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IDEA-137178 (Cosmetics)

"Copyright" sub-menu shows "JAVA" instead of "Java"

WEB-15556 (Bug)

Simultaneous HTML tag, breaks JSX code

IDEA-137224 (Bug)

custom file type keywords trigger Spelling/Typo inspection

WEB-15492 (Bug)

AtScript Formatting

IDEA-136966 (Bug)

JPS runner SOE

IDEA-137350 (Bug)

Wrong autocompletion for Java 8 constructor reference

IDEA-137296 (Exception)

IOE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PsiJavaCodeReferenceElementImpl.a

IDEA-137153 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.components.ServiceBean.loadServicesFromBeans



IDEA-137188 (Exception)

Android: "Cannot add sdk-common.jar from plugin 'Android Support' to external compiler classpath", Throwable at BuildProcessClasspathManager.getBuildProcessPluginsClasspath



DBE-1159 (Usability Problem)

Console: database result sets have same name for different consoles

DBE-1151 (Bug)

Progress indication for activities initiated from console's table result tab

DBE-1149 (Bug)

Console history: statements are sorted in a mixed way



WEB-15449 (Feature)

Set project dir as default CWD for Dart command-line app launches.

WEB-10657 (Feature)

Implement Problems view for all Dart errors in the project

WEB-10325 (Feature)

dart debug: support "quick evaluate expression"

WEB-15309 (Bug)

Don't autocomplete when declaring a variable



IDEA-137234 (Bug)

MySQL SSL Tunnel always auth failure with OpenSSH 6.7



IDEA-132677 (Bug)

Groovy evaluation is broken if there are marked values

IDEA-137167 (Bug)

Debugger stops in groovy class files instead of sources

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-133480 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: .iml content is not reduced on setting Dependencies Storage Format = Eclipse

IDEA-133542 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: external change or .classpath or .eml does not suggest to reload project (regression)



IDEA-137305 (Exception)

Gradle: AE at com.intellij.openapi.externalSystem.service.ui.ExternalSystemJdkComboBox.refreshData



WEB-15550 (Bug)

HTML Tag name changing not working correctly

IDE Configuration


IDEA-137104 (Bug)

Code templates don't save their state

IDE.User Interface


DBE-1148 (Cosmetics)

PostgreSQL, MS SQL: tab name for result of SELECT statement is incorrect

DBE-1160 (Bug)

Database View: incorrect shortcut for console

DBE-1146 (Bug)

Console: no available schemas shown for Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase data sources



WEB-14185 (Usability Problem)

Jade: do not invoke completion while typing dot after script/style tags

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-137231 (Usability Problem)

'Add constructor parameter' quickfix is shown twice

IDEA-137276 (Bug)

Bad code marked green: accessing protected members of anonymous classes



IDEA-137334 (Bug)

Tail recursion inspection reports non tail recursive code



IDEA-134984 (Feature)

Deploy to remote JBoss/Wildfly instance without staging



IDEA-136655 (Bug)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.impl.GraphPeerFactoryImpl.createEditModePeer



IDEA-136006 (Exception)

StackOverflowError when selecting tomcat logs



WEB-12384 (Feature)

ES6: Ctrl+click on imported module should navigate to module definition

WEB-15157 (Bug)

ES6: missing completion for imported variables

WEB-15459 (Bug)

correct JS code is highlighted as syntactically incorrect

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-15502 (Bug)

Object spread operators marked as error

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-11478 (Bug)

Add support for ECMAScript 5/6 objects



IDEA-136910 (Feature)

Provide notification for detected Maven projects (pom.xml)

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-137342 (Task)

PyCharm build with customized Java 1.8

Project Configuration


IDEA-132300 (Usability Problem)

Import project dialog width auto resized on file scan

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-137169 (Bug)

some TestNG and JUnit run configurations cannot be run



IDEA-137187 (Bug)

the PostgreSQL dialect misses support for data-modifying queries in common table expressions



DBE-1161 (Bug)

MySQL: declare continue/exit handler for (number) shows as error - but it's not



IDEA-137313 (Usability Problem)

Spring Boot: improve autocompletion in additional-config.json

IDEA-137297 (Usability Problem)

Spring Boot: Spring Initializr: validate the entered package value

IDEA-137347 (Cosmetics)

Labels on first page of the New Module --> Spring Initializr wizard

IDEA-137339 (Bug)

Spring Boot: include annotator-highlighting into Spring Model Validation

Task Management


IDEA-132015 (Usability Problem)

Tasks plugin shows only issues assigned to me when connected to Redmine



WEB-15479 (Bug)

TypeScript Compiler: validate Custom directory value

WEB-15541 (Bug)

Typescript type inference error within a closure

WEB-15540 (Bug)

With typescript compiler enabled, files with names matching ts files names are not shown in the Project view

User Interface


IDEA-136299 (Bug)

Editor tabs get stuck or jump unexpectedly during tabs reordering via drag and drop

Version Control


IDEA-131328 (Bug)

Shelf fails completely if one of patches couldn't be parsed

Version Control. Git


IDEA-137208 (Bug)

Push dialog: adding invalid remote produces an exception

IDEA-92750 (Bug)

Option to fetch branch from remote (git) is gone

Version Control. Log


IDEA-137132 (Bug)

Containing branches shows zero (because there are only tags)



WEB-15505 (Feature)

spy-js timeline labels

WEB-15544 (Bug)

Spy-js: Advanced navigation arrows are jumping while loading trace

WEB-15509 (Bug)

spy-js first run focus issue