No subsystem


IDEA-147014 (Bug)

License Collision Detected dialog contains an old text message

Compiling Project


IDEA-146977 (Bug)

@NotNull code in bridge methods

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-18366 (Bug)

Code formatting places ES7 async function declaration on new line

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-18786 (Bug)

Don't suggest to import node.js global "Buffer"



IDEA-143094 (Bug)

Macros not working - they are in macros.xml but not shown in the menu



WEB-18764 (Performance Problem)

webstorm EAP, running slooooooow, editor hangs for long periods of time

Unit Tests


WEB-18808 (Bug)

'Rerun tests' (Alt+Shift+R) doesn't re-run tests

User Interface


IDEA-147091 (Bug)

License: Convert button does not change to OK