1798 Create table window cannot be scrolled

DBE-1802 Unable to set default schema for read-only connections

DBE-808 Data Sources: Oracle: service is called "database"

DBE-1754 The JSON extractor is no longer available

DBE-1784 Support for Oracle valid/invalid object status (

DBE-1806 Error Message using DB2 Driver for Informix Database

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DBE-1411 PostgreSQL VACUUM VERBOSE; missing output

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DBE-1637 Allow for search in table

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DBE-1794 DB2 Driver Type4 URL format

DBE-1780 Modify Table dialogue is slow

DBE-1790 Intention 'Split String Literal' wont work for all RDMBS + only works in the first part of a split string