No subsystem


WEB-16125 (Usability Problem)

Navigate symbol freezes application

WEB-16059 (Cosmetics)

JavaScript setting needs to say ES2015

WEB-15426 (Bug)

ES6 file scope

WEB-15906 (Bug)

Presence of big .js cause OutOfMemory

IDEA-77600 (Bug)

SOE during highlighting

WEB-16162 (Bug)

jshint 2.7.0

Build tools


WEB-16109 (Cosmetics)

Icon by Gulp settings is for Grunt, not Gulp

WEB-16035 (Bug)

Impossible to open build tool popup (alt+f11 )if no one gulp\grunt file is chosen.

WEB-16033 (Bug)

Change text for 'Add Gulp\Grunt file with...'

WEB-16000 (Bug)

Gulp integration creates invalid run/debug tasks



WEB-16050 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: 'unexpected token' error when using 'do' statement with chained call

WEB-11126 (Bug)

variable incorrectly marked as unused

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-134890 (Bug)

cucumber-java plugin does not support hooks when creating run configurations through "Run 'XYZ'"



WEB-10234 (Feature)

Check for Dart SDK update

WEB-16184 (Bug)

function without return type parameter should display it returns dynamic, not void

WEB-16040 (Bug)

Hover information is always a stacktrace



WEB-16142 (Bug)

Getting "Argument for @NotNull parameter 'name' of org/jetbrains/debugger/VariableImpl. must not be null" error while exploring a javascript variable of type Float32Array

WEB-16172 (Bug)

Javascript debugging - breakpoints dont match display when using <script> template blocks (and not <template>)

IDEA-137692 (Bug)

Keyboard key for expanding variable inspection missing



IDEA-138578 (Bug)

Debugger spuriously jumps to decompiled method signature



IDEA-138732 (Bug)

Viewing Diff sometimes shows wrong picture when filenames are identically

IDEA-138916 (Bug)

Incorrect order in local history changes preivew



IDEA-127058 (Feature)

Need A Way To Specify Additional ADT Options For AIR 14



IDEA-138164 (Usability Problem)

Gradle: display aggregated tasks on the gradle view



IDEA-138166 (Bug)

jsp:attribute validation errors for JSP tags with body-content="empty"

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-136777 (Bug)

Generate getters and setters does not respect field name prefix

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-138596 (Bug)

String.format can not resolve method using lambda syntax

IDEA-138407 (Bug)

Type inference bug with overloaded static method and diamond syntax

IDEA-138839 (Bug)

Method reference to Double::isNaN results in type error

IDEA-138961 (Bug)

Java 8 lambda - incorrectly reported 'cyclic inference' error

IDEA-138880 (Exception)

StackOverflowError at com.intellij.psi.util.TypeConversionUtil.typesAgree(

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-138593 (Bug)

"Can be replaced with method reference" bad replacement

IDEA-138748 (Bug)

Accepting intention action to add return value from generic subclass changes generic parameters

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-138745 (Bug)

Replace method duplicate failed for constructor

IDEA-138895 (Bug)

'Extract Function Parameter' produces incorrect code when invoked from anonymous class



IDEA-138622 (Bug)

General | Redundant suppression inspection false positive

IDEA-138927 (Bug)

False positive "Redundant type cast" when filtering a stream of arrays by Boolean item

IDEA-138724 (Bug)

Redundant cast inspection false positive



IDEA-138946 (Bug)

Color of tags inside of Facelet comments are not gray



WEB-16057 (Cosmetics)

Typo in project settings

WEB-15691 (Bug)

JavaScript: Go to source finds too many matches

WEB-16110 (Bug)

Unclear meaning of decorators in JavaScript files

WEB-16166 (Bug)

"Suppress for file" of the string literal breaks HTML inspection - does not work, and inspection error should not even appear

WEB-11845 (Bug)

function param: incorrect "select word"

WEB-16127 (Bug)

Cannot find declaration when using namespace

WEB-15918 (Bug)

IDEA 14.1 Hangs on "indexing"

WEB-16072 (Exception)

Exception when convert comments to C-style

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-14395 (Bug)

On splitting string literal by pressing Enter, wrapped line is not indented

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15091 (Exception)

AssertionError when try to change signature of the function



WEB-14862 (Bug)

error when expand properties "-webkit-border-radius"



WEB-16145 (Bug)

Node.js: local module references from require statement are unresolved

WEB-15971 (Bug)

Webstorm doesn't cleanly kill node process when debugging



IDEA-139009 (Bug)

Bndtools: Run/Create<configuration> actions create BndOSGI/RunLauncher always for .bndrun file that can be run as TestLauncher also

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-138199 (Task)

Build sources artifact with IDEA Community sources and flat structure (without modules)

IDEA-139164 (Bug)

moving from jdk 8 to jdk7 causes iDEA startup fail

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-138236 (Bug)

Multiresolve behaves differently in 14.1

Product Documentation


WEB-16129 (Cosmetics)

Please replace tip of day file with the attached one.



WEB-16088 (Bug)

Sass parser incorrect error message



IDEA-139143 (Bug)

Spring Boot: support "mime-types" keys value code insight

IDEA-137391 (Bug)

Spring Boot: support java.util.Locale keys value code insight

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-138671 (Bug)

User Defined Structural Search Templates has broken management



WEB-15939 (Bug)

Change comments in stylus files to //



WEB-16066 (Bug)

Typescript: align object properties broken in 10

WEB-16075 (Bug)

warning: variable might not have been initialized for destructuring variables

WEB-16100 (Bug)

TypeScript compiler: when using 'Compile All', run the compiler once when 'Compile Main File only' is enabled

WEB-14317 (Bug)

TypeScript: support external module declaration merging

WEB-16082 (Bug)

sometimes compiler output TS2345: [object Object]

Unit Tests


WEB-16124 (Bug)

WebStorm 10: WebStorm/Karma cannot connect to Chrome unless "/id=sessionid" is removed

User Interface


IDEA-138551 (Bug)

Action toolbar: clicking on a combobox with shown popup should hide the popup

Version Control


IDEA-131544 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: be more keyboard friendly, especially in the case of Git repository with multiple remotes

Version Control. Git


IDEA-138824 (Usability Problem)

Report Git rebase result in a balloon notification, rather than in a modal message dialog

IDEA-137900 (Usability Problem)

Don't propose to update (and don't auto-update) if force push was rejected

IDEA-137510 (Usability Problem)

"Edit all targets" link should be disabled while edit mode enabled

IDEA-128280 (Bug)

GitLogParser fails if commit message contains some special ascii control characters

Version Control. Log


IDEA-131466 (Usability Problem)

Git log: if user is set to 'me' use strict matching with my username

IDEA-137894 (Cosmetics)

Text padding somehow depends of references number.

IDEA-138326 (Bug)

Selected commit can get out of sight after switching IntelliSort on or off.

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-137686 (Bug)

Mercurial blame is not colored

IDEA-136313 (Exception)

Exception During Merge: "Merging with Ancestor Has no Effect"

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-138348 (Bug)

SVN Repositories View -> Show History does not work

IDEA-138525 (Bug)

Search in tree not working in Version Control / Project Info (updated files window)

IDEA-122217 (Bug)

SVN commit fails when committing lots of files in one commit (resulting svn command length exceed the limit)

IDEA-117085 (Bug)

Subversion 1.8: attempt to set svn:needs-lock property with wildcard value fails with confusing error

IDEA-91155 (Bug)

SVN: updating mark in Changes View after revert for svn properties doesn't go away until explicit refresh

IDEA-117963 (Bug)

Rename class frequently fails with exception

IDEA-121090 (Bug)

Do not change documents during undo as it will break undo sequence.

IDEA-121168 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PostprocessReformattingAspect.beforeDocumentChanged

IDEA-125679 (Exception)

Exception at com.intellij.psi.util.PsiUtilCore.ensureValid



IDEA-138438 (Bug)

File filter not working