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What is 0xDBE and how do I pronounce it?

0xDBE is our new IDE tailored specifically for database development. It's name is pronounced əʊ-eks-diː-biː-iː, however we like to refer to it as ä-ksi-diː-biː-iː.

Will 0xDBE be available for my OS?

If you're on Windows, OS X or Linux, then the answer is yes. For other platforms, well, it just might.

How much for a license?

It's too early to tell, because we're still figuring things out, but the price will be reasonable.

Will 0xDBE support NoSQL databases?

NoSQL support is on our roadmap for future versions. 0xDBE 1.0 will focus on SQL databases only.

When will 0xDBE be released?

Stay tuned to our blog.

How can I help make the product better?

The best way is to share your feedback. Feel free to report bugs and submit feature requests through the issue tracker.

0xDBE doesn't work for my use case. What can I do?

Submit an issue to the issue tracker, and we'll help you.