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h3. Follow the tracker

You can find a set of known issues and feature requests in our [tracker|]. Some issues in the [AppCode tracker|] are also applicable to the CLion EAP build.

h3. What are the most important and known issues and limitations?

h5. General

* Toolchain changes in settings do not affect the project automatically, call the Reload CMake Project action via CMake tool window or by action name to apply changes.
* Most compiler errors are not highlighted in the editor.
* CLion doesn’t update CMakeLists.txt automatically when adding new file to the project.
* CLion's new file wizard doesn't support C+\+ class templates.

h5. Compilers, CMake and language standards limitations

* CLion supports only GNU toolchain, that means only GCC and Clang compilers on Linux and OS X, and [MinGW|] and [Cygwin|] toolchains on Windows.
Note: If you are using Visual Studio for C+\+ development (and Visual C+\+ Compiler), try our [ReSharper for C+\+|].
* CLion supports only the following C and C+\+ standards: C99, C+\+03, C+\+11.
** C++11 user-defined literals are not supported.
** C++11 сonstexpr expressions ([OC-10355|], [CPP-396|]) and enum classes ([OC-9129|]) are not fully supported.
* CMake 3 is not yet supported.

h5. Performance and memory

* On the large code bases (especially when using Boost) performance and memory issues during indexing and editing are possible ([increasing memory|] may help).

h5. Debugger

* Some issues are possible when debugging 32-bit projects with 64-bit GDB.