Publicly available plugins for JetBrains TeamCity.

These plugins are provided on "as is" basis, no warranties, etc.
JetBrains does not endorse or recommend any plugins provided by third parties and accepts no responsibility for any of the mentioned third-party plugins functionality, bugs, possible data loss, etc.

Plugins provided by JetBrains are marked with the icon.

The plugins are listed in the following sections:

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Version Control Systems Support

Testing Frameworks Support


Apps, Notification and Interaction Applications



Windows Phone


Issue Trackers


Remote APIs


Administration Tools

Build Runners

Extended Settings for Build Configurations

Cloud Support

Other Systems Support


* [CI Game|] \- (not yet functional)

Support for TeamCity in Other Tools

Other Integration Examples

Discontinued/Obsolete/no more available:
* [P4V Addin|] \- Plugin for Perforce P4V to run TeamCity personal builds
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{note}See also [Open-source Bundled Plugins|Open-source Bundled Plugins]

Not yet added/unsorted

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