PhpStorm 10.0 Release Notes

Distribution packagesBugWI-29225Add bundled tools.jar to the classpath in
Injections in PHPBugWI-28867Persistent language injection doesn't work for strings without assignment
BugWI-25707Custom SQL parameters with double brackets (MySQL)
PHP CompletionFeatureWI-17528Code completion when overriding class properties with new default values
FeatureWI-9210Name suggestion: foreach value name by foreach array name
FeatureWI-8035Getters and setters autocomplete proposal like in IntelliJ
FeatureWI-16918Autocomplete method name and signature when overriding parent
FeatureWI-6223Complete parens after function-like constructs (isset etc)
FeatureWI-28812Provide completion for methods when implementing interface
BugWI-28579Unnecessary class import when autocompleting class constant
BugWI-29057'$' is not completed for global variables in some cases
BugWI-18070No autocomplete inside list() statement
BugWI-29209No function or method autocompletion in foreach
BugWI-7050PHP: code completion: suggestions after "parent::" could be improved
BugWI-13510Private Trait Method autocomplete is not working
BugWI-28811Function keyword inserted twice if function name starts with f
BugWI-28810Completion should take into account final modifier
BugWI-28858Getters and setters shouldn't be suggested for constants
BugWI-28859Getters and setters completion shouldn't suggest private fields of parent classes/traits
BugWI-28806Autocomplition for static class methods works incorretly
UsabilityWI-22118No autocompletition for function and constants in namespace
UsabilityWI-28862Remove "<Generic>" from completion list after @lang
UsabilityWI-28860Don't suggest completion for getter/setter if there is already a keyword before
UsabilityWI-28861Provide getter/setter completion for trait
UsabilityWI-28676Show only variables in completion for list
UsabilityWI-26877Provide completion for possible injections after @lang
UsabilityWI-29387Provide completion for classes that implements Throwable
ExceptionWI-28889Remove JS in HTML from completion list
PHP FormatterBugWI-22616Bad Code Style "Set from..." Symfony2 or PSR1/PSR2
BugWI-25227Reformat is not keeping blank lines inside array
BugWI-13679New line in Symfony2 annotations
BugWI-29300Additional indent is inserted in PHPDoc if caret is located after ()
BugWI-28352Comment for throws tag in phpdoc is lost after updating phpdoc block
BugWI-28144Comment indention doesn't respect formatting settings
UsabilityWI-24511Keep comments together with return statement
PHP InspectionsBugWI-12281Illegal array key type: Wrong warning about illegal key type on SplObjectStorage
BugWI-19175Nested switch statements with returns incorrectly states a return statement is missing
BugWI-29414PHP 7 readiness inspection detect usage of forbidden class names only in declaration
BugWI-21613"Variable might have not been defined" wrongly reported when using finally {}
BugWI-29325Unnecessary use statement is shown for group use statement
BugWI-28456Null Coalesce Operator creates not initialized warning
BugWI-12654Type inference: "instanceof" inference type hinting is exclusive
BugWI-25776Update PHPDoc doesn't handle variadic
UsabilityWI-29140Properly use of the 'Before' section of intention descriptions
PHP RefactoringFeatureWI-5695Extract method: detect duplicates
BugWI-29123Inplace rename: field renaming affects all variables with the same name
BugWI-29117Inplace rename: doesn't handle class aliases
BugWI-29118Inplace rename: Exception is thrown on invalid renaming of FQN class
BugWI-29119Inplace rename: Don't invoke inplace for parent,self and static
BugWI-29029Rename refactoring suggests a variable name with a namespace separator
BugWI-28315Extract interface: treat scalar types as classes and drop return type
BugWI-28313Move class imports unnecessary use statement
BugWI-29363Exception is thrown in AutomaticRenamer if anonymous class is returned
BugWI-29194Extract method: search duplicates replaces newly created PHPDoc
BugWI-28914Inplace rename: doesn't work if first appearence for variable is inside PHPDoc
BugWI-29395Optimize import always remove group use statement
BugWI-29192Extract method: search duplicates should distinguish declaration and usage
BugWI-28995Creating interface from 'class implements <interface>" context menu should generate an interface instead of class.
BugWI-27150PHP: rename directory does'nt update require ' ' path
BugWI-29161Exclude parameter from duplicate search In Extract Method refactoring
BugWI-29162Extract method: duplicate search replace already refactored code
BugWI-28282Extract Interface: Replacing class references where possible removes [] from docblocks when annotating arrays of classes
UsabilityWI-28316Disable extract refactorings for return types
UsabilityWI-28868Disable extract constant for type in PHPDoc
ExceptionWI-29116Inplace rename: throws exception after renaming constructor to __construct
ExceptionWI-29335Attempt to rename anonymous class lead to Exception
ExceptionWI-28920Inplace rename: renaming constant/functions to keyword lead to exception
ExceptionWI-29160Extract method: exception is thrown on replacing duplicates with selection of 2+ identical statements
PHP debugFeatureWI-5370Immediate/interactive code execution in context during debug session
BugWI-28616Debug console: complete variables in local scope
BugWI-28605Validate Debugger Configuration fails because of "Unexpected format"
BugWI-28706STDIN ignored while console debugging
PerformanceWI-20864Addition of debug server is very slow if include path contains a lot of directories
UsabilityWI-27928Allow to enable "Break at first line" and navigate to PHP|Servers from the warning tooltip
UsabilityWI-27903Import deployment path mappings from 'Local or Mounted Folder"
UsabilityWI-28564Debug console: Show error message in case of error evaluating code
ExceptionWI-28556Debug console: Exception is thrown if the text inside editor is changed and focus is moved to console
PHP langFeatureWI-28498Support PHP7 UTF-8 sequences in strings
FeatureWI-24237Set PHP Template Language automatically from file extension
FeatureWI-27469Support Group use declarations
FeatureWI-27713Support PHP 7 Context sensitive lexer (allows use keywords for Method names )
BugWI-28935Dataflow: outside variable in closure is not considered for dataflow to
BugWI-28934Dataflow: constructor is not considered in flow to here
BugWI-28938Dataflow: from here doesn't consider statement with more than one usage
BugWI-28836Don't transform new line into \n on copy/paste
BugWI-29089Intentions -> "Replace Quotes" zaps whitespace into \t and \n representation.
BugWI-29110Dataflow: produces infinite tree for shortcut operations (+=, -=,...)
BugWI-28871Missing second operand in null coalesce operator should produce parse error
BugWI-28900Function that return reference &func_name doesn't have name
BugWI-28681"Copy" checkbox behaves as "Default" for __construct
BugWI-8638Parser should have a ASP-style tags option disabled by default.
BugWI-29331Anonymous Classes with constructor parameter are not supported
BugWI-28940Dataflow: from here doesn't consider unary statements
BugWI-28941Dataflow: from here doesn't consider control statements
BugWI-13801PHP: 'Replace quotes' intention should escape special characters
BugWI-29107Dataflow from: doesn't include throw statement
BugWI-29106Dataflow: take into account only first argument for variadic function
BugWI-23932Bad complete statement on if-comment-statement
BugWI-29324Group use declarations don't produce errors in PHP <7
BugWI-29323Group use declaration: Leading "\" should produce parse error
BugWI-6442Complete Current Statement works wrong before a comment
BugWI-29211Endless indexing loop & java.lang.AssertionError: TEMPLATE_DATA in PHP in idea.log
BugWI-28965Opening files with names like *.sql.php (test.sql.php) with class declaration in it cause infinite project reindexing
BugWI-23965Type of variadic argument is not array but the singular type
BugWI-28937Dataflow: to here doesn't consider exception flow
UsabilityWI-29067Complex variable variable coloring
UsabilityWI-290079.5 Darcula class names are same color as variable names
ExceptionWI-29399NPE when typing 'yield'
PHP lib stubsBugWI-26621hash_equals function is displayed as undefined
PHP templatesFeatureWI-4835Add ability to fold Smarty comment
FeatureWI-28168Set Twig Template Language automatically from file extension
ExceptionWI-29174Blade: Invalid ranges during formatting exception is thrown on pasting code with php comment
ExceptionWI-28633Zero latency typing crashes Phpstorm when editing blade templates.
PHP testBugWI-14314Link from failed test leads to line + 1
BugWI-15719PHPUnit: Incorrect Number of Tests When Single Quote is Used in Data Provider Key
BugWI-13830PHPUnit: provide 'jump to source'/'run' etc. actions in context menu of test with dataprovider in Run tool window
BugWI-27017PHPUnit: rework running system
PerformanceWI-28662PhpUnit: IDE_PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener::addFailure should use special methods instead of self-dumping value to string.
UsabilityWI-28259Remove PHPUnit by HTTP submenu item
UsabilityWI-22932Test that is skipped due to failed dependency contains summary in output
CosmeticsWI-28544Remove leading :: (double colon) from tests with data provider
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-28543Canceling "file watcher checking" completely stops uploading on CTRL-S
BugWI-27750Lock on deployment settings saving
BugWI-28850Deployment - FTP: Incorrect remote paths shown
BugWI-29271Message provided private key requires a passphrase is shown for password auth type
BugWI-16410Run external tool on explicit save with autouploading results (Files Processed by External Tools such as SASS must be manually uploaded.)
UsabilityWI-17206PhpStorm 6, FTP not working 'Could not list the contents of folder'
UsabilityWI-28089Improve the error messages from failed connections: message should said that passphrase is incorrect
UsabilityWI-29034Sync with deployment server popup appears in Editor when the action is called from the toolbar button
ExceptionWI-28729NullPointerException when creating project from existing files
No subsystemBugWI-26437Type Inference: An array with objects lost type hint when surround with "if (is_array($theObjectsArray) {"
PHP RunBugWI-28814Running Run configuration "PHP HTTP Request" freezes the IDE until completion
BugWI-28445HTTP request run-configuration: set encoding for response content
No subsystemBugIDEA-141973Java else if: missing select word step
BugIDEA-79143Wrong inspection of JSF 2 System Events in faces-config.xml
BugIDEA-141164Ability to generate code inferred annotations
BugIDEA-127380Managed Bean Inconsistency errors inspection
BugIDEA-144615GenerateMissedTestMethods intention fails for ArquillianTestNG test class without test methods
BugIDEA-141709Popup in the wrong place if tabs are present in the edited line
BugIDEA-144994Don't suggest to run Arquillian tests when there are none
UsabilityIDEA-126587Database tool window: DROP is called "Delete"
UsabilityIDEA-137182Extend selection
CosmeticsIDEA-145706Arquillian Run Configurations: manual configuration: correct label for dependency adding
TaskIDEA-139244Build artifact with content of "core" artifacts folder
TaskIDEA-138200Build all platforms compatible zip dist for Community and Ultimate
ExceptionIDEA-145709Throwable at com.intellij.util.Urls.toUriWithoutParameters(
ExceptionIDEA-145034IndexNotReadyException on opening sample JavaEE project
ExceptionIDEA-144381IndexNotReadyException when adding persistence deployment descriptor
CSSBugIDEA-146227Using "Comment with Line Comment" in a JavaFX CSS file may create a problematic comment section
Code Analysis. DependenciesFeatureIDEA-16888Make some refactorings available from the Dependency Structure Matrix
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-93628"Tag Library Descriptor Inspection" reports invalid errors for 1.1 taglibs
BugIDEA-18499<logic:iterate> confuses always true inspection
BugIDEA-143698CDI Inspection not correct: "Managed Bean must be a concrete class"
BugIDEA-136378Inspection error: "Cannot inject bean of non-serializable type into bean of passivating scope" for ApplicationScoped dependency
Code Formatting and Code StyleFeatureIDEA-72261configure line wrapping per file or per file type
BugIDEA-57965xml formatting unconditionally moves comments to a new line
ConsoleUsabilityIDEA-63980Make idea.cycle.buffer.size configurable in IDEA GUI / IDEA settings
DatabaseFeatureIDEA-88371Table editor: Oracle BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE values could be editable
FeatureIDEA-124217Data Sources and Drivers: could Test Connection be available from SSH/SSL tab?
BugIDEA-129612PhpStorm hung on reopen project
BugIDEA-143860Navigate to symbol doesn't filter database specific data
BugIDEA-140745Database table editor: BINARY_FLOAT value is rounded differently in editing and view modes
BugIDEA-145274tel me why ???
BugIDEA-144903EAP15 Database: change driver setting disappear.
BugIDEA-141666Show Visualization... in Database tab is not working
BugIDEA-140910SQL Server view definitions are fragmented
BugIDEA-144980[1] [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near " ": syntax error)
BugIDEA-102914Database: path to the file in Choose File to Upload dialog is not saved
BugIDEA-139177Database console does not show results when open in 2 projects
UsabilityIDEA-139365database console locked by transaction
UsabilityIDEA-146279Database synchronized notifications are TMI (too much information) and annoying to close
UsabilityIDEA-141308Introduce shortcut to focus filter criteria row
CosmeticsIDEA-144895Database advanced settings: not possible to see inserted text.
CosmeticsIDEA-144588Left align table headers in the Database Results View
TaskIDEA-141707IntelliJ not showing Oracle datatype correctly, Oracle Long Raw shows as Blob in Database browser
ExceptionIDEA-140744Database: CCE at DbDataSourceImpl.populateState() on adding a file with trigger definition to a DDL data source
ExceptionIDEA-141887DDL data source: RENAME TABLE: CCE at DbDataSourceImpl.populateState()
ExceptionIDEA-140324SOE at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarModel.a
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-131134Support multiple breakpoints within on single line.
FeatureIDEA-138233It's not possible to navigate to target class and line from exception trace
BugIDEA-146363Incorrect binary formatting
BugIDEA-81893"Do not step into the classes" feature does not work after calling of "Smart step" (Shift+F7)
BugIDEA-141082Smart step into several lambdas
BugIDEA-144666Surround with runtime type doesn't work for array types
BugIDEA-126257JDK 1.8: Debugger doesn't show variables *outside* lambda
BugIDEA-145125Evaluate Code Fragment showing error message for variable
BugIDEA-141772Debugger: Smart Step Into inside lambda suggests method calls outside of this lambda
BugIDEA-140341Debugger stops in anonymous class constructor
BugIDEA-144577Debugger breakpoint condition does unboxing unnecessarily causing a breakpoint condition error
BugIDEA-140559Copy JSON action is always visible in java projects and leads to exception
BugIDEA-144350Smart step into proposes weird options
BugIDEA-137957Unable to set a breakpoint on anonymous class method invocation
BugIDEA-146938gwt debugging: button constructor opened in the generated code on pause&reload
BugIDEA-141145Smart step-into doesn't work for multiline statement
BugIDEA-143741GroovyPositionManager#locationsOfLine too eager
BugIDEA-143217Debugger: Smart Step Into is suggested for method in inner lambda with breakpoint on outer lambda, but can't step
BugIDEA-144791Smart Step Into (Shift+F7): Focus issue in debugger
BugIDEA-146299Nested foreach in Evaluate expression works incorrect
DockerFeatureIDEA-138992Simplify converting options for command line docker util into json
BugIDEA-140956Docker: notify user about closing of the attached session
BugIDEA-145971Docker: group containers and images under dedicated tree nodes in the Application Servers view
BugIDEA-140955Docker: disable attach action if already attached
BugIDEA-144481Wrong default machine API url and certs folder
BugIDEA-144983Docker: improve UI for configuring container options
BugIDEA-145427Docker: support full set of the options from Docker 1.21 remote api
BugIDEA-145630Docker: deployment process interrupted if base image needs to be pulled
BugIDEA-145858Docker: improve status workflow in the Application Servers tool window
ExceptionIDEA-145239NPE on adding volume binding
ExceptionIDEA-145678NPE on adding docker configuration
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-137159Mass selection edit tool (ctrl + shift + ins) bad clipboard content.
BugIDEA-142512Indent a new line if the text after a caret position contains only whitespaces
BugIDEA-32864Move lines in enum do not work
UsabilityIDEA-143727Scratches: ChangeLanguage action should be more visible
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-144023Find usages: Correct processing for elements from additional index roots
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-140566Allow to specify anti-aliasing options in IDE more specifically
CosmeticsIDEA-136968Fix "File Colors" edit dialog appearance
JSPBugIDEA-137302Editor marks import in JSP as unused even when it's used
JavaEEBugIDEA-129017Non-CDI class is treated as injection candidate in CDI-enabled multimodule project
BugIDEA-146931Description is missing for RequiredArtifactTypeInspection in Batch Applications Issues
ExceptionIDEA-133556Exception in plugin JavaEE: CDI
JavaEE. Deployment and RunBugIDEA-139127Deployment Run Configuration: correctly treat Alternative JRE selecting for deployment
JavaEE.App Servers.GenericBugIDEA-136371Application url is not recognized and updated for Virgo server
JavaEE.GlassfishBugIDEA-137202Deploy to GlassFish with compatibility property
BugIDEA-136751Glassfish: field is not greyed out
JavaEE.JBossBugIDEA-126806JBOSS 7.1.1 Final does not start with idea 138.777
JavaEE.JSFFeatureIDEA-136896Upgrade PrimeFaces library
FeatureIDEA-114145Add option in intention to create ActionListener and Action method
JavaEE.ResinBugIDEA-109513IDE does not handle jvm_args in file
JavaEE.ServerViewFeatureIDEA-134958dmServer/Virgo - can't set up deployment order
JavaEE.WebBugIDEA-142460url-pattern in web.xml should allow empty value for Servlet 3.0+
ExceptionIDEA-141005IndexnotReadyException on OpenInBrowser invocation for html file while indexing is still in progress
JavaEE.WebSphereFeatureIDEA-140801WebSphere: provide possible choices for Cell/Node/Server fields in the remote run configuration
BugIDEA-140359Liberty Profile: Warning/QuickFix for EJB deployment to WebSphere LP
BugIDEA-141326WebSphere Liberty Profile: detect local http port from <httpEndpoint host="*"...> in server.xml
BugIDEA-126156IDEA can not connect to remote WebSphere
JavaScriptBugIDEA-139503Don't store js language level at properties component
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-146469IDEA with bundled JDK on OS X has incorrect Info.plist settings that prevent dynamic switching between graphics cards
TaskIDEA-139181Move nsis_installer.gant to open-source codebase
TaskIDEA-140641Bundle Linux installation package with JDK x64
Run | Debug configurationFeatureIDEA-94341Launch Multiple "Run/Debug Configurations" At Once
SQLFeatureIDEA-119830SQL: inspections supression for the whole files
FeatureIDEA-132316Convention for order of operands in join conditions
FeatureIDEA-135762SQL editor thinks temp table fields don't exist, if the table is created with select ... insert, without field declarations
FeatureIDEA-135400SQL Editor flags RETURN QUERY statements with non-SELECT arguments as errors (PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL)
FeatureIDEA-126307SQL: Oracle: end if/end loop should appear automatically
BugIDEA-137071PostgreSQL is missing the json_agg function
BugIDEA-145086Reformatting embedded SQL totally corrupts it
BugIDEA-144882PostgreSQL: column grants and table grants are legal in a single statement
BugIDEA-135892Default Custom SQL Parameters are invalid
BugIDEA-135200PostgreSQL trigger definition - good code is red
BugIDEA-132291PostgreSQL: builtin types not recognized when quoted
BugIDEA-139248Problem with PostgreSQL syntax checking
BugIDEA-140309PostgreSQL - The unnest function should allow multiple arguments
BugIDEA-121767PostgreSQL: false positive Values clause cardinality inspection when inserting value of composite type using ROW expression.
BugIDEA-119951MS SQL: wrong syntax at insert statement is green
BugIDEA-140808False warning 'unable to resolve column SQLSTATE'
BugIDEA-140274SQL validation error on "operator" - PostgeSQL dialect
UsabilityIDEA-115712SQL: File Structure: no node is preselected when caret is between statements
UsabilityIDEA-114467SQL: File Structure: PL/SQL block is represented with its text
UsabilityIDEA-142010SQL: File Structure: nameless indexes are presented with textless nodes (and CHECK has no icon)
UsabilityIDEA-136517PostgreSQL: Misleading parser error
UsabilityIDEA-119756PostgreSQL: CREATE VIEW with CTE and UNION
CosmeticsIDEA-143529don't show "explain plan" entries in context menu for Java editor
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-144052When "Settings repository" is enabled changes in 'Path Variables' aren't saved to default path.macros.xml file causing errors in build process
TapestryBugIDEA-144473Element inside t:content marked red
BugIDEA-135752Tapestry plugin does not support switching between page/component class and tml files in "base" package
BugIDEA-143210[Tapestry5 plugin] .tml editor doesn't recognize t:upload tag
Template Languages. VelocityFeatureIDEA-144967Suggest velocity macro parameter names from implicit variables
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-141684Tips of the day. Font size.
BugIDEA-142839ActionCallback.REJECTED.doWhenProcessed results in memory leaks
BugIDEA-138032Project Structure View 'Show views as tabs' option doesn't persist between sessions
BugIDEA-147091License: Convert button does not change to OK
BugIDEA-143456Run icon should be restart icon for running application server configuration
UsabilityIDEA-137764Settings / Path Variables page could be better in System Settings
UsabilityIDEA-105705Can't select whole line in dialogs with several consecutive Command-W
CosmeticsIDEA-143470Open File dialog: unnecessary dot in the end of the phrase
CosmeticsIDEA-142183Watermark logo + no open files look just weird
User Interface.DarculaCosmeticsIDEA-122404Dark font in tip of the day (Darcula)
Version ControlBugIDEA-142519Can't rollback a line change if stripping trailing spaces is enabled
Version Control. ClearCaseBugIDEA-139057ClearCase: impossible to checkout the hijacked file
Version Control. PerforceFeatureIDEA-141925Changing the arguments IDEA uses with p4 annotate
BugIDEA-144341Perforce: TestConnection button pressing in Perforce settings should not report error if valid explicit settings are entered and p4config is not used
BugIDEA-45172Perforce: Integrate works incorrectly for target intergration from source files
BugIDEA-140755Error refreshing incoming changes
BugIDEA-56214Perforce: Integrate project with conflicts doesn't clear read-only status for files
BugIDEA-145208Allow to associate jobs with Perforce changelists with no local changes
BugIDEA-145202Perforce shelve: on shelving files from same changelist add them to existing shelf instead of new changelist creating
BugIDEA-142044Perforce: Broken symlinks appear as modified without checkout files
BugIDEA-139043Display P4IGNORE value in "Test Connection" status dialog
BugIDEA-144006Perforce: can't integrate project from branch working copy using main->branch mapping
BugIDEA-145185Perforce Shelve: consider the 'checked' and 'unchecked' status for nodes
BugIDEA-145183Perforce Shelve: refresh is required after unshelving change
PerformanceIDEA-137304Reverting "modified without checkout" files executes 2 p4 commands for each file
UsabilityIDEA-145242Perforce shelve: treat attempt to commit changelist with shelved files more user-friendly
UsabilityIDEA-145204Perforce shelve: don't suggest to remove changelist with shelved files on making it non-active
ExceptionIDEA-144331NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.perforce.connections.P4ConfigHelper.findDirWithP4ConfigFile
XMLFeatureIDEA-108499An easy way to add XML schema boilerplate when just typing a file from scratch
BugIDEA-145416XML refactoring: add attribute doesn't allow - in the name
BugIDEA-143193Wrong popup info for not registered URI
BugIDEA-146094Whitespace+dash messes up XML Line comment conversion
..(please choose one)..BugDBE-1566Structure of MySQL fragment is nested to infinity. And perhaps beyond!
DB.ConnectivityCosmeticsDBE-1534Typo in Data sources and drivers dialog
DB.ConsoleFeatureDBE-1237Export SQL script to file
FeatureDBE-442Stream Data for Save/Copy to File
BugDBE-1608MS SQL - Unable to use variables in queries
BugDBE-1382Interrupting query disallows further queries (MySQL)
BugDBE-1185SQL Injection parameters in FROM clause are not recognized
BugDBE-981PostgreSQL: data source at Database Tool Window is not refreshed on table creation is SELECT ... INTO is used for it
BugDBE-1017Editor's tab can show incorrect schema in case of reconnet
BugDBE-1719Unexpected popup Choose console in Sqlite DB
BugDBE-1729Oracle Export, Session stays Locked by @Owner
BugDBE-1422Edit data in query results
BugDBE-1217SQL console data view results: when query a table and a view at the same time - it is not possible to insert a row in a quired *table*
BugDBE-1215Sql console: current schema in not remembered upon restart
ExceptionDBE-1157Database Console Result Tabs: java.lang.IllegalStateException: @NotNull method if you close tab while query is still running
ExceptionDBE-1304ClassCastException: at com.intellij.sql.script.SqlScriptModel.getResultTypeInner(
DB.IntrospectionFeatureDBE-1489Allow to re-introspect a database manually
BugDBE-1135Initial selection in Schemas & Tables is ignored
BugDBE-1527Index already contains column error
BugDBE-1246PostgreSQL - Schema view and "Copy DDL" incorrect on NUMERIC(x,x) types
BugDBE-1342'information_schema.c.CONSTRAINT_TYPE' isn't in GROUP BY
BugDBE-705Oracle NUMBER columns are not being displayed correctly
BugDBE-1530MySQL: Primary key with multiple columns gets introspected incorrectly
BugDBE-1446Database Tool Window doesn't filter Schemas of PostgreSQL Datasource
BugDBE-428Relation "pg_collation" does not exist with Postgres < 9.1
BugDBE-1285MS_SQL: Cannot insert a row with the table editor for SQL Server when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF for that table's primary key.
BugDBE-1658Editing MySQL table with bit column produces invalid default value
BugDBE-1438Synchronize button is inactive
BugDBE-1398MySQL Synchronization Error
BugDBE-1341Native introspector for MySQL 5.1 failed to load routine parameters
BugDBE-62Cannot open procedure in a package (Oracle)
UsabilityDBE-422Add object type grouping for tree in Database tool window
DB.RefactoringBugDBE-873Create new column should quote reserved keywords
DDL\PL.EditorBugDBE-1372The default reload hotkey within altering stored procs/views/etc is also mapped to Fearch/Replace (Ctrl+R)
BugDBE-439The shortcut for compilation of stored procedures does not work
Data.ViewerFeatureDBE-319Joins Produce Ambiguous Column Names
FeatureDBE-293JSON editor for Postgres
FeatureDBE-956Table Editor: allow to edit PostgreSQL arrays
FeatureDBE-1145Cannot remove or add columns in CSV data view
FeatureDBE-1103Database Result Set Page indicator
BugDBE-1607DataGrid: enforce single row updates when using cell editors
BugDBE-1601NPE when going to Last Page
BugDBE-1255Data Viewer shows incorrect result
BugDBE-1022SQL data extractor incorrectly extracts data for JSONx and ARRAY field types in PostgreSQL
BugDBE-1747MySQL Data Extractor: Wrong table name in generated sql-file
BugDBE-1201PostgreSQL: date editor cannot be used to edit columns with 'interval' data type
BugDBE-1700SQL Insert/Update Extractor not working for bit columns in MS SQL
BugDBE-1403Improve Oracle XMLTYPE handling.
BugDBE-1121Not possible to edit HSTORE fields in postgres DB
BugDBE-1330Function Editor: Refresh action refreshes all opened views for the same DB object
BugDBE-1420Values of Postgres MONEY type cannot be edited in a table editor
BugDBE-1757Undo (Ctrl-Z) doesn't work when typing in the Filter Criteria input
BugDBE-1173Postgres Hstore columns rendered incorrectly with JSON extractor
BugDBE-1339oracle timestamp not sortable in table view
BugDBE-1308XSS in quick documentation for DB table when column type is BLOB
BugDBE-1367MSSQL: Data view for views containing errors (any) merely show no data, error is suppressed 142.2675.6
BugDBE-1483deleting rows from a simple select raises ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
BugDBE-1503Create update delete query on replications
BugDBE-1349PageUp and PageDown Keyboard Keys Don't Work in Results Grid (Data View)
BugDBE-1617Impossible to validate the row filter
BugDBE-467Save to file silently fails when permission to write denied
BugDBE-1114row position is not preserved when transposing
BugDBE-1547"LastPage" in table data viewer works slowly
BugDBE-1722Trim whitespace doesn't work in case save to CSV file with quotation
BugDBE-1351order arrays in viewer
BugDBE-1306Go to Related data or Reference data does not filter the table with uuid postgres datatype
UsabilityDBE-221Custom Type Handling/Coercion
UsabilityDBE-1214Transpose action to be available from context in data view
CosmeticsDBE-1546"Text" tab title should be renamed to "DDL"
IDE.GeneralFeatureDBE-1228TableDiff: compare with open tables
BugDBE-1679Export settings... action does not export databaseSettings.xml file
BugDBE-200xDBE: the project opened before leaving the application is not remembered
BugDBE-1216Data extractor for update sql with blob values does not generate correct hex string
IDE.User InterfaceBugDBE-1557Cant make alert dissapear
UsabilityDBE-142Date editor is weird
UsabilityDBE-1536Not enough information for table indexes in Database browser
UsabilityDBE-1472use the term "remove" instead of "drop" where actions do not actually DROP anything.
CosmeticsDBE-1122The position of the button "Run"
CosmeticsDBE-1179Data Sources and Drivers: label too small on High DPI.
CosmeticsDBE-1519Wrong icon for SQL Server in Database tool.
SQL.CompletionFeatureDBE-1495No smart completion for join clause
BugDBE-1788MSSQL: Code completion does not work in scratch file
BugDBE-383MSSQL when use command is used I would ike to see the completion limited to the specific DB (or at least partially limit the scope)
SQL.EditingFeatureDBE-1111Highlight values in SQL insert prepared statements by placing cursor on field
FeatureDBE-1039Shortcuts for navigation between statements and executing selected statements
BugDBE-1127SQL Live template "ins" is corrupted
BugDBE-1628PostgreSQL: Parse error in GRANT ... GRANTED BY
BugDBE-1582PostgreSQL: Parse error in GRANT x ON SEQUENCE
SQL.HighlightingFeatureDBE-700PostgreSQL 9.4 filter clause support
BugDBE-1152T-SQL - support for 'with xmlnamespaces'
BugDBE-1328Postgres WITH ORDINALITY support
BugDBE-1550Postgres function jsonb_array_length unrecognized
BugDBE-1163False error in Oracle statement "alter database datafile� resize�"
BugDBE-461PostgreSQL: LIMIT/OFFSET may be an arbitrary expression, not just integer
BugDBE-1181Missing keyword definitions in db2 dialect
BugDBE-1299Postgresql syntax highlighting in HAVING clause
BugDBE-1213unknown db2 functions
BugDBE-501PostgresSQL Dialect not working with WINDOW alias clause
BugDBE-1270EXPLAIN UPDATE (valid in Postgres) causes syntax error + unability to execute it (UPDATE executes instead)
BugDBE-1763Don't show BEGIN/END on structure panel for a procedure
BugDBE-1468Incorrect comment highlighting as "statement-to-be-executed"
BugDBE-1312PostgreSQL: "show autocommit" is shown as a syntax error
BugDBE-1514PostgreSQL syntax not parsed correctly in PyCharm
PerformanceDBE-1708High CPU usage when idle
No subsystemFeatureWEB-16605Flow syntax extensions support
FeatureWEB-18436Make ES6 scratches executable
BugWEB-18313Code Analysis misreporting Coldfusion tags as html tag errors
BugWEB-17924JSCS package location is not re-detected
BugWEB-16174Reformat File: Incorrect alignment of multiline JavaScript function arguments
BugWEB-17839Internal web server reports 404 when serving files from project with slashes in name
BugWEB-17607TSLint warnings one line off
BugWEB-18214Project files don't reflect changes in library selection
BugWEB-16430ES6: `class A extends fn()` syntax doesn't work
BugWEB-18499Fix left margin for second level title in Yeoman generator
BugWEB-18153JSCS: respect excludeFiles property
BugWEB-17691built-in server doesn't serve files it doesn't have in the project tree
BugWEB-18769require('..') warns about module not being in package.json dependencies
ExceptionWEB-17050PsiInvalidElementAccessException when switch between debugger tabs
Build toolsFeatureWEB-14873Gulp: synchronize VFS on gulp watch triggering
FeatureWEB-17917Gulp plugin does not sort the gulp tasks in alphabetical order
BugWEB-13726Error reading
BugWEB-18229Gulp: Jump to source with gulpfile.babel.js does not work
BugWEB-17736Run Gulp Task popup does not preserve current Selection once task list is reloaded.
BugWEB-18415npm scripts: Run Gulp/Grunt Task popup is jumping when switching to the "npm" choice
BugWEB-18410npm scripts: correctly start multiple scripts from Run Configuration
BugWEB-18411npm scripts: RC: disable "Scripts" field in case of not run-script command selected
BugWEB-18418npm scripts: on running not default command no arguments are set
BugWEB-18419npm scripts: errors while building scripts tree should be possible to see
BugWEB-18289npm scripts: can't select package.json
BugWEB-17900Grunt console is not setting env variable PWD
BugWEB-16898Gulp: tasks can't be listed if the std output contains text in square brackets
BugWEB-18320npm scripts do not run on Windows
CosmeticsWEB-18413npm scripts: change name of the opened npm Settings
CSSFeatureWEB-16728Support Polymer custom CSS mixins
FeatureWEB-17950CSS breadcrumbs
FeatureWEB-212CSS, common font names won't autocomplete
BugWEB-18145-webkit-background-clip with value 'text'
BugWEB-17937color: rebeccapurple not recognized
BugWEB-17287Mismatched property value with calc()
PerformanceWEB-15779Lazy loading of css descriptors
TaskWEB-15537Emmet: Change $VAR0$ variables to $END$ in templates which has single variable
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-15875coffeescript codestyle blanklines EAP 10
BugWEB-15669CoffeeScript: Red code: splat inside function definition
BugWEB-18523143.88 doesn't remember code style setting for Coffee
BugWEB-16413coffeescript inspection does not support Destructuring Assignment syntax
BugWEB-18637coffeescritpt parse error
BugWEB-17096Coffeescript destructing assigment: false positive unused parameter reporting
BugWEB-17931CoffeeScript: false positive "Unused variable" reporting in catch block
BugWEB-18561coffeescript parse error
BugWEB-15643CoffeeScript: Red code: empty yield statement
BugWEB-18479Syntax problem in javascript files when coffee and erb preprocessor is used
BugWEB-18501JQuery selectors are only resolved when a colon is present
BugWEB-18642params error
BugWEB-18785CoffeeScript object literal indentation too few indents
DebuggerFeatureWEB-15467copy / paste debugger watch values as JSON string
BugWEB-16711Debugger: don't step into library files on Step Over if there are no breakpoints there and 'step into library scripts' is disabled
BugWEB-18074Meteor ES6: server-side debugging doesn't work
BugWEB-17234org.jetbrains.concurrency.Promise$MessageError: Connection closed
BugWEB-17468Breakpoints in Typescript not working in EAP 11
BugWEB-18160Debugger does not stop on breakpoints in node_modules sources
BugWEB-17608Server-side debug in Meteor. Debugger does not stop on breakpoints .
BugWEB-16808When debugging in Chrome, 'Watches' section shows 'undefined' for variable that appears correctly in 'Variables' section
BugWEB-14000Webpack sourcemap support
BugWEB-18080JS console doesn't print log messages any more
ExceptionWEB-18667cannot debug with Chinese characters in the path
ExceptionWEB-17632Dart: Debugger: on starting Debug session in the Dartium browser exception is thrown
ExceptionWEB-15645Debug: Grunt: on Step Into
ExceptionWEB-17526Debugger: InvocationTargetException on session stop with "Mute Breakpoints" option enabled
File WatchersBugWEB-18147File watchers: file watchers don't listen to changes in files generated by other watchers
BugWEB-16900files constantly saving while editing
BugWEB-13172File Watchers: if watcher is configured to modify original file, it disappears from the project tree after running the watcher
HTMLFeatureWEB-12840Auto-formatting tag closing > in HTML
FeatureWEB-13515Emmet: add settings for placing $END$ at the end of template text
BugWEB-18567CSS: 'Selector matches unknown element' error shown for 'picture' element
BugWEB-10809"Insert new line before": weird behaviour
BugWEB-12937HTML Formatter works inconsistently with comments
JadeBugWEB-17111Jade: NoSuchElementException on opening Jade file, null editor is passed
BugWEB-17268Jade plugin incorrectly parses multiline js
BugWEB-14160Jade: support rest arguments in mixins
BugWEB-17693Pasting Jade code breaks indentation
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-17965JSDoc: cannot refer to @exports if the `module:` prefix is omitted
FeatureWEB-18001add 'else if' in autocomplete for JavaScript code editing
FeatureWEB-13271JSDoc: support module namepath
FeatureWEB-17799JSDoc: @fires, @listens cannot refer to @event namepath
FeatureWEB-10568JS Modules: no completion/resolving for require(json)
FeatureWEB-16824Allow control over @constructor insertion in JSDoc
FeatureWEB-14524ES7: Add support to exponentiation operator
FeatureWEB-12730Indexed support for JavaScript AMD
FeatureWEB-10272JSDoc: support @abstract tag
FeatureWEB-11838Add JSDoc support for @event and @fires
FeatureWEB-17001Remove .js from code completion in import\export statement
FeatureWEB-16928Please provide a way to get auto-completion and validation for private functions via jsdoc
BugWEB-17870Inconsistent token classification for object shorthand properties
BugWEB-18268AssertionError on extends
BugWEB-11076inspector incorrectly marks decorate method on goog.ui.Select instance as deprecated
BugWEB-17566Symbols from non-relevant node modules are shown in completion and resolved
BugWEB-17294"Octal literals are not allowed" in ECMAScript 6 mode
BugWEB-12308Bad support of @constructs jsdoc tag
BugWEB-16814AMD modules: @constructor annotation is not used anymore for parameter tooltips
BugWEB-15841Should be possible to assign *.es extension to 'JavaScript Files' file type
BugWEB-17840Properties attached to local variable returned by immediately invoked function are not resolved
BugWEB-17827Override arrow is not shown
BugWEB-16933JSDoc: Actual type of generic type attribute is not shown in documentation
BugWEB-17196Duplicate JavaScript class in Navigate Class popup with @constructor JsDoc tag
BugWEB-17197Incorrect "Module is not referenced by require()" warning for Array
BugWEB-17135Accessors with computed literal object properties
BugWEB-17781JSDoc: class extending and polymorphism
BugWEB-16950ES6 Syntax highlight error
BugWEB-16959Unresolved function of method in JavaScript
BugWEB-16137JSDoc support regression
BugWEB-16859Westorm marks variables as unused
BugWEB-18684PATH is not resolved
BugWEB-11792Bug in "let" support
BugWEB-17496`export {default} from './foo';` cannot resolve symbol 'default'
BugWEB-16994JSDoc: function this param and nullable operator
BugWEB-17243JSDoc: returned generic does not fit inheritance
BugWEB-16873Invalid "return outside function definition" error in embedded ecmascript 6
BugWEB-17279No warning or Intellisense about info from JSDoc
BugWEB-16904JSDoc: @inheritDoc on a method does not inherit parameter and return value types
BugWEB-16905Iterable syntax for jsDoc?
BugWEB-15372"Navigate to declaration" is broken with ES6 style imports
BugWEB-16687Internal error when reading JsDoc3
BugWEB-16682ES6: imported module exported using module.exports not resolved
BugWEB-16992Support Closure Compiler jsdoc annotations @private {typedef}
BugWEB-18042JSDoc broken @param type with namepath
BugWEB-16789"Unexpected token" error with ES6 template strings inside `<>` branckets
BugWEB-17119ES6: no completion/navigation for default import
BugWEB-18304Flow: correctly recognize import statement syntax
BugWEB-16281CommonJS: Imported module has a wrong type
BugWEB-17232Jasmine suite is generated with double quotes
BugWEB-6391JS, TS, Extract parameters: incorrect JsDoc is generated when extracting string constant
BugWEB-18186Exposed properties of object created using Revealing-Module-Pattern are not available in completion
BugWEB-15676Can not resolve to the variable's definition
BugWEB-17010Undefined type in JSDoc due to ignoring preceding type definition
BugWEB-17930JsDoc: type mismatch errors on matching parameters of @enum type
BugWEB-17541Suppress await* error
BugWEB-17420Non-english variable is not recognized in 9.0
BugWEB-18235Flow: Settings: color all keywords: 'declare' and 'type'
BugWEB-18231ES6/Flow: provide option to color class, member variable, label and type alias
BugWEB-17280function argument inspection is wrong about this (and JSDoc does not help)
BugWEB-17015JavaScript: false positive error "Referencing 'arguments' of other function are not allowed"
BugWEB-17698Language injection and tagged template string
BugWEB-16940JSDoc: Actual type of a property with generic type is not used by code completion
BugWEB-18518es6 import type annotation
BugWEB-17131Incorrect warning on `for-in/for-of`: "const variable without initializer"
BugWEB-17251Blinking resolve in php file with JS as template language
BugWEB-16659Weak code sense when using JSX Harmony Javascript.
BugWEB-16936JSDoc: don't show a single line comment of a preceding statement in Quick Documentation
BugWEB-16507Object spread properties are not supported
BugWEB-17747CommonJS: module functions not resolved when defining modules as immediately invoked function expressions
BugWEB-11782Display JSDoc param default value
BugWEB-16960"expression statement is not assignment or call" in ES7 await construct
BugWEB-18029Support ES6
BugWEB-17602Error with ES6 syntax highlighting
BugWEB-17970Completion does not suggest fields with some 'national characters'
BugWEB-18330Import of unresolved path is treated like annotator error
BugWEB-17959Make static quick-fix doesn't work for ES6 anonymous classes
BugWEB-17221JS inspection false positive: Binary operation argument type T is not compatible with type string
BugWEB-17047split into multiple declarations should respect the keyword (JS)
BugWEB-16653JsDoc3 @callback documentation is shown as link, but not navigable
BugWEB-16654JsDoc3 @callback documentation is not used for parameter info
BugWEB-16797Unresolved write property error in the jQuery project
BugWEB-16935Inferred type in documentation and in inspection warnings is not consistent
BugWEB-16934JSDoc: warning about incorrect type depends on the location of the type comment
BugWEB-16571Incorrect calculation of TDZ (temporal dead zone) for let causes it to show as undeclared
BugWEB-17557ES6 template strings with expressions causes syntax highlighting issues.
BugWEB-17008Unresolved method or function for annotated parameter
BugWEB-18325BUG: unexpected error with ES6 template strings and Expression interpolation
BugWEB-12644Javascript: wrong variable type after destructuring assignment
BugWEB-18050Complete current statement does not work with ES6 modules
BugWEB-17807CommonJS: no properties completion/parameter info for exported function
BugWEB-17988JSDoc: Documentation Not Found when using "export default" with es6 modules
BugWEB-17017Duplicated links in marks on the left gutter
BugWEB-11787Autocomplete for object params
BugWEB-674jsdoc commonjs modules (nodejs) does not recognize modules
BugWEB-12000@lends support
BugWEB-18252Flow: declare keyword breaks highlighting for the nested class/module members
BugWEB-18253Flow: line comment breaks React tag recognition
BugWEB-18255Flow: recognize last comma in the tuple type
BugWEB-16704Editor does not recognize inheritance of object using Object.create()
BugWEB-17978Escaped \ at the end of a template string throws error.
BugWEB-17611Make @fires info in Quick Doc clickable
PerformanceWEB-17615endless indexing loop
UsabilityWEB-18096Syntax Highlighting ES6
UsabilityWEB-3441JavaScript: can js libraries be downloaded to ~\.IntelliJIdea*\config\ instead of ~\.IntelliJIdea*\system\?
CosmeticsWEB-17012Improve detection 'instance member function' vs 'instance member variable'
CosmeticsWEB-17650ES6: Weird syntax-highlighting in computed property name + template string
CosmeticsWEB-18372Instance member variable colored as function when declared as @property
ExceptionWEB-17961Throwable when call 'Split current tag' intention
ExceptionWEB-18225java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/io/FilenameUtils
ExceptionWEB-18716Stub and PSI element type mismatch in path.js: stub JSReturnStatementStubImpl
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-11062Wrong indentation mixed in-line and multiline chains in WS-134.1081
CosmeticsWEB-16223JSX/HTML indentation
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-18331Meteor: "Import packages as library" does not work?
BugWEB-18256React: completion for imported component doesn't work when not using {}
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-17728JSCS: implement suppression for a single line
FeatureWEB-16353Code Quality Tools - JSCS: Search for configs(s) Correction
FeatureWEB-12095Nullable primitives
FeatureWEB-17459Support for JSCS 2.0
BugWEB-17149Unresolved closure variables inside ES6 class
BugWEB-17813JSCS: wrong suppression results inside injections
BugWEB-17241Function is not resolved ('connect' library)
BugWEB-17204Javascript Inspector fails to properly account for "or" (|) symbol
BugWEB-17812JSCS: inspections are shown multiple times
BugWEB-17810.jscsrc configuration is overwritten by WebStorm
BugWEB-17814JSCS: escape tabulation sign for the "validateIndentation" rule value type completion
BugWEB-17727JSCS: support new rules/values for version 2.1.x
BugWEB-17467TSLint Tool Doesn't Remember Package
BugWEB-14275Incorrect completion for shorthanded vars (ES6)
BugWEB-17431tslint tool doesn't work with tslint 2.4.0 and above
BugWEB-17718JSCS: improve some rules type validation
BugWEB-18357eslint doesn't work anymore in WS 142.5255
BugWEB-18198WS 11 EAP 142.4723: Inspection message is wrong and inexplicable
BugWEB-16784JSCS check for final newline does not work
BugWEB-17716JSCS: .jscsrc file errors highlighting is inconsistent
BugWEB-17880"allExcept" in "requireSpacesInAnonymousFunctionExpression" should be supported
BugWEB-17805Missing "Expression statement is not assignment or call" warning
BugWEB-17953JSReferenceExpression when call 'Rename reference' inspection
BugWEB-17471JSCS@2.0.0 and JSX Harmony
BugWEB-18678JSDoc @inheritdoc tag doesn't work if lower case is used
BugWEB-18075JSDoc inspection error: @param default value is an object leads to error
BugWEB-13751JSDoc: inconsistent handling of non-nullable @this
BugWEB-17935Inspection 'Expression statement which is not assignment or call' should be turned off for await
BugWEB-18392Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: minimize shown packages in case of direct source matching
BugWEB-16738jscs/jshint config not found for excluded directories
BugWEB-17309Update error markers positions to support new eslint
BugWEB-15238Syntax check for config.jscs.json reports "esprima" key as unknown
BugWEB-17881New WS 11.0 inspection for node.js "require()" is strange
BugWEB-17161JSCS ignores .jscsrc settings and requires (falsely) esprima-fb
BugWEB-18010Detect and respect order of JSDoc elements when manipulating it
BugWEB-18336Closure Linter: Warnings does not show up for the whole line
BugWEB-17710JSCS: remove code tag from the description for two jsDoc rules
BugWEB-16404JSCS: add new rules and option
BugWEB-16897Layout bug in ESLint PopUp settings
BugWEB-16835TSLint: fill in "Configuration file" field automatically
BugWEB-18209Unused imports are not marked unused
BugWEB-18183ESLint: deprecation warning causes the problem with loading linting results
BugWEB-16622Missing inspection about duplicate declaration in 'Import * as'
BugWEB-17004JSCS rc warnings
BugWEB-16982ESLint: can't run eslint because relative paths to extended configuration files not correctly resolved
BugWEB-18786Don't suggest to import node.js global "Buffer"
BugWEB-17879Method marked as recursive
BugWEB-18254Function marked as recursive
CosmeticsWEB-16831TSLint: correct Additional rules field name
ExceptionWEB-18787TSLint: impossible to expand Configuration files list
JavaScript. PredefsBugWEB-8983String.prototype.localeCompare has incorrect return type
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-17654Insert ES6 'import' instead of 'require'
BugWEB-10703JavaScript - Extract variable fails silently
ExceptionWEB-17565Refactoring: Extract variable: switching between var kind with enabled multiple occurrences lead to Throwable exception
LESSBugWEB-16841less refactoring
BugWEB-17559LESS/CSS rule value
Live EditBugWEB-12926LiveEdit not working for (S)CSS files
Node.jsFeatureWEB-17513Node.js run configuration requires a "JavaScript file"
FeatureWEB-15701Node js: inspect contents of "require"
BugWEB-17783Node.js module is not installed
BugWEB-17567Remote node package advertisement outside of `require`
BugWEB-18584Node sources are not configured again when switch to another node version
BugWEB-17966console.dir - Invalid number of arguments, expected 1
BugWEB-18311Node.js: not enough room for node version
BugWEB-17470Node.js: vertically stretched interpreter field
BugWEB-17320Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: quotes type is cached until Restart
BugWEB-18707IAE in NodeJSModulesSearcher
BugWEB-17337Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix should be available with only Node.js Globals library enabled
BugWEB-17413Node.js: "Missing module dependency" inspection doesn't add packages into devDepedencies of package.json in the bulk mode
BugWEB-1931Code completion is incorrect for Node Error object
BugWEB-17127Node.js Available Package dialog: package details are not shown
BugWEB-12775Per Project Node Version Isn't Saved
BugWEB-17512require() call is missing
BugWEB-17511Node Express project: provide a way to create Express application that uses SASS stylesheet engine
BugWEB-17823Import code style from JSCS configuration file: paths to Node.js and JSCS are not specified
BugWEB-6753process.env.* variables aren't defined (thus marked as unresolved)
BugWEB-18714NPM terminal not using colors
BugWEB-17592Missing module dependency: should respect a package.json location when installing a module
BugWEB-17597Enabling V8 profiling in automatically created run/debug configuration affects default Node.js configuration
BugWEB-17947Installing npm package fails
BugWEB-16943@(/path/to/file.js:<line>) should be a link
PerformanceWEB-17276Node.js Run Configuration: ui freezed for several seconds after adding new Node.js path in interpreter field
UsabilityWEB-17575Node.js and NPM: upgrade is disabled for package with specific version
CosmeticsWEB-17328Node version display is broken on small combo with large path
ExceptionWEB-18363java.lang.ClassCastException: com.jetbrains.nodejs.codeInsight.AddRequiredAmdModuleToModulesListFix cannot be cast to com.jetbrains.nodejs.codeInsight.ImportJsModuleFix
ExceptionWEB-17210Node.js Settings: version cannot be detected
ProfilingBugWEB-17154Profiling: CPU: Flame chart: topmost elements blink if move details selection line over them
BugWEB-17155Profiling: CPU: Flame Chart: no scrolling to the table/chart element if it's placed out of the view while selected in the chart/table
BugWEB-17174Profiling: CPU: Flame Chart Details: prohibit columns reordering
BugWEB-15427Profiling: Heap: Search String dialog should save previous configuration
BugWEB-17156Profiling: CPU: Flame Chart: hide empty panel to the right of the table in the Details
UsabilityWEB-17169Profiling: CPU: numbers for heavy calls should be shown in bold
UsabilityWEB-17167Profiling: CPU: Top Calls: provide subcategory name for the GC and Unknown results
UsabilityWEB-17164Profiling: CPU: restore Help button on the toolbars
UsabilityWEB-15925Profiling: Heap: improve Take Heap Snapshot dialog
ExceptionWEB-17173Profiling: CPU: AIOOBE on moving details selection line out of the chart area quickly
SASSBugWEB-16490Sass scss highlighting breaks
BugWEB-10622Reformatting SASS/SCSS with commented line also comments active code
BugWEB-16945Sass: using a class of 'only' results in inspector 'red' error
BugWEB-18234SCSS autocomplete suggests compass methods while compass is not enabled.
BugWEB-16990SASS trailing comments for variables
BugWEB-18298Definition appears incorrectly for nested mixins.
BugWEB-11444Allow comment after a selector in SCSS
StylusBugWEB-9065Stylus: Completion: add at-rule keywords
BugWEB-17396Stylus: some breadcrumbs are shown incorrectly
BugWEB-14464Stylus: extending placeholder selectors
BugWEB-13541Stylus: Red code: "Hash or term list is expected" error
BugWEB-15933stylus nth-of-
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-9947Support auto-import for TypeScript
FeatureWEB-10556Add support TSLint for TypeScript
FeatureWEB-18546Code style option for quotes in generated TypeScript code
BugWEB-18580tsconfig.json compilerOption / out output is not relative to tsconfig file
BugWEB-13100Expand selection fails on generic type symbol
BugWEB-17993Unexpected error from TSLint if tslint.json is presented
BugWEB-18364EAP 142.5255 auto-import default export in typescript
BugWEB-18709Typescript code completion for Constructor retained Parameters
BugWEB-18349Typescript good code Bad. Protected members cannot always be accessed from sub namespace
BugWEB-15899TypeScript functional types in a "d.ts" file vs. parameter hinting
BugWEB-18412TypeScript declaration merging not working correctly
BugWEB-16426Typescript array inteface assignment reported as error
BugWEB-18732Dictionary/Associative array hasOwnProperty method expression is not of function type
BugWEB-18461Typescript: Intersection Types - good code is red
BugWEB-18514Typescript - Wrong indentation when decorator is set to property
BugWEB-17904TypeScript: usage call signature in javascript
BugWEB-18493Typescript import issues
BugWEB-18337TypeScript: Extract method refactoring: When extracting code which contains at least one variable from a static function, the new function is not static
BugWEB-18382typescript async functions does not auto infered
BugWEB-18422TSX: className, htmlFor attributes not recognized
BugWEB-18421TSLint: not invoked on TSX files
BugWEB-10291TypeScript: "Navigate to class" not properly working for classes from imported modules
BugWEB-16754TypeScript: "Add import statement" quick fix generates wrong path on Windows
BugWEB-17187Typescript. Resolve absolute path
BugWEB-18713Red code in TypeScript
Unit TestsBugWEB-17674Mocha package not automatically detected
BugWEB-18549Way to run ONE test in a Mocha Test Suite
BugWEB-18808'Rerun tests' (Alt+Shift+R) doesn't re-run tests
BugWEB-17270Mocha RC: Suite/Test name fields' component should not be possible to drag away from the field itself