No subsystem


WEB-10280 (Bug)

All "Test Sources Root" folders map to the wrong path in the web server preview

IDEA-118107 (Bug)

Internal Error when starting IDEA 13 on Windows 7



IDEA-117802 (Bug)

DDL data source in Database tab doesn't support multiple schemas

IDEA-118022 (Bug)

Cannot rename DataSource via context menu item



WEB-10175 (Exception)

Exception is thrown while debugging JS: can't debug

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-113684 (Bug)

Soft wraps insert additional spaces



IDEA-117646 (Bug)

Flex attribute "direction" report false positif when set as string



WEB-2229 (Bug)

Html with strict DTD doesn't end the img tag properly

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-96586 (Bug)

Can't run Geronimo 3.0.0 (wrong script name)



IDEA-117566 (Bug)

Cannot start Weblogic from Idea 13



IDEA-118087 (Bug)

Inspection: Unescaped EL Expression suppression is not working

REST Client


WEB-9845 (Bug)

REST-Tool: Save Request to .xml

Unit Tests


WEB-10274 (Bug)

Can't run karma tests with coverage using karma-coverage 0.1.4

Version Control. Git


IDEA-118265 (Bug)

For multi-root projects Git branch menu not showing when clicked



IDEA-84166 (Feature)

Support "CTRL+H" on class in .xml file

IDEA-105450 (Bug)

Attribute id in OSGI reference element not allowed