I extremely don't like code inline with rules. One of the biggest things in Nitra is clean grammar, so that you can work with language in a straightforward way.
Here is an example:

    ChoiceTokenRule                  = LeftRule sm RightRules
      alias LeftRule = TokenRule : 10;
      alias RightRules = ("|" TokenRule : 10)+;
      override MakeContext
        def context1 = LeftRule.MakeContext(parent);
        def context2 = FoldThrough(RightRules, context1, ((_, r), c) => r.MakeContext(c));
      override Typing = RegularRule.Choice(Location, LeftRule.Typing() :: RightRules.Map(r => r[1].Typing()));

Here syntax has rule definition, aliases, some behavior definition, which is so similar syntactically, but so different semantically that it requires conscious parsing by brains to understand what is this. I could tell that it violates SOLID in every way possible, but philosophy aside it will be huge nightmare to maintain and evolve.

I propose separation of syntactical and semantic aspects.

Proposed approach is by defining Calculations