Project groups

Several important improvements and bug fixes have been made in project groups feature.

External ids for build configuration and template

It is now possible to define external id for build configuration or template. It works the same way as external id for project, i.e. it is used in URLs instead of internal id, and it is used in configuration files. However with build configuration external ids add some additional benefits:

Read more about using external ids when accessing server by HTTP in our documentation: Accessing Server by HTTP, Patterns For Accessing Build Artifacts

Configuration files changes

We continue refactoring configuration files storage on disk under TeamCity data directory. This EAP brings two important changes:

Meta runner

Queued build page

Dependencies progress has been added on queued build page, you can now see estimates for all dependencies in one place.

Build problems

Disk usage report

Disk usage report has become aware of projects hierarchy. You can see how much disk space is taken by project as a whole, and also drill down to sub-projects and see what sub project uses most of disk space.
Additionally, one more server health report is now provided based on disk usage. This report shows configurations with huge log files, as well as links to builds having these log files. Huge (hundred of megabytes) build logs are rarely useful, it is hard to analyze them and in most of the cases they just waste space on disk. We hope this report will help to find configurations producing such log files and fix them.

Branch filters in triggers

VCS and Schedule trigger have got new setting: Branch filter. With help of branch filter you can limit the set of branches where automatic triggering must be performed. Read more about branch filters in our documentation: Working with Feature Branches#Triggers