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IDEA-145772 (Task)

Please map topic ID to the page "Required Plugins"

IDEA-144111 (Bug)

After deleting from the Recent Files menu, I cannot use the arrow keys

WEB-18313 (Bug)

Code Analysis misreporting Coldfusion tags as html tag errors

IDEA-145786 (Bug)

Exception when using "Move Caret to Matched Brace" for file without brace/parenthesis/bracket

WEB-17691 (Bug)

built-in server doesn't serve files it doesn't have in the project tree

WEB-18396 (Bug)

Settings: Node.js and NPM. packages update is strange

WEB-14408 (Exception)

ClassNotFoundException when open project after opening export settings menu

IDEA-145709 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.util.Urls.toUriWithoutParameters(

Build tools


WEB-18413 (Cosmetics)

npm scripts: change name of the opened npm Settings

WEB-18415 (Bug)

npm scripts: Run Gulp/Grunt Task popup is jumping when switching to the "npm" choice

WEB-18410 (Bug)

npm scripts: correctly start multiple scripts from Run Configuration

WEB-18411 (Bug)

npm scripts: RC: disable "Scripts" field in case of not run-script command selected

WEB-18418 (Bug)

npm scripts: on running not default command no arguments are set

WEB-18320 (Bug)

npm scripts do not run on Windows

Compiling Project


IDEA-145718 (Bug)

Path separator changes in ".idea/compiler/xml"



DBE-1570 (Bug)

Doesn't connect to Oracle without a manual hack via VM options



DBE-1608 (Bug)

MS SQL - Unable to use variables in queries

DBE-981 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: data source at Database Tool Window is not refreshed on table creation is SELECT ... INTO is used for it



DBE-620 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: materialized views are shown as tables in Database tool window



DBE-873 (Bug)

Create new column should quote reserved keywords



DBE-1607 (Bug)

DataGrid: enforce single row updates when using cell editors

DBE-1617 (Bug)

Impossible to validate the row filter



IDEA-145813 (Bug)

Database configuration pane frequently hangs forever (deadlock)

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-145521 (Performance Problem)

PsiMultiReference.getRangeInElement shouldn't resolve unless needed

IDEA-128385 (Bug)

kill to word end deletes past end of line

File System


IDEA-133292 (Feature)

fsnotifier is still 32 bit

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-145767 (Bug)

Search hotkey no longer focuses searchbox when searchbox is open



DBE-1433 (Exception)

EnvironmentUtil - can't get shell environment

IDE.User Interface


DBE-1462 (Usability Problem)

Create Data Source using generic Database drive is not possible if it is not listed among available Drivers

DBE-1572 (Bug)

Copy content from structure tool window/structure popup



IDEA-145951 (Bug)

Tests not starting

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-145680 (Bug)

Basic completion doesn't work inside method call after "<" in if condition

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-140686 (Bug)

Good code red: type is inferred incorrectly

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-145227 (Bug)

Wrong create method suggestion



IDEA-145942 (Bug)

Wrong check of long numbers



WEB-18096 (Usability Problem)

Syntax Highlighting ES6

WEB-18330 (Bug)

Import of unresolved path is treated like annotator error

WEB-18325 (Bug)

BUG: unexpected error with ES6 template strings and Expression interpolation

WEB-18252 (Bug)

Flow: declare keyword breaks highlighting for the nested class/module members

WEB-18304 (Bug)

Flow: correctly recognize import statement syntax

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-18331 (Bug)

Meteor: "Import packages as library" does not work?

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-18336 (Bug)

Closure Linter: Warnings does not show up for the whole line

WEB-18357 (Bug)

eslint doesn't work anymore in WS 142.5255

WEB-17784 (Bug)

Turn off "Validate ES6" inspection by default in JSX Harmony mode.

WEB-18254 (Bug)

Function marked as recursive



WEB-18311 (Bug)

Node.js: not enough room for node version

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-145910 (Feature)

DevKit: resolve a field reference to show an inspection description icon in the gutter

Project Configuration


IDEA-145714 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.project.DumbServiceImpl.a



WEB-18298 (Bug)

Definition appears incorrectly for nested mixins.



IDEA-122327 (Bug)

Oracle SQL*Plus construct not recognized: exit when condition with case statement in loop

IDEA-127448 (Bug)

Oracle SQL PLUS: syntax parsing breaks on variable declaration "i"



DBE-1602 (Bug)

MSSQL: Code completion is missing support for "GO"



DBE-1628 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: Parse error in GRANT ... GRANTED BY



DBE-1501 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: inspection does not recognize array functions



IDEA-145703 (Bug)

IDEA Hangs Completely - maven build, find usages, navigation



WEB-18337 (Bug)

TypeScript: Extract method refactoring: When extracting code which contains at least one variable from a static function, the new function is not static

WEB-18382 (Bug)

typescript async functions does not auto infered

WEB-18349 (Bug)

Typescript good code Bad. Protected members cannot always be accessed from sub namespace

WEB-18364 (Bug)

EAP 142.5255 auto-import default export in typescript

User Interface


IDEA-145711 (Cosmetics)

MacOSX: Default L&F: default File Colors (for Test and Non-ProjectFiles scopes - Yellow and Green) are nearly white

IDEA-145688 (Cosmetics)

MacOSX: Default L&F: hidden password looks ugly

IDEA-145776 (Bug)

Mac OS: Default L&F: comboboxes in Androdi-Gradle facet settings look ugly

IDEA-145845 (Bug)

Mac OS: Default L&F: some of the number pickers have disappeared

IDEA-145771 (Bug)

Mac OS: Default L&F: Run/Debug Configurations combobox doesn't fit toolbar's height

IDEA-125302 (Bug)

The Analyze Stacktrace menu option remembers only one log file across multiple projects

IDEA-145843 (Bug)

Mac OS: Default L&F: "More Info" icon in "Build Variants" Android tool window looks bad

Version Control


IDEA-145775 (Bug)

Shelved changes missing pluralization