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IDEA-81277 (Feature)

Show Constraints for Data Sources

IDEA-118159 (Feature)

"Search Everywhere" inconsistent api on ItemPresentation

RUBY-14778 (Bug)

Use attached files as ToD

IDEA-78206 (Bug)

Constructing 'mailto' link -> cannot resolve file 'mailto'

RUBY-14758 (Bug)

Language level for Rubinius is incorrect

IDEA-116071 (Bug)

Field can be final inspection change

WEB-10280 (Bug)

All "Test Sources Root" folders map to the wrong path in the web server preview

IDEA-118107 (Bug)

Internal Error when starting IDEA 13 on Windows 7



WEB-10143 (Bug)

Code readability in css color preview

WEB-9986 (Bug)

CSS: fuzzy search shows turned off abbreviations

WEB-10225 (Bug)

Injected HTML: goto CSS declaration does not see the other fragments.

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-117649 (Bug)

"Locate Duplicates" action seems to not work with "Class Hierarchy" custom scope.

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-114952 (Usability Problem)

Eclipse code style import: would be nice to remember imported file location

IDEA-113977 (Bug)

Formatter: caret is moved on next line if closing brace has wrong indent

IDEA-116940 (Bug)

@formatter:off still generating braces

IDEA-96723 (Bug)

Java Rearranger deletes blank lines in field declarations

IDEA-118264 (Bug)

Rearrange Entries stopped working in Intellij 13

Code Insight


RUBY-14673 (Bug)

Unresloved references from rspec let() (again)

Code Navigation


IDEA-117498 (Bug)

Caret locks up after using ctrl+tab to switch editors



PY-9855 (Bug)

Django console settings with remote interpreter (vagrant) not saved



RUBY-14672 (Bug)

Debugger doesn't stop on the first try

RUBY-14684 (Bug)

debugger gem conditioning no longer works in RubyMine 6

RUBY-14642 (Bug)

debugger-xml hanging inside ERB partials

WEB-10182 (Bug)

NodeJS debugger can't step into

RUBY-14739 (Bug)

Exception Breakpoint for "Exception" Class Crashs Debugger

WEB-10231 (Bug)

first navigation to http file doesn't open desired location

WEB-10283 (Bug)

JS chrome Debug: fails with Nesting problem when changing value in debugger

WEB-10175 (Exception)

Exception is thrown while debugging JS: can't debug

WEB-10241 (Exception)

NPE when debugging Angular.js



PY-6095 (Bug)

Accepting a completion with TAB results in a syntax error



PY-6095 (Bug)

Accepting a completion with TAB results in a syntax error

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-115727 (Bug)

Cyclic Expand Word leaves word highlighted

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-57940 (Bug)

Cyclic expand word should take into account all open files

IDEA-111701 (Bug)

Emacs: pressing Ctrl+k several times should add lines to muti-line buffer

IDEA-103199 (Bug)

Undo: UTF problem

IDEA-111275 (Bug)

emacs kill appends when it shouldn't

IDEA-18764 (Bug)

Emacs-Mode: Ctrl-y only pastes the last line killed and not the entire kill buffer

IDEA-113684 (Bug)

Soft wraps insert additional spaces



WEB-10017 (Usability Problem)

New "Surround with emmet" popup breaks usability

WEB-10019 (Usability Problem)

Don't show emmet preview after simply dot

WEB-2229 (Bug)

Html with strict DTD doesn't end the img tag properly



IDEA-117437 (Bug)

Hibernate console: ConnectException: Connection refused: connect

IDE Configuration


IDEA-118292 (Usability Problem)

Confusing custom config/system path configuration in (${idea.config.path} is not expanded)

IDEA-118111 (Bug)

Can't close IDEA 13 (Ubuntu linux)



RUBY-14539 (Bug)

convert do block to {} intention in single line



IDEA-117883 (Cosmetics)

Inspection descriptions talk about "the list/checkbox below"



WEB-3581 (Bug)

Incorrect inspection of JQuery selector

WEB-9817 (Bug)

Node.js: global functions defined as 'global['name']' not resolved

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-908 (Bug)

"Invalid number of parameters" inspection should be suppressed when parameter list contains outer language elements



WEB-10191 (Cosmetics)

Weird field in the Configure NodeJS Modules Sources

WEB-10309 (Bug)

Stepping through node debugging session fails with sourcemapped files if built files are excluded from workspace (repo steps and example project)

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-21460 (Bug)

Any In place server mapping with '/' in Web Path is replaced with mapping with project root in local path

REST Client


WEB-9845 (Bug)

REST-Tool: Save Request to .xml

Remote Interpreters


PY-11499 (Bug)

PathMappingSettings changes to path-mapping-settings



RUBY-14682 (Bug)

Infer parameters type for SDK overloaded method params



IDEA-50739 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Insert Values Inspection: do not warn (optionally?) if absent arguments can be inserted due to DEFAULT clauses

IDEA-116149 (Usability Problem)

PostgreSQL: Missing column alias when subquery uses CAST or ::

IDEA-118573 (Bug)

Oracle "DROP INDEX" marked as syntax error

IDEA-46068 (Bug)

SQLite: REINDEX with collation name is yellow

IDEA-118076 (Bug)

rename alias in SQL console surrounds alias with quotes

IDEA-117129 (Bug)

Bad indent of brace in MySQL JOIN

IDEA-117850 (Bug)

Code Style > SQL > New Line before - Join Condition does not work when unchecked

IDEA-117208 (Bug)

MySQL reformat fails to convert null literal to upercase

IDEA-117606 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: references to user are not resolved

IDEA-117221 (Bug)

Current statement highlighter should be aware about with current line

IDEA-117431 (Bug)

Identifier quotation will incorrectly quote MySQL variables

IDEA-117092 (Bug)

Submit MySQL query stucks with special comment

IDEA-117313 (Bug)

Oracle syntax problem

IDEA-104127 (Bug)

Good code is red: using parameters to a stored procedure as values on a limit clause

IDEA-57415 (Bug)

SQL: HSQLDB: quoted names are resolved ignoring case

IDEA-117899 (Bug)

SQL: column scope is not determined correctly

IDEA-116905 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: window function "min" has errors



WEB-10058 (Bug)

Typescript reference

WEB-10082 (Bug)

TypeScript: Type problems with namespaces

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-117989 (Bug)

JUnit: Run/Debug java test output "scroll to stacktrace" not working as expected

IDEA-116825 (Bug)

JUnit4: Incorrect 'Failed to start' message in presence of ignored tests

IDEA-118595 (Bug)

IDE is stuck on running junit tests

User Interface


IDEA-115859 (Bug)

Presentation mode is broken

IDEA-117426 (Bug)

deadlock in MPS

IDEA-117772 (Bug)

Deadlock IDEA 13

Version Control


IDEA-116040 (Usability Problem)

"Author" and "Date" columns are constantly restoring its size.

IDEA-115675 (Usability Problem)

new git log: date column sizing

IDEA-117212 (Bug)

"Contained in branches" displays incorrect information if there is active non-branch filter

Version Control. Git


IDEA-117500 (Performance Problem)

New git log is slow when there are many (3K+) branches in the project

IDEA-118265 (Bug)

For multi-root projects Git branch menu not showing when clicked

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-115906 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.graph.mutable.GraphBuilder.createBranch

IDEA-117401 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.vcs.log.util.SequentialLimitedLifoExecutor$DetailsLoadingTask.consume

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-117432 (Bug)

svn checkout not working - PhpStorm 7.1 Build #PS-133.168



IDEA-84166 (Feature)

Support "CTRL+H" on class in .xml file

IDEA-105450 (Bug)

Attribute id in OSGI reference element not allowed