PhpStorm 9.0.1 Release Notes


| h4. PHP Completion| |
| [WI-551|] (Feature)|After "$this", I would like it if Code Completion would offer me "->"|
| [WI-17658|] (Feature)|expanding $completion with - should accept with "->" |
| [WI-19345|] (Feature)|complete methods without typing $this->|
| [WI-28049|] (Usability Problem)|Postfix completion also triggers in double-quoted strings|
| [WI-27075|] (Usability Problem)|typing a point (.) in PHPDoc comment shows autocomplete popup list of @tags|
| [WI-28355|] (Bug)|Cannot write > after -|
| [WI-27981|] (Bug)|Postfix completion: null and notnull  templates|
| h4. PHP Formatter| |
| [WI-28253|] (Bug)|A line break before <?php endif; ?> is removed if HTML "Keep line breaks" option is off|
| [WI-28264|] (Bug)|Spaces around echo tags <?= ?>  are removed and there is no way to keep them with formatter|
| h4. PHP Inspections| |
| [WI-28004|] (Bug)|Remotely edited file that contains a class that is also in local project files results in inspection errors|
| [WI-28276|] (Bug)|PHPStorm doesn't check usage of PHP 7 type hints and return types for Method declarations|
| h4. PHP Refactoring| |
| [WI-22277|] (Feature)|Convert if/ternary: allow to convert assignment to not resolved fields|
| [WI-27923|] (Usability Problem)|Create class: Disable ability to change namespace for namespaced class|
| [WI-26652|] (Usability Problem)|Introduce parameter: provide help button|
| [WI-27936|] (Bug)|Error in simplify if and converting to ?:|
| [WI-26562|] (Bug)|PhpStorm adds namespace to parent::foo() calls in child classes when moving parent class to another namespace|
| h4. PHP debug| |
| [WI-27974|] (Usability Problem)|Import from deployment: add link to help page|
| [WI-28060|] (Usability Problem)|Add help to "Incoming connection dialog"|
| [WI-28335|] (Bug)|Add help page to "Configure Remote Interpreter" dialog|
| [WI-16165|] (Bug)|Cannot find script in PHAR when remote debugging|
| [WI-27927|] (Bug)|Additional info in debug is not expanded on click on (...) on MacOSX|
| h4. PHP lang| |
| [WI-24237|] (Feature)|Set PHP Template Language automatically from file extension|
| [WI-27840|] (Usability Problem)|Live Templates is not expanded after . (dot)|
| [WI-22139|] (Bug)|Type Inference: type is leaked from last case to the next case|
| [WI-27501|] (Bug)|PHP 7: return type callable is not supported|
| [WI-28288|] (Bug)|Scalar type hint is only available in PHP 7 is shown for  empty array as a default parameter value |
| [WI-28354|] (Bug)|False positive: Scalar types in PHPDoc @method annotation require PHP7|
| [WI-28209|] (Bug)|Incorrect instance property coloring when array access present|
| [WI-27571|] (Bug)|Null Coalesce Operator auto-inserts bool as type hint|
| [WI-27961|] (Bug)|Wrong PHPDoc insert during generating override method|
| [WI-25211|] (Bug)|Invalid 'Missing return statement' warning with finally|
| [WI-27866|] (Bug)|Override method  insert PHPDoc in a wrong place if caret is placed after an existing PHPDoc|
| [WI-26069|] (Bug)|imported functions are recognized as classes|
| [WI-27998|] (Bug)|Find in override dialog is broken|
| h4. PHP lib stubs| |
| [WI-28307|] (Bug)|PHP functions' descriptions lost in popup|
| h4. PHP project configuration| |
| [WI-27040|] (Bug)|Library sorting in "project.iml" is random|
| [WI-26359|] (Bug)|The "Default Settings..." always been restored, and configured include path by "Default Settings" and there has no tree in "External Libraryis"|
| h4. PHP templates| |
| [WI-27631|] (Usability Problem)|Provide a way to exclude Blade files from CodeSniffer|
| [WI-26013|] (Usability Problem)|Blade: minify priority of directives in completion list|
| [WI-27930|] (Bug)|Indentation error in Twig when Keep line breaks is disabled in HTML|
| [WI-28299|] (Bug)|Smarty: if option HTML->Keep line breaks is disabled smarty tag is merged to previous line|
| h4. PHP test| |
| [WI-27587|] (Bug)|Cannot create a PHPUnit method run configuration when method is in a trait|
| h4. Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..| |
| [WI-28336|] (Usability Problem)|Enable "Show hidden files" by default for private key file dialog|
| [WI-28226|] (Usability Problem)|Provide .ssh directory as default for key|
| h4. Plugin: Drupal support| |
| [WI-27911|] (Bug)|Probably *.engine should be registered as php file for Drupal|
| h4. Plugin: GAE support| |
| [WI-28325|] (Feature)|Provide settings for sessionId for debug in App Engine run configuration|
| [WI-28303|] (Bug)|App Engine debug workflow with run configuration only is broken|
| h4. Plugin: Phing| |
| [WI-28254|] (Task)|Update Phing predefined api to 2.11.0|
| h4. No subsystem| |
| [IDEA-136578|] (Bug)|Distraction Free Mode (tabs placement: none) bug|
| [IDEA-137698|] (Bug)|Poor performance when the HTTP proxy is configured using PAC|
| [IDEA-131429|] (Bug)|Warning tooltips overlap scrollbar|
| [IDEA-140851|] (Bug)|Keymap with åäö characters doesn't get stored properly.|
| [IDEA-138936|] (Bug)|File templates are not imported via File/Import Settings|
| [WEB-17198|] (Bug)|Extremely slow syntax analysis for JS|
| [IDEA-142246|] (Exception)|SerializerNotFoundException at com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubSerializationHelper.deserialize|
| h4. Code Analysis. Inspection| |
| [IDEA-143164|] (Bug)|IDEA 15 EAP Hangs Sometimes for a Few Minutes|
| h4. Database| |
| [IDEA-140324|] (Exception)|SOE at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarModel.a|
| h4. Editor. Editing Text| |
| [IDEA-139930|] (Usability Problem)|A way to disable highlighting code while mouse hovers in-file "breadcrumbs" navigation|
| h4. File System| |
| [IDEA-142174|] (Performance Problem)|Replace list with set to resolve linear scan on list remove|
| h4. IDE Configuration| |
| [IDEA-141026|] (Bug)|Global libraries are no longer exported via File \| Export Settings|
| h4. JavaScript. Predefs| |
| [WEB-17182|] (Bug)|DOMTokenList has wrong method signatures|
| h4. User Interface| |
| [IDEA-142141|] (Cosmetics)|Variable in file template descriptions have different colors|
| [IDEA-142584|] (Bug)|Invalidate Caches: Message reads strange, Window layout could be better|
| [IDEA-123409|] (Bug)|Sheet dialogs: Order of buttons and their sizes and positions are incorrect |
| [IDEA-139631|] (Bug)|Environment Variables with path in value are pasted without slashes|
| h4. Version Control. Perforce| |
| [IDEA-142813|] (Bug)|IDEA does not show all changed files for old revisions after p4 copy operation|
| h4. Version Control. Subversion| |
| [IDEA-140114|] (Bug)|Can not add files with '@' in their name to version control|
| [IDEA-140754|] (Bug)|Support SVN 1.9|