No subsystem


IDEA-130233 (Feature)

Include "Show in Explorer" in Find Action

WEB-13587 (Feature)

JSON formatting has no alignment options

IDEA-74132 (Feature)

Rename package QName

WEB-13537 (Usability Problem)

JavaScript Libraries: can't enable custom library in Default Settings

IDEA-130673 (Cosmetics)

"No SDK Specified" dialog: misprint in the message

IDEA-127119 (Bug)

Outline for JSON no longer groups nested arrays correctly.

CPP-1199 (Bug)

Create project with existing sources throws exception when '.idea' already exists

IDEA-130419 (Bug)

Wrong formatting of a tip of the day

WEB-11697 (Bug)

AngularJS in HTML variable assignment with filter

IDEA-126841 (Bug)

"Unused imports" makes mistakes

IDEA-130706 (Bug)

Incorrect warning for Constant Conditions and Expressions - HashMap usage

IDEA-130308 (Bug)

Looks like Copyright plugin does not respect scope filters any more

WEB-13600 (Bug)

Flagging scientific notation in JSON as an error (eg: 1.23e-5)

IDEA-129939 (Bug)

IDEA tries to perform 'clear read-only status' on start on all .iml files

IDEA-130682 (Bug)

Preferences : Code style: Can't scroll the page on Mac

IDEA-130273 (Bug)

Infer Nullity with External Annotations enabled pads xml file with redundant null entries.

IDEA-130509 (Bug)

Settings filter is broken

IDEA-130359 (Bug)

Overlapping collapse areas not supported correctly

IDEA-130053 (Bug)

Fix "Annotate overriding methods" may produce @Nullable @NotNull.

IDEA-99026 (Bug)

Multiple bookmarks on single line

IDEA-130532 (Bug)

Bookmarks: merging lines with Delete or Backspace keys joins several bookmarks on the same line

DBE-857 (Bug)

Oracle. Add support for database events trigger

IDEA-130892 (Exception)

java.lang.AssertionError: No storage for index



IDEA-130778 (Usability Problem)

Do not show 'Memory Monitor' tool window for non-android projects

IDEA-125927 (Task)

Add "id" for treeStructureProvider EP for AndroidTreeStructureProvider

IDEA-129976 (Bug)

Android tools dissapeared from menu(under "Android")

IDEA-126591 (Bug)

Android Support NPE

IDEA-130398 (Bug)

Unable To Set Build Target For Android SDK

IDEA-125838 (Bug)

Building Maven project with AAR dependency fails on zip file is empty

Build tools


WEB-13509 (Bug)

Console in Grunt Console Window is hidden



WEB-13602 (Usability Problem)

"Create selector" don't offer me CSS files which are in the project and even are opened in editor

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-130218 (Feature)

Filter inspections by language

IDEA-21316 (Feature)

New inspection: suspicious getter/setter (accessing different field than expected)

IDEA-130330 (Usability Problem)

Inspection settings: severity of disabled scope is reported as for enabled

IDEA-130492 (Usability Problem)

Analyze -> Code Cleanup seemingly does nothing

IDEA-130385 (Usability Problem)

Inspection settings treeview: left arrow does not scroll the view when group node is not visible

IDEA-130323 (Usability Problem)

Severity filter in inspection settings acts strangely

IDEA-130390 (Cosmetics)

Inspection settings: name of "Reset to Defaults Settings" could be corrected

IDEA-130387 (Bug)

Inspection settings: Reset to Default make additional options panel disappear

IDEA-130388 (Bug)

Inspection settings: Reset to Default does not work if the only changes are inspection-specific options

IDEA-130063 (Bug)

Class.newInstance is incorrectly flagged as @Nullable

IDEA-117626 (Bug)

good code yellow: variable modification inside 'try' clause

IDEA-130379 (Bug)

"Inner class may be static" inspection reports false positive

IDEA-130278 (Bug)

Typo in Groovy error inspection

IDEA-130457 (Bug)

Custom severities do not keep their order

IDEA-130595 (Bug)

"Constant Conditions & exceptions" inspection is wrong for an enum class

IDEA-130342 (Bug)

Inspections settings: adding scope to group does not update containing inspections in tree view

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-129447 (Usability Problem)

Arrangement: scroll UI into view when editing rule

IDEA-130275 (Bug)

Formatter messes up comma separated variable declarations in anonymous classes

IDEA-130594 (Bug)

JSON adds unwanted indent on new line

IDEA-130632 (Bug)

Code style: "Detect and use existing file indents" and "Use tab character" interact unexpectedly

Code Navigation


IDEA-130026 (Bug)

Javadoc shows doc from superclass not the overriden method



WEB-5491 (Bug)

Ruby Mine 4 template syntax highlighting messed when used with erb



DBE-854 (Bug)

MSSQL: AssertionError: Language: TSQL: parent='1, 2' on execute statement for function



DBE-834 (Bug)

Database: function / procedure editor ignores existent schema qualifier



WEB-13124 (Feature)

Run pub serve before launching Dartium or Browser

WEB-13374 (Feature)

Inform developer when packages are updated or have new versions

WEB-13499 (Bug)

DartUnit: Observatory link is broken with the test output in the console

WEB-13444 (Bug)

Unable to set breakpoint in Isolate

WEB-13501 (Bug)

Debugger throws malformed type exception when investigating a variable.

WEB-9902 (Bug)

Need better presentation of errors reported by the pub tool

WEB-13583 (Bug)

Cannot Set Breakpoints in Dart When Project Has Spaces

WEB-13544 (Bug)

broken unit test doesn't fail

WEB-13532 (Bug)

Stack trace in unit test doesn't link to test file



DBE-804 (Cosmetics)

Width/height auto adjust

DBE-817 (Bug)

Transpose should show column names on left



IDEA-130873 (Bug)

Data Source - ODBC Driver is not included in JDK 8



IDEA-123114 (Feature)

Debugger: render awt.Image and swing.Icon in Variables/Watches/Evaluate views

IDEA-130834 (Bug)

Can not switch data type renderer in watches view

IDEA-125376 (Bug)

Highlited current debug line disappear after switch between pages (Ctrl+E)

WEB-13448 (Bug)

Debugging Node-Webkit applications with a "node-main" script

IDEA-90377 (Bug)

Enter Exception Class on creating exception breakpoint in Java debugger shouldn't show classes which do not subclass Throwable

IDEA-122773 (Bug)

Evaluate expression -> code fragment mode -> history empty

IDEA-130195 (Bug)

Code fragments in debugger can no longer evaluate Grails domain methods

IDEA-130589 (Bug)

'View Text' on value with custom renderer in debugger shows default text for the value

IDEA-130240 (Exception)

Debugger: IncorrectOperationException at PsiJavaParserFacadeImpl.createStatementFromText



IDEA-128895 (Usability Problem)

Decompiler: "Highlight usages of element at caret" makes no effect

IDEA-127827 (Bug)

Navigate to declaration in the same file does not work in decompiled code

IDEA-127409 (Bug)

Half a minute GUI hang

IDEA-130478 (Bug)

Fernflower fails to read class from jar



IDEA-129533 (Bug)

'Change marks' on gutter are still shown after committing

IDEA-130588 (Bug)

Compare directories | Apply to selected shows unexpected message

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-105269 (Feature)

Go To Next Edit

IDEA-74010 (Feature)

outliner-like code folding improvements

IDEA-103472 (Feature)

Alt-Shift-click should trigger a rectangular selection

IDEA-119234 (Feature)

Option to show whitespaces only in front and behind

IDEA-15412 (Feature)

Expand or Collapse all existing foldings in selection

IDEA-129490 (Usability Problem)

Can't use change encoding dialog w keyboard

IDEA-129350 (Cosmetics)

shift+enter should work like down,meta+enter

IDEA-130773 (Cosmetics)

Shorten inferred org.jetbrains.annotations.Nullable/NotNull names in javadoc

IDEA-129001 (Bug)

"Indent selection" won't move the caret if the line contains only whitespace and the caret is in the beginning

IDEA-130491 (Bug)

Changing the editor font size does not work properly

IDEA-121896 (Bug)

Delete key doesn't delete CRLF while using multiple carets

IDEA-129688 (Bug)

Android Studio/IntelliJ and Quick Doc shown on Menu Click

IDEA-130503 (Bug)

Emacs cut to end of line broken

IDEA-130735 (Bug)

Multiple carets - backspace causes the editor position to jump around

IDEA-130131 (Bug)

Emacs Tab conflict with tab in live template

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-130277 (Bug)

Make method return alternate type inspection inserts fully-qualified class name

File System


IDEA-128902 (Bug)

Recursive Symlinks STILL cause idea to spin forever

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-119759 (Feature)

"Open in new tab" setting should be shared



IDEA-130222 (Task)

Update GWT super dev mode launcher



WEB-12010 (Bug)

Angular: HTML global attributes (id, class, lang, etc.) should be suggested by completion in Angular directives

IDE Configuration


IDEA-129042 (Usability Problem)

Inspections tree: restore Copy shortcut

IDEA-114768 (Bug)

Plugins settings page gets blue after opening

IDE.User Interface


DBE-822 (Feature)

Add "Reformat Code" option into context menu

DBE-704 (Usability Problem)

Table editor tab shows virtual directory name for same named tables



WEB-13621 (Bug)

Jade: HTML injection is incorrectly calculated

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-130746 (Bug)

Incorrect cast after completion in evaluate dialog

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-130123 (Bug)

Nested closure issue

IDEA-130519 (Bug)

Idea mistakenly highlights code as non-compilable

IDEA-130129 (Bug)

Editor error highlighter incorrect following a method reference

IDEA-130498 (Bug)

Incorrect method invocation is not highlighted

IDEA-130109 (Bug)

Code analysis broken when navigating to (Java) class org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.DefaultGroovyMethods

IDEA-130136 (Bug)

Idea mistakenly reports compilation error

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-130126 (Bug)

Intention "Lambda can be replaced with method reference" should not be applied when method reference is ambiguous and lamba is using the static member

IDEA-130540 (Bug)

Convert TestCase to TestNG duplicates all annotations

IDEA-130313 (Bug)

"Add clarifying parentheses" shouldn't remove comments

IDEA-130544 (Bug)

Convert TestCase to TestNG does not convert assertions

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-130452 (Usability Problem)

Switching from inline rename editor to dialog based editor should preserve previously typed name



IDEA-130360 (Feature)

Add quick fix to "Design for extension" inspection

IDEA-129645 (Bug)

False '@Nullable' annotation for ThreadLocal.get() return type

IDEA-130494 (Bug)

Nullability contract is not evaluated correctly.

IDEA-130652 (Bug)

Check contract return type against method signature

IDEA-118435 (Bug)

'Class escapes defined scope' analysis should not report type parameters

IDEA-130617 (Bug)

Copy inspection name from preferences box does not work

IDEA-125375 (Bug)

Applying quick fix "Remove unused import" leaves non-compilable code

IDEA-130584 (Bug)

Inspection "Result of method call ignored" reports problems for classes that aren't in the configuration

JavaEE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-130520 (Bug)

Compiler doesn't find classes from ApplicationServers libraries



IDEA-127080 (Bug)

OGNL: support Lambda expressions



IDEA-130729 (Bug)

Cannot start IBM WebSphere v6.1 server



WEB-10903 (Feature)

JSDoc: support @external tag

WEB-8992 (Usability Problem)

Select Word at Caret disregards chained calls

WEB-8684 (Bug)

javascript regexp incorrectly flagged as invalid

WEB-10478 (Bug)

Typescript constructor declaration in library definition does not work in JS file.

WEB-13520 (Bug)

ES6 generators not parsed correctly when language level is set to 'JSX Harmony'

WEB-13117 (Bug)

String literal/number used as accessor identifier should be parsed correctly

WEB-13596 (Bug)

False positive compile error "Cannot resolve symbol"

WEB-12807 (Bug)

ES6 classes jsdoc @param and @return

WEB-12803 (Bug)

JSDoc @callback

WEB-13539 (Bug)

NPE on parsing javascript with custom template markup, editor stops redrawing

WEB-11848 (Bug)

AngularJS: Understand DI, better code completion/type inference

WEB-10269 (Bug)

Go to declaration of minified JavaScript file is unnecessary

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-12784 (Bug)

Javascript code formating - commas in separate lines

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-12046 (Feature)

Angular: support navigation/refactoring for partials in ng-include

WEB-11544 (Feature)

Support for AngularJS "controller as" syntax

WEB-11890 (Feature)

Angular: show injected controllers, services, etc. in Structure view

WEB-12653 (Bug)

angular expressions parsing

WEB-13057 (Bug)

OnSen UI Breaks A Few Things

WEB-12896 (Bug)

Angular plugin doesn't recognize directives with separate factory function

WEB-11990 (Bug)

AngularJS: Good code is red - filter arguments and nested filters

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-13640 (Usability Problem)

JSCS: provide "Node interpreter" field

WEB-13016 (Bug)

Invalid detection of unused local variable



IDEA-73255 (Bug)

IntelliJ test classpath doesn't match Maven's

IDEA-110060 (Bug)

order of classpath entitis of project shall be the same as in maven pom

IDEA-89979 (Bug)

Module dependency ordering doesn't reflect maven pom dependency ordering

IDEA-99301 (Bug)

Maven import does not honor order of dependencies on classpath

IDEA-120647 (Bug)

a JUnit case succeeds in `mvn test` and eclipse but fails in intellij

IDEA-98262 (Bug)

Maven scope "provided" is overriden by "test"



WEB-13370 (Bug)

Node Package Manager (NPM) GUI in WebStorm doesn't shut down the background node process when closed on Windows

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-129275 (Bug)

Create Quicklaunch Shortcut checkbox is present but disabled in the installer

IDEA-130718 (Bug)

Updater leaves behind a broken installation if it fails to open a file on Windows

IDEA-130930 (Bug)

misc.xml configuration overlaps the other definition of a component

Password Safe


IDEA-130364 (Bug)

Github: checkout from welcome screen with master password leads to deadlock

IDEA-130431 (Exception)

Settings dialog: AIOOBE at com.intellij.ide.passwordSafe.impl.providers.masterKey.PasswordDatabase.loadState(



WEB-13570 (Feature)

"0px" is not flagged as redundant in SASS files

WEB-12290 (Bug)

code suggestion not always selecting first suggestion on tab



IDEA-79341 (Usability Problem)

SQL: SQLServer: code completion does not suggest procedure names in GRANT/REVOKE

IDEA-96879 (Bug)

PHP & SQL: using mysql_real_escape_string results in reported errors that are not error

IDEA-130442 (Bug)

Oracle. Empty object type can have parentheses



DBE-429 (Feature)

SQL auto-completion: suggest table names based on specified columns



DBE-813 (Bug)

PostgreSQL - GET STACKED DIAGNOSTICS exception handling code marked as incorrect syntax



DBE-858 (Feature)

Some Postgres native types are not recognized by PostgreSQL language injection dialect

DBE-673 (Bug)

SQL Server named stored procedure arguments are not supported

DBE-795 (Bug)

Oracle: valid SQL syntax marked as error. 'pivot' can be used as table synonym

DBE-796 (Bug)

Oracle: Valid SQL code marked as error

DBE-836 (Bug)


DBE-831 (Bug)

sql code analysis reports problem with the use of COLLATE

DBE-838 (Bug)


DBE-845 (Bug)

Oracle: Query operator 'THE' is not recognised

DBE-802 (Bug)

Database plugin doesn't support bool_and() window function



IDEA-101524 (Feature)

Spring 3.1/3.2/4.x: DOM support update

IDEA-130096 (Feature)

Need inspection to warn when I try to inject a spring EL value into a static property.

IDEA-128078 (Bug)

Spring XML inspection fails when inner classes are referenced

IDEA-129951 (Bug)

Refactor - rename: IDEA does not rename properties for Spring @Scheduled annotation

IDEA-100556 (Bug)

Spring config xml cannot refer to Inner Static Class Fields using <util:constant static-field="..."/>

IDEA-128928 (Bug)

Spring Integration: @IntegrationComponentScan#basePackages attribute support

IDEA-121921 (Bug)

Let me customize display of inactive spring bean profiles

IDEA-130567 (Bug)

Duplicate values in spring editing

IDEA-130344 (Bug)

Don't look for websocket java configs in tests

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-128686 (Bug)

Autocomplete ending freemarker tags not work



IDEA-130289 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: the iterator variable in th:each is not resolved in some cases



WEB-7957 (Feature)

Generate references for Typescript

WEB-12823 (Bug)

TypeScript: function type mismatch

WEB-12101 (Bug)

Typescript: 'private member not accessible' error shown for usages of private variable declared in reopened module

WEB-12912 (Bug)

#TypeScript Arrow function's parameter type code hints not displayed

WEB-13035 (Bug)

"Code Completion" doesn't show options for class imported via "export import"

WEB-13415 (Bug)


Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-130394 (Bug)

TestNG, diff link is not displayed when hamcrest is used

User Interface


IDEA-77778 (Feature)

Add ability to view Module Dependencies in sorted order

IDEA-130753 (Usability Problem)

'Clouds' item is show in the new settings dialog even if no cloud plugins are enabled

IDEA-130272 (Cosmetics)

New Settings dialog: increase tree node height

IDEA-128048 (Bug)

Inspections UI: filter icon is not pressed down when filter is applied

IDEA-45572 (Bug)

Database console: table result view: click on a border between columns performs sorting

IDEA-128117 (Bug)

Line and gutter highlightings backgrounds does not match

IDEA-130294 (Bug)

Draw line highlighters with no gap to the gutter splitter

IDEA-130613 (Bug)

new Settings dialog: clicking OK button doesn't apply changes

IDEA-130586 (Bug)

Mouse wheel scrolling doesn't work in options table for inspection "Result of method call ignored"

IDEA-130744 (Bug)

Recent files popup / dialog slow and seems to block background threads

Version Control


IDEA-130658 (Usability Problem)

Push Dialog: do not allow to push while edit branch name

IDEA-130258 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: Show Diff doesn't work if invoking from repository node

IDEA-125278 (Usability Problem)

If a filter is set up during log initialization, the log blinks and stays blank for some time

IDEA-123885 (Usability Problem)

git log: applying changes modal progress appears again and again

IDEA-119054 (Usability Problem)

Stop "refreshing history" task if filter changes

IDEA-115917 (Cosmetics)

Multiple blinking "Building full log" tasks

IDEA-129407 (Bug)

Commit dialog doesn't reload on file revert

IDEA-75783 (Bug)

New line is added to every file, that is patched

IDEA-130657 (Bug)

Push Dialog: space toggles invisible checkbox in single-repository mode

IDEA-130456 (Bug)

Push dialog: Edit source button

Version Control. Git


IDEA-98735 (Feature)

Github open file in browser shouldn't require tracked branch

IDEA-130474 (Usability Problem)

Git push tags checkbox is not persisted

IDEA-130022 (Usability Problem)

Reset head dialog: select the text box by default

IDEA-124356 (Bug)

"Share project on GitHub" incorrectly reports, "Project is already on GitHub."

IDEA-130505 (Bug)

MissingFormatArgumentException if push fails with error

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-116439 (Feature)

New Mercurial Log: Support New Branch

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-129567 (Bug)

Subversion: svn+ssh: can't work with short-name executable

IDEA-130435 (Bug)

Project save fails: XmlSerializationException for SvnBranchConfigurationManager$ConfigurationBean