Create project from URL

Creation of the first build in TeamCity has become even easier with the new Create project from URL action:

All you need to do is provide the URL of the project source repository and credentials (if necessary). TeamCity will do the rest by itself:

Build configuration administration

Ability to override inherited settings

Since the version of TeamCity where templates were introduced, TeamCity did not allow changing some of the settings in a build configuration inherited from a template. These settings could only be changed in the template itself. For example, you could not have different execution timeouts in build configurations inherited from the same template. Besides, it was not possible to have a different number of simultaneously running builds.

Since this EAP build, in a build configuration inherited from a template, the following settings are modifiable:

Suggested settings

With this EAP build we introduced a new category in server health reports, which is called "Suggested settings". TeamCity will analyze the current settings of a build configuration and suggest additional configuration options.
For a specific build configuration the suggested settings are shown right on the administration pages. All of the suggested settings, for all of the projects can be viewed on the server health report page.

Changed values highlighting

Settings of a build configuration whose values have been changed from defaults are now marked with an orange border.

If a build configuration is inherited from a template, the template settings play the role of the defaults; thus, all settings redefined in the build configuration can be easily located.

Per-project SSH Keys storage

If your Git repository requires SSH access, to use it in TeamCity in earlier versions you had to put the SSH private key in some location on the server, and in case of the agent side checkout - to each agent where your build was to be executed.

With this EAP build, you can upload an SSH private key right into the project using the TeamCity web interface. You can then configure the Git VCS root to use this uploaded key.

REST API changes

My Changes page renamed to Changes

We added users selector on the page previously called My Changes. Now you can easily see changes of any other TeamCity user the same way you see your own changes. Therefore we decided to rename the My Changes page to Changes.