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WEB-6848 (Task)

Map help button of the Emmet page

WEB-6876 (Bug)

Built-in server false promptings

WEB-6824 (Bug)

Deleted files generated by file watchers still exist in "Recent Files"

WEB-6827 (Bug)

Emmet "Surround with Live Template" creating wrong element



WEB-6816 (Feature)

Make "adding a semicolon in css rule" an option

WEB-142 (Feature)

"Case sensitive completion: All" broken

WEB-6794 (Bug)

SCSS parsing error with escaped double quote

WEB-12 (Bug)

CSS support !ie hack

WEB-6841 (Bug)

Can't invoke color chooser for inline style property after changing another style property value

WEB-6727 (Bug)

Emmet(css): Can expand already expanded prefixes

WEB-6855 (Exception)

CSS: Throwable at CssPropertyOrValueInsertHandler.completeCssPropertyValue() from Code Completion



WEB-6825 (Task)

Map help ID



WEB-6741 (Bug)

Emmet, html: item numbering in tag name not rendered



WEB-6865 (Bug)

JS icons of perl files

Live Edit


WEB-6856 (Exception)

LiveEdit: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception when closing " in attribute value is missing



WEB-6743 (Feature)

NodeJS: Source map debugging with absent @sourceMappingURL comment

WEB-6581 (Bug)

WebStorm 126.59 Debugger Takes Very Long Time To Run



WEB-6733 (Bug)

Emmet(sass): abbreviations with + expanded without enter

WEB-5939 (Bug)

Unexpected comment if add a new line before noncommented code and the previous line was commented

WEB-6729 (Bug)

Emmet(css): can expand parameter as property



WEB-6830 (Bug)

TypeScript: Bad code green

WEB-6345 (Bug)

bad code green

WEB-6346 (Bug)

Bad code green

WEB-6829 (Bug)

TypeScript: Bad code green