PHP Completion


WI-551 (Feature)

After "$this", I would like it if Code Completion would offer me "->"

WI-17658 (Feature)

expanding $completion with - should accept with "->"

WI-19345 (Feature)

complete methods without typing $this->

WI-27075 (Usability Problem)

typing a point (.) in PHPDoc comment shows autocomplete popup list of @tags

PHP Inspections


WI-28004 (Bug)

Remotely edited file that contains a class that is also in local project files results in inspection errors

PHP Refactoring


WI-27923 (Usability Problem)

Create class: Disable ability to change namespace for namespaced class

WI-26652 (Usability Problem)

Introduce parameter: provide help button

PHP debug


WI-28060 (Usability Problem)

Add help to "Incoming connection dialog"

PHP lang


WI-5128 (Feature)

Color magic and regular properties/methods in different colors

WI-28209 (Bug)

Incorrect instance property coloring when array access present

WI-26069 (Bug)

imported functions are recognized as classes

WI-27501 (Bug)

PHP 7: return type callable is not supported

PHP templates


WI-26013 (Usability Problem)

Blade: minify priority of directives in completion list

PHP test


WI-27587 (Bug)

Cannot create a PHPUnit method run configuration when method is in a trait

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-28226 (Usability Problem)

Provide .ssh directory as default for key

Plugin: Drupal support


WI-27911 (Bug)

Probably *.engine should be registered as php file for Drupal

No subsystem


IDEA-136578 (Bug)

Distraction Free Mode (tabs placement: none) bug

IDEA-131429 (Bug)

Warning tooltips overlap scrollbar

IDEA-140851 (Bug)

Keymap with åäö characters doesn't get stored properly.

IDEA-138936 (Bug)

File templates are not imported via File/Import Settings

IDEA-142246 (Exception)

SerializerNotFoundException at com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubSerializationHelper.deserialize

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-139930 (Usability Problem)

A way to disable highlighting code while mouse hovers in-file "breadcrumbs" navigation

IDE Configuration


IDEA-141026 (Bug)

Global libraries are no longer exported via File | Export Settings

User Interface


IDEA-142141 (Cosmetics)

Variable in file template descriptions have different colors

IDEA-123409 (Bug)

Sheet dialogs: Order of buttons and their sizes and positions are incorrect