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free for TeamCity Professional and TeamCity Enterprise servers users, closed-source

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Adds the ability to run tests using Microsoft VSTest.Console.

Since TeamCity 9.1, the VSTest console runner is bundled and merged with MSTest runner into the Visual Studio Tests runner. To use the new bundled Visual Studio Tests runner, the VSTest build steps will have to be configured manually.

If you choose to continue using the VSTest.Console Runner plugin after upgrade to TeamCity 9.1, no changes are required.


(since TeamCity 8.0)

(since TeamCity 9.0)

(since TeamCity 9.1 EAP1)

Installation instructions:

Using real-time test reporting (v9.0+)

VSTest.Console supports custom loggers, i.e. libraries that can handle events that are occurring when tests are being executed. For TeamCity 9.0.x there exists a custom logger that provides real time test reporting.
Logger must be installed manually on agent machine, as it requires dlls to be copied in Extensions folder of VSTest.Console. Installation of custom logger does not require agent restart.

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The plugin is compatible with TeamCity 8.1 and newer

Plugin Development Status

Since TeamCity 9.1 vstest.console runner has been merged into TeamCity Visual Studio Tests runner. Please use bundled runner

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