YouTrack Harmony EAP

It is important to distinguish EAP from pre-release software. Please note that the quality of EAP versions may at times be far below even usual beta standards.

(lightbulb) Features Already Available for Evaluation

  • New Reports (warning)
  • Alternative Geeky UI
  • Ability to use AND in search queries
  • Shortcuts Customization
  • Canvas Image Tool

(warning) New Reports:

  • In the current EAP only new types of reports are available, not yet the Dashboard.
  • To use new reports, you must switch to the new UI: open 'Reports' section in YouTrack UI, and click 'Try New Interface' link in the top-right corner. New reports are not available in the current UI ('Regular Interface').

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YouTrack InCloud Harmony EAP 

If you prefer to try all the fresh goodies without any installation and configuration, simply create a user account in our YouTrack Harmony InCloud EAP instance. We'll keep it updated to the latest build for you to try as soon as we can deliver.  

YouTrack Harmony Stand-Alone EAP Builds

With this EAP we introduce a new approach to evaluation of new features in EAP builds. By default, visibility (hence, availability) of new features in EAP builds are controlled by so called 'Feature Flags'. That is, you can enable and disable these features at your will.

Enabling New Features in Stand-Alone Builds

Basically, a feature-flag is a JVM '-D' start parameter that you must provide when you start your YouTrack Standalone EAP Build. You can provide these parameters either in the starting command (thus features will be enabled for the current session only) or in the configuration file of your JVM (thus you don't need to control constantly wether you have enabled the feature or not).

Feature-flags are divided in two types:

For more information about YouTrack Java Start Parameters please refer to the corresponding page in the main documentation space.

Currently Available Feature-Flags

If a parameter supports customizing user groups, then you should provide a comma-separated list of groups.


Java Start Parameter

Custom User Groups

New 'Geeky' UI



New Reports Screen



Canvas Image Tool



Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts



Multiple Drafts* (see the note below)



(warning) Attention!

  • The new 'AND' operator in search queries is enabled, by default, and is not controlled by any feature-flag.
  • Multiple Drafts feature is not yet available for evaluation but you must specify its feature-flag while starting YouTrack EAP build. Otherwise some features of the New UI (and hence, new reports) will be unavailable.

In any other regard, installation/running procedures are similar to those of the released builds.

We strongly recommend that you evaluate YouTrack 'Harmony' EAP builds in a test environment, since you will not be able to revert to YouTrack 5.x other than by rolling back to a pre-upgrade backup of your database and losing your progress along the way!

EAP and RC build installation instructions

YouTrack Harmony Stand-Alone EAP Builds


Build #



Fixed issues


24 June 2014


YouTrack Harmony EAP(.exe) 32-bit
YouTrack Harmony EAP (.exe) 64-bit
YouTrack 6.0 EAP (.jar)
YouTrack 6.0 EAP (.war)


What's already in there?
YouTrack Harmony Reports 

(warning) What you need to know about this server

  • By default, all currently available features are enabled for all users.
  • This is Early Access Program, and we reserve the right to update the server as often as we see fit, without any additional announcement, and thus you might encounter a brief periods of downtime. Please be patient.
  • We might update the build, which runs on the hosted EAP instance, more often than we publish stand-alone EAP builds (e.g. for testing purposes), and thus the number of build on hosted instance and the number of the latest published stand-alone EAP build might be different.