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Enables TeamCity to upload artifacts to external locations in a number of ways.


Follow the TeamCity documentation on installing additional plugins.


After successful installation, new Build Runners will be available in the Build Step selector of a build configuration.
Most of deployers use TeamCity artifact paths to define which files will be deployed. Artifacts paths have the following syntax:

file_name|directory_name|wildcard [ => target_directory|target_archive ]

target_directory and target_archive are always treated as relative to a remote location specified in the Target parameter of the runner.

Refer to the TeamCity documentation for details.

SMB Deployer

Allows uploading files to Windows shares via the SMB protocol. The configuration includes a domain, username and password.
Target URL should point to a host + share at least. Subdirectories are allowed here and will be created if missing. Valid examples:


Implementation relies on JCIFS library. To configure JSCIFS client using system properties, update the TeamCity Agent startup properties .

FTP Deployer

Allows uploading files to an FTP server.
Target host should point to an FTP server (by hostname or IP address) and a remote directory (relative to the FTP user's home). To use absolute *nix path, use %2F as the forward slash. For example:

Authentication method is either Anonymous (will submit username "anonymous" and single space as password) or username/password (for custom credentials)
Transfer Mode allows you force the ASCII or Binary FTP transfer modes (if the automatically detected mode leads to broken files transfer)

SSH Deployer

Allows uploading files via SSH (using SCP or SFTP protocols)
Target should point to an SSH server location. The syntax is similar to the one used by the *nix scp command:


where target_dir can be absolute or relative; sub_path can have any depth.

Transport allows choosing a protocol to transfer data over SSH. Options are: SCP and SFTP

Authentication method allows choosing an SSH authentication method.

SSH Exec

Allows executing arbitrary remote commands using SSH

Target should point to an SSH server.

Authentication method allows choosing an SSH authentication method.

Commands is a new-line delimited set of commands that will be executed in the remote shell. The remote shell will be started in the home directory of an authenticated user. The shell output will be available in the TeamCity build log.

Tomcat Deployer

Deprecated, will be replaced in future versions.
Allows deploying WAR application archives to a remote Tomcat 6.x instance (requires Manager webapp installed in the target Tomcat server)


TeamCity 7.0+
Oracle JDK 1.6 or OpenJDK 1.7.0_07 and later.


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