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IDEA-81781 (Usability Problem)

Unintuitive 'Project Files Changed' message box

IDEA-125671 (Cosmetics)

"Install plugin from disk" action could have different description in Find Action list, because now there are two identical items in the list

IDEA-126466 (Bug)

Intellij warns "Value is always null" for an ambiguous method call

IDEA-127438 (Bug)

Tool windows drag&drop failure under Java 7

IDEA-127430 (Bug)

Quick doc viewer. Everything below the <p/> (inside the <pre> tag) is missing.

IDEA-126989 (Bug)

Wrong position of final modifier popup

IDEA-127397 (Bug)

Wrong patterns are generated in "Scopes" dialog

IDEA-127038 (Bug)


IDEA-127534 (Bug)

'null' in error message

IDEA-127212 (Bug)

Live templates "Use static import if possible" fails sometimes

IDEA-127675 (Bug)

Text correction in the Settings | Plugins page

IDEA-127190 (Bug)

Scala plugin should not autoimport "field" annotation automatically

IDEA-127454 (Bug)

UI freezes, when trying to update and uninstall two plugins

IDEA-87408 (Bug)

Hold <ALT> button and select multiple lines vertically does not work as desired

IDEA-127062 (Bug)

Bug when closing splitted editors



WEB-12743 (Bug)

CSS selector parsing interferes with typing (EAP 1161)

WEB-12738 (Bug)

"Unresolved reference" on CSS pseudo-selectors



IDEA-126927 (Bug)

CloudFoundry: if the same artifact is deployed to few clouds, one can view the state of the single one only

IDEA-127081 (Bug)

CloudFoundry: IBM BlueMix has changed default app domain

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-121276 (Feature)

Constant conditions: work with arrays

IDEA-65004 (Feature)

Support Hamcrest for inferring nullity.

IDEA-114889 (Feature)

Annotated @NotNull member considered an error in Eclipse

IDEA-126446 (Bug)

Good code red: Argument might be null, when it can be statically proven to be non-null

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-93948 (Usability Problem)

Code Style->XML->Other: no preview text for CDATA

IDEA-126836 (Bug)

Formatting adds extra blank line after class header if it ends with comment

Code Navigation


IDEA-126973 (Bug)

IDE does not see the use of string resources in libraries

Compiling Project


IDEA-105383 (Feature)

Annotation Processing - IntelliJ report Diagnostic.Kind.NOTE as Warning

IDEA-111673 (Task)

Automake should be disabled while git pull



WEB-9998 (Usability Problem)

Comments could be folded and file level comments could be even collapsed by default

WEB-12777 (Bug)

No interface class name completion after 'interface' keyword if curly braces not written yet

WEB-12760 (Bug)

Inspection of on-catch chain is wrong



IDEA-126384 (Bug)

"Run query in console" broken after multihost injection implementation



IDEA-88643 (Bug)

delete item from list of breakpoints by pressing delete key: selection should not return to position 1.

IDEA-127125 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.debugger.ui.breakpoints.BreakpointWithHighlighter.reload



IDEA-127229 (Bug)

Decompiled code faulty (missing parentheses on parameterless constructor call)



IDEA-61550 (Bug)

Local history: Diff markers for the current file reflect VCS diff

IDEA-127686 (Bug)

Change markers on right side of editor do not update



IDEA-127042 (Bug)

Create tip of the day for quick evaluate

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-127127 (Feature)

charset name completion: provide completion for more APIs

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-121956 (Feature)

Multiple Carets: Add support for skipping next selection

IDEA-127695 (Bug)

Formatting is breaking on typing

IDEA-127189 (Bug)

Select next/all ocurrence fails with braces

IDEA-121060 (Bug)

Multiple carets: comment/uncomment works incorrectly

IDEA-125021 (Bug)

Multi-cursor paste doesn't work

IDEA-122513 (Bug)

Can't expand single character property in Spring config

IDEA-127017 (Bug)

Javadoc: parameters weird alignment

File System


IDEA-115177 (Task)

Use protocol to verify fsnotifier version

IDEA-126122 (Bug)

fsnotifier doesn't suppport ReFS

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-122172 (Feature)

Make "Select ocurrences" shortcuts work on find input

IDEA-122076 (Feature)

"Select All" action in the Find panel

IDEA-127068 (Bug)

Find in Path not working in JDK sources



IDEA-127074 (Bug)

Executing gradle script fails with error '.../build.gradle' is not a directory

IDEA-127217 (Bug)

Tests with spaces aren't wrapped with " " when running specific test as Gradle test

IDEA-126896 (Bug)

Gradle: Grails integration buildPlugins issues



IDEA-120622 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.roots.impl.ContentEntryImpl.getExcludeFolderFiles



IDEA-126389 (Bug)

Groovy good code red: sort closure parameter

IDEA-126334 (Exception)

Groocy: CCE: GrLightParameterListBuilder cannot be cast to PsiMethod at GenerateMembersUtil.overriddenParameters



WEB-12677 (Task)

Emmet: do not expand too long abbreviations

IDE Configuration


IDEA-127462 (Cosmetics)

If you change the dialog box elements are positioned incorrectly.

IDEA-127177 (Bug)

Impossible to disable failing plugin



IDEA-74104 (Performance Problem) can be very slow

IDEA-125750 (Bug)

Fatal error initializing 'com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubIndex'

IDEA-125925 (Bug)

RE: com.intellij.ide.plugins.PluginManager$StartupAbortedException: Fatal error initializing 'com.intellij.openapi.util.registry.RegistryState'

IDEA-117596 (Exception)




IDEA-127131 (Bug)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.error



IDEA-127078 (Bug)

OGNL: support map creation expressions



IDEA-127332 (Bug)

web-fragment.xml servlet definition and mapping don't see each other



WEB-10953 (Bug)

In Jade when starting a class selector with a dash syntax highlighting for the rest of the line is lost.

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-90157 (Usability Problem)

Smart type completion is not so smart with non-imported classes

IDEA-100669 (Usability Problem)

Completion statistic should be initialized on clean IDEA

IDEA-126531 (Bug)

Completion inserts unwanted semicolon

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-127506 (Bug)

False positive cyclic reference for method reference

IDEA-127596 (Bug)

Incorrect lambda error highlight

IDEA-127077 (Bug)

Annotation on result type use in generic method declaration.

IDEA-127584 (Bug)

"Cannot resolve method" regression in JDK 8

IDEA-126969 (Bug)

IDEA fails to infer type with flatMap(List::stream)

IDEA-127563 (Bug)

Create Method quickfix not available in interface

IDEA-127573 (Bug)

Cast parameter to XXX quickfix inserts fully qualified name

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-127211 (Feature)

It is proposed to create a field in Interface for Alt+Enter

IDEA-126977 (Feature)

Intention to convert method reference to lambda expression

IDEA-127603 (Bug)

"Anonymous new Function can be replaced with lambda" quick-fix yields invalid code

IDEA-127580 (Bug)

"Unwrap Code" doesn't propose to unwrap the expression, when the cursor stays on its last character

IDEA-127562 (Bug)

CreateClassFromNewFix places the new class in a generated source folder

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-126988 (Feature)

Allow "Pull Members Up" refactoring to create default methods

IDEA-127166 (Bug)

Refactoring Events for Extract Local Variable

IDEA-127167 (Bug)

Refactoring Events for Extract Field

IDEA-127605 (Bug)

Delegate final method

IDEA-127169 (Bug)

Refactoring Events for Extract Constant

IDEA-126995 (Bug)

'Refactor this' popup uses wrong context in injections

IDEA-127135 (Bug)

"Inline call to getter" generates invalid code

IDEA-127411 (Bug)

Problem with inline method

IDEA-126776 (Bug)

Process duplicates after 'extract method'

IDEA-127170 (Bug)

Refactoring Events for Extract Parameter

IDEA-127172 (Bug)

Refactoring Events for Rename Parameter



IDEA-126982 (Feature)

Add an inspection to flag a nonfinal class that only has private constructors

IDEA-126173 (Feature)

Specify exception type thrown by @NotNull annotations

IDEA-127159 (Bug)

Inspection false positive: field can be converted to a local variable

IDEA-126957 (Bug)

Inline variable -> Fix All "Redundant Local Variable" Problems does nothing

IDEA-125977 (Bug)

method invocation may produce NullPointerException warning false positive

IDEA-127667 (Bug)

Contract clause null->null is violated when a parameter is notnull

IDEA-126660 (Bug)

Incorrect 'condition is always true' for a final field if an overridden method is called from the constructor

IDEA-127255 (Bug)

''Unnecessary interface modifier'' quick-fix breaks code

IDEA-127263 (Bug)

"Conditional Expression With Identical Branches" deleting non-identical branches.

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-9528 (Feature)

Feature : JavaScript styling - can not add space after "[" in arrays or after "{" in objects.

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-12718 (Bug)

JSHint / JSLint inspection doesn't correctly recognize whitespace

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-12601 (Feature)

Configurable default for declare functional expression



WEB-12735 (Bug)

Less mixins and variables not found (138.1161)

WEB-12689 (Bug)

Failure to find LESS mixin

Live Edit


WEB-12711 (Feature)

livedit: support JSX (at least "reload in browser")

WEB-9954 (Usability Problem)

move and rename confusing "Live Edit menu item

WEB-7390 (Bug)

js hotswap in case of file-level variable

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-127183 (Feature)

Windows: Look for 1.8 JVM registry entry by default

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-127232 (Bug)

Fatal Error on startup on Mac Os X

Project Configuration


IDEA-123863 (Bug)

'Save Project as Template' action leads to deadlock

IDEA-127268 (Bug)

It's impossible to create "WebService client" in Idea 14



IDEA-127049 (Feature)

Do not consider parameters such as ":from" in SQL as reserved words

IDEA-125519 (Feature)

Common table expressions (recursive joins) not supported for SQLite dialect

IDEA-125219 (Bug)

SQL MySQL inspector is misinterpreting INTERVAL as a function in certain cases

IDEA-127267 (Bug)

foreign key joins are not suggested well



IDEA-100830 (Feature)

Spring Data Mongo support

IDEA-127427 (Performance Problem)

Spring: performance problems when using <import> with "**" pattern

IDEA-127154 (Bug)

spring mongo: provide correct bean type for <mongo:template> <mongo:db-factory|jmx>@mongo-ref

IDEA-127153 (Bug)

spring mongo: good code red: mongo element declaration without options

IDEA-127683 (Bug)

Spring: @PropertySource support String array in "value"

IDEA-106366 (Bug)

Spring <mvc:resources> "location" does not resolve against prefixed values (classpath(smile)

IDEA-95301 (Bug)

Spring: resolve resources located in web root

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-122254 (Feature)

"Use static import if possible" checkbox for the Structural Replace dialog

IDEA-127608 (Bug)

SSR: Throwable at com.intellij.codeInspection.bytecodeAnalysis.BytecodeAnalysisConverter.a

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-127054 (Bug)

Velocity: "Illegal iterable expression type" false positive

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-127660 (Cosmetics)

Unit test popup is red when tests are skipped

IDEA-126880 (Bug)

Unresolved inner class in JUnit run configuration

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-127246 (Cosmetics)

different behavior of the context menu by Alt+Ins

User Interface


IDEA-127144 (Usability Problem)

No word wrap or horizontal scrolling for ignore list in Proxy dialog

IDEA-112613 (Usability Problem)

"GoTo Action" usability

IDEA-122894 (Usability Problem)

License dialog: License key: provide precise diagnostic for rejected key

IDEA-107376 (Usability Problem)

Goto next / previous splitter not working when show tabs are set to none

IDEA-127337 (Bug)

Popups in editor sometimes aren't shown on first invokation

IDEA-126984 (Bug)

Mac OS X: Double line above the editor

IDEA-75885 (Bug)

Fast invoking shortcut with Alt brings focus to main menu [Windows]

IDEA-79083 (Bug)

Popup lists are sometimes not clickable

Version Control


IDEA-103025 (Bug)

Commit dialog - commit window without proper word wrap

IDEA-107598 (Bug)

Commit summary navigates to the wrong file if there are several files with the same name

Version Control. Git


IDEA-127343 (Bug)

Git Checkout - Test repository "hangs" when master password is required

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-127069 (Bug)

Add help button to the Update Project dialog (Mercurial)

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-125627 (Bug)

Subversion: Tree conflict problem: Can not parse conflict reason: moved-away

IDEA-126911 (Bug)

SVN Folder history: revision selecting causes "Could not load content" error