Per-project Roles Enhancements

This release introduces further improvements to the per-project roles first available in the previous EAP release.
Most notable changes include:

Custom Statistics

Builds can now publish values through teamcity-info.xml file and charts for the values can then be displayed on the Statistics tab of the build configuration.
Basically, what is needed is to generate teamcity-info.xml file during the build, like this one:

<build number="1.0.{build.number}">
    <statusInfo status="SUCCESS">
        <text action="append">, 86.5% coverage</text>
    <statisticValue key="coberturaCoverage" value="86.5"/>

And specify how to show the graph in the main-config.xml:

    <graph id="coberturaCoverageChart" withFilters="true" >
        <valueType key="coberturaCoverage" title="Cobertura Coverage"/>

Detailed description can be found in the corresponding section of our online documentation.

Reworked Build Results Page

In our effort to provide the best user experience we have started reworking layout of some pages. This release introduces the new build results page header appearance:

We are open to feedback and appreciate if you can share your opinion with us!

More in VCS Labeling

In addition to CVS and Perforce, VCS Labeling is now supported for Subversion, StarTeam and ClearCase. In addition to automatic labeling, you can now label sources used for a build at a later time: via "Label this build sources" action available in "VCS revisions and labels" section of the build results.

Authorized Status for Agents

In order to provide more control over agents included into the build grid, new status is introduced for the build agents: authorized/unauthorized. Unauthorized agents are listed in a separate tab under "Agents", agents can be authorized by users with "System Administrator" role.
Please note that all newly connected agents are Unauthorized by default.

Agent status round up now looks as follows: