IntelliJ IDEA lets you create a project using Vaadin Framework that optimizes your Web applicatin development.

1. Create Vaadin Project with Project Wizard

Before you start creating your project make sure that Vaadin SDK is downloaded on your computer and Vaadin plugin is enabled.


Project Wizard
, under Java Enterprise select Vaadin framework.

Specify the following settings:

Note that if you selected the Vaadin 6 version, you need to download the Vaadin library. Select Download option and click Configure.

In the dialog that opens, use the default options and click OK.

Specify your project information and click Finish.

2. Run Vaadin Application

IntelliJ IDEA creates a project with Web application and all necessary configurations.

Since the application server is specified you can run you application and view the output in the default browser.

3. Debug Vaadin Application

IntelliJ IDEA lets you easily start a debugging session for your project.

Let's choose one of the debugging actions, for example, toggle Line Brakepoints action.
Press Ctrl+F8 or select Run Toggle Line Breakpoints.

Press Shift + Alt + F9 to start a debugging session.

View the result in Debugger console.