Code Insight


PY-9228 (Bug)

When an attribute is assigned both in _init_ and in another method, goto declaration should jump to _init_

PY-1337 (Bug)

Accepting complete suggestion on keyword argument name should overwrite current keyword argument with equal sign

PY-10235 (Bug)

Second completion for decorator inserts parentheses after name

PY-1448 (Bug)

Find Usages: usages not found if presented in conditional methods of the class

PY-9138 (Bug)

import items doubled in popup



PY-9855 (Bug)

Django console settings with remote interpreter (vagrant) not saved

PY-11179 (Bug)

Closing tab "Terminal" crashes IDE on Windows



PY-11394 (Bug)

"no tests were found" with django 1.6 DiscoverRunner



PY-6095 (Bug)

Accepting a completion with TAB results in a syntax error

PY-7423 (Bug)

Create Class: intention should be available not only for unresolved reference with only first uppercase letter

PY-9840 (Bug)

Enter in comment leads to inconsistent caret position



PY-10929 (Bug)

PyCharm 3.0 - comment breaks PEP8 style guide



PY-7291 (Bug)

Non default Keymaps are not working properly

PY-10544 (Bug)

Some special attributes/methods not syntax highlighted



PY-11080 (Bug)

strange inspection result on len(list())

PY-11119 (Bug)

string.splitlines.keepends parameter left unfilled (PyCharm 3, Python 2.7.3, Macos)

PY-11169 (Bug)

dict.fromkeys() signature

PY-11162 (Bug)

Incorrect call arguments / Unexpected argument inspection is triggered for unicode('str', 'encoding')

PY-11344 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.util.TextRange.assertProperRange

Remote Interpreters


PY-10590 (Bug)

Cannot dismiss "Can't Run Remote Interpreter Error connecting to remote host Try again?"



PY-10534 (Bug)

Invalid project interpreter issue

PY-10411 (Bug)

'flush' argument to print() builtin flagged as unexpected

PY-11499 (Bug)

PathMappingSettings changes to path-mapping-settings

Version Control. Git


IDEA-76670 (Usability Problem)

Doesn't handle GIT .gitignore files properly when a directory is being added

IDEA-115318 (Usability Problem)

Clicking "amend" should load message from git only if user didn't type anything in the commit message area yet

IDEA-109511 (Usability Problem)

Cannot call git add for tracked files

IDEA-104070 (Bug)

Can't add folder to git when it contains hidden files

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-100294 (Bug)

Cannot edit a file - text jumps all over the screen