No subsystem


IDEA-123132 (Bug)

Error: failed to create a child event loop

IDEA-124405 (Exception)

NPE at



IDEA-124408 (Bug)

Exception at

Compiling Project


IDEA-128051 (Bug)

Groovy aspectj compilation



IDEA-125414 (Feature)

database structure: provide navigation from foreign keys

IDEA-126805 (Bug)

Crash during indexing after checkout



WEB-12418 (Task)

Live Edit / JSDebug: Prompt disconnect of extension

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-128264 (Performance Problem)

Freeze on Find Usages with group by usage type enabled



IDEA-115639 (Bug)

'MXML Design View' plugin Needs Updating



IDEA-128535 (Bug)

Global Gradle Settings aren't global

IDEA-127582 (Bug)

[Gradle] Web Resource Directory will be set to empty



IDEA-127693 (Bug)

Grails create-app is not executed

IDEA-120622 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.roots.impl.ContentEntryImpl.getExcludeFolderFiles



IDEA-126201 (Performance Problem)

135.1019 uses massive CPU

IDEA-125925 (Bug)

RE: com.intellij.ide.plugins.PluginManager$StartupAbortedException: Fatal error initializing 'com.intellij.openapi.util.registry.RegistryState'

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-127077 (Bug)

Annotation on result type use in generic method declaration.



IDEA-66895 (Bug)

Maven overlay war: Idea doesn't copy local log4j.xml, but uses one from the overlay

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-128247 (Task)

Make sure OS X Developer ID signature is made on OS X 10.9

IDEA-122701 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't start on Mac under one of the user accounts after patch update

Project Configuration


IDEA-123863 (Bug)

'Save Project as Template' action leads to deadlock



IDEA-127427 (Performance Problem)

Spring: performance problems when using <import> with "**" pattern

IDEA-127623 (Performance Problem)

Performance problem related with Spring plugins

IDEA-127847 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ 14 - High CPU usage even when idle

IDEA-127855 (Bug)

Spring MongoDB/neo4j: with @EnableMongoRepositories, only interfaces extending MongoRepository/Neo4jRepository are considered

IDEA-127849 (Bug)

Spring MongoDB: support @EnableMongoRepositories#basePackages



IDEA-125433 (Feature)

Tapestry tml editor does not recognize library components

IDEA-100807 (Bug)

Tapestry 'parameter' namespace elements are incorrectly marked in error in TML editor

IDEA-103154 (Bug)

Good code is red: can't coerce the string to a DateFormat

IDEA-106998 (Bug)

Tapestry loop 'value' elements are incorrectly marked as errors in TML editor

IDEA-107000 (Bug)

Renaming incorrectly appends "get" to property references in .TML files

User Interface


IDEA-128342 (Usability Problem)

Tip of the Day window does not retain size