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WEB-11405 (Bug)

Bower: Available Packages: remove first empty line

IDEA-123377 (Bug)

Quick definition action on interface opens implementations at first

WEB-11434 (Bug)

Can not download TypeScript community stubs

WEB-9865 (Bug)

Autocomplete ignores JSDoc class hinting, doesn't prioritize method in pop-up

IDEA-121309 (Bug)

License: on entering different license key agreement for old key is shown

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-122414 (Bug)

Boolean expression simplification changes behavior of the code.

Code Coverage


IDEA-123499 (Bug)

Upgrade bundled JaCoCo to recent version to support Java 8

IDEA-123343 (Bug)

asm 5 gives labels new names so code with branches is always only partially covered



WEB-11483 (Bug)

coffeescript syntax highlighting breaks when using #{ <expr> } in strings

Compiling Project


IDEA-122924 (Bug)

FileProcessingCompilerAdapterTask ignores value of ValidityState

IDEA-108515 (Bug)

Update Resources on frame deactivation should not perform compilation



WEB-10210 (Feature)

Dart: add ability to explicitly specify the packages root directory



IDEA-122950 (Bug)

Breakpoints aren't set, unless debugger already active

WEB-2100 (Bug)

Node.js debug: value is truncated, but IDE does not suggest to see full value

WEB-11392 (Bug)

Node.js debugging: Copy Value doesn't copy the entire string

WEB-11133 (Bug)

JS Debugger: Variables view is not properly updated after setting value



IDEA-123140 (Bug)

Grails add "-plain-output" option by default



WEB-421 (Bug)

HTML: 'Merge tags' for <script> tag breaks embedded javascript formatting

IDE Configuration


IDEA-71048 (Bug)

Version Control History: Wrong DateTime Format



IDEA-114349 (Bug)

Artifact is not deployed to Wildfly 8 when IDEA is running under JDK 6



IDEA-123201 (Bug)

Misplaced Struts icon

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-123291 (Bug)

Don't suggest static methods in 'smart completion' after '::' in 'non static context'

IDEA-123293 (Bug)

Suggest only compatible methods in smart completion after '::'

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-123279 (Usability Problem)

Highlight unresolved method references as other unresolved references

IDEA-123084 (Bug)

Modules with errors are not marked in project tree.

IDEA-123248 (Bug)

Java 8 lambda support: false positive Cyclic inference

IDEA-123316 (Bug)

Java 8: Incorrect Error message

IDEA-123252 (Bug)

bad code is green: modifier static not allowed here

IDEA-123308 (Bug)

Final field cannot be assigned twice in lambda expression

IDEA-123223 (Bug)

'transform'...cannot be applied to '(<method reference>)'

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-112556 (Feature)

"Create from usage" quickfix should be available on unresolved method reference

IDEA-123034 (Usability Problem)

Unused assigment inspection - Remove quick fix

IDEA-122974 (Bug)

"Create Local Variable/Field/Parameter" intention infers incorrect type

IDEA-123296 (Bug)

Quickfixes for errors inside lambda expressions should add statements into the lambda if the expression depends on lambda parameters



IDEA-122624 (Bug)

@Contract fails on vararg methods

IDEA-122215 (Bug)

"Constant conditions & exceptions" inspection

IDEA-120769 (Bug)

False positive "Expected exception never thrown in test method body" when JUnit.Test.expected is some specific exception subclass

IDEA-121287 (Bug)

Add intention to add Enum value to Enum



WEB-11423 (Usability Problem)

'goog.provide' should not be a target for Goto Declaration

WEB-11472 (Bug)

Invalid "this" support in arrow function

WEB-11471 (Bug)

Invalid jsdoc support for nullable boolean type

WEB-11683 (Bug)

JSDoc: Generic type attributes are not correctly propagated to base classes

WEB-11484 (Bug)

Javascript: Adding module.exports = classname breaks structure view

WEB-11677 (Bug)

AngularJS: "ng-" tags suggested in Spring Beans XML

WEB-11527 (Bug)

Wrong completion of AMD module elements

WEB-11272 (Bug)

"Unresolved function or method" inspection false positive when multiple left-hand assignment is used to assign module.exports

WEB-11504 (Bug)

Auto completion doesn't get all subtypes when adding function parameter

WEB-11634 (Bug)

Color highlighting bug of multi-var statement with yield

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-11607 (Bug)

Angular.js: wrong navigation from ng-directives into minified source instead of not minified

WEB-11428 (Bug)

AngularJS: quick documentation for ng directives stops working if a documentation URL is configured

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-10275 (Bug)

"private member not accessible" warning on Object.prototype when lodash library is in a project

WEB-11335 (Bug)

Intention "Simplify if" changes semantics



WEB-11550 (Bug)

LESS code reformat produces invalid LESS file

Project Configuration


IDEA-123142 (Bug)

Cannot specify default (no) package in Command Line App project template.

IDEA-123145 (Bug)

New project wizard is broken



WEB-10710 (Feature)

Reformat Code: support Sass List (and Map)

WEB-11417 (Bug)

Support suffix after parent selector & (relates to 3.3)

WEB-11630 (Bug)

File Structure (Ctrl+F12) & Sass at-root: no title



IDEA-123044 (Bug)

MSSQL: good code with xml is red

IDEA-123190 (Bug)

auto quotation of named parameters in SQL QueryStrings



IDEA-122490 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ 13.1 locks up on Find Usages for commonly used method

IDEA-123054 (Bug)

Spring MVC View, duplicated path

Task Management


IDEA-123179 (Bug)

Task context grows to humongous size



WEB-11512 (Usability Problem)

'Find usages' searches .map files

WEB-10511 (Bug)

No typescript error for interface defined inside of function leads to confusion

WEB-11628 (Bug)

Typescript: wrong syntax parsing

WEB-11464 (Bug)

Typescript: "Return statement is required" error on "any" return type

WEB-6098 (Bug)

TypeScript: Completion for types within the same module

WEB-11403 (Bug)

WEB-11403 TypeScript doesn't update highlighting on parameter optionality change

WEB-11382 (Bug)

Typescript - 'private' attribute is forbidden in module scope

WEB-11595 (Bug)

Typescript: "method expression is not of Function type" on any type

WEB-11642 (Bug)

Typescript bogus error

WEB-11511 (Bug)

'Make static' does not correctly refactor usages

WEB-10475 (Bug)

TypeScript: Bad code good: Rest parameters must be array types

WEB-10235 (Bug)

Parameter Info does not show in for Typescript library definitions of constructors

WEB-9282 (Bug)

Code hinting partially broken in TypeScript when using .d.ts TypeScript definition files.

WEB-11568 (Bug)

Typescript: exported enum wrongfully highlighted as unresolved variable

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-123209 (Bug)

JUnit: test case constructor exception is not shown

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-123385 (Bug)

Running all tests in a project for a test group doesn't work

Unit Tests


WEB-8925 (Bug)

Karma: make it possible to capture browser manually

User Interface


IDEA-123236 (Bug)

Can't click through

IDEA-99329 (Bug)

Buggy UI when manually adding framework support for a module

IDEA-120011 (Bug)

quick documentation looses styling

Version Control


IDEA-122429 (Usability Problem)

git log branch filter: show currently selected branches in "Select..." popup window.

IDEA-122300 (Usability Problem)

Git: Log: Show full path in structure filter tooltip

IDEA-121969 (Task)

Don't load changes details on start

IDEA-122558 (Bug)

Filter by user, then by branch doesn't work

Version Control. Git


IDEA-121875 (Task)

Git log: Manually sort loaded commits by date

IDEA-121948 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.vcs.log.newgraph.facade.GraphData.assertRange



IDEA-123103 (Bug)

Structure view empty when editing some XML files



WEB-11654 (Bug)

Spy-js: correctly show code fragment in the Editor