No subsystem


PY-8387 (Feature)

HTML5 Boilerplate support

PY-8435 (Feature)

Vagrant: add support for 'destroy' command

PY-8551 (Bug)

Wrong icons

PY-8335 (Bug)

Node.js project templates are not available in new project dialog after node.js plugin is installed

PY-8552 (Bug)

Some plugins are missing

PY-7335 (Bug)

Cannot use local documentation

PY-7522 (Bug)

Navigate to test does not find existing test

App Engine


PY-8426 (Exception)

GAE: NPE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.django.DjangoServerJavaScriptDebuggerStarter.createRunConfiguration

Code Insight


PY-7301 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false positive for methods derived from unresolved BaseClass

PY-8439 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false positive for separate doctests in rest files

PY-4345 (Bug)

named tuples: support subclasses of the namedtuple class



WEB-5568 (Feature)

Expand CoffeeScript Formatter Options to Match Other Languages

WEB-6269 (Bug)

Unchecked option "Keep line breaks" produces incorrect reformatting

WEB-6108 (Bug)

In interpolated strings the conditional expression shows an error

WEB-6156 (Bug)

Coffeescript marks valid syntax invalid inside intellij

WEB-6270 (Bug)

Unchecked option "Keep line breaks" changed the original syntax

WEB-2284 (Bug)

Reformat CoffeeScript bug



PY-8449 (Bug)

Django: tasks fail when project pathname contains spaces

PY-8537 (Bug)

PyCharm keeps adding the wrong DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE in the env var list



PY-3153 (Usability Problem)

Commenting adds char # to column 0

PY-8571 (Bug)

Unwrap for elif suite should highlight the entire if statement

PY-8566 (Bug)

Unwrap/remove action is not available for with statement

PY-8567 (Bug)

Unwrap/Remove action is not avalable with caret/selection at the very end of the statement

PY-8563 (Bug)

Incorrect "Unwrap else" preview and behavior for inner if statement

PY-8565 (Bug)

Unwrap/Remove is not available in for loop

PY-8568 (Bug)

Unwrap for try statement is called Unwrap while

PY-8570 (Bug)

It should be possible to remove elif suite

File System


IDEA-88884 (Bug)

[Mounted disk] The file */.idea/workspace.xml has been changed externally, please reload the project.



PY-5479 (Feature)

Allow to configure dependencies between multiple open projects

PY-7830 (Usability Problem)

File->Open... doesn't suggest to attach project to current one

PY-8597 (Exception)

PyCharm core exception on creation of new empty python project (Linux platform)



PY-5807 (Feature)

Inspection for shadowing built-in Python names

PY-8469 (Cosmetics)

PEP 8 inspection shows weird error

PY-8347 (Bug)

dir() in Python 3 should return list of str

PY-7950 (Bug)

Wrong Expected Type in code inspect

PY-7340 (Bug)

incorrect type for datetime.time.min

PY-5427 (Bug)

Incorrect "Unresolved attribute reference" inspection when parent class is taken from local variables

PY-5905 (Bug)

Callable decorator based on class not recognized correctly

PY-8416 (Bug)

Incorrect inspection "... object is not callable" when _call_ is defined as a class attribute

PY-8483 (Bug)

Disable rename reference quick-fix for unresolved references in doctests in rst files

PY-8448 (Exception)

PEP-8: IOOBE at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck



WEB-6288 (Feature)

LESS CSS: support completion for @import keyword

WEB-6287 (Feature)

LESS CSS: support @import-once directive

WEB-5196 (Feature)

LESS CSS: provide completion for keywords

WEB-6285 (Bug)

LESS CSS, mixins: avoid parser errors in case if there is no white space between a keyword and a guard

WEB-6290 (Bug)

LESS CSS: 'create file' intention should be available if the @import directive contains a path to file

WEB-6284 (Bug)

LESS CSS: support @rest... mixin variable

WEB-6278 (Bug)

LESS CSS: mjixin is not correctly parsed if its parameter has a complex default value

WEB-6266 (Bug)

LESS CSS: Refactor/Rename for variables embeded inside strings adds extra '@' to variable

No Subsystem


IDEA-99477 (Bug)

Before Launch task shows console in "reserved" tab



PY-8598 (Bug)

Packaging: not able to install any package, but installation successful is always shown

PY-7583 (Bug)

VCS urls support in the requirements.txt



PY-8505 (Bug)

Doctest: Indentation error: false positive for comment after colon

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-12882 (Bug)

automatic ftp connection refresh Failed to collect files: Connection closed without indication.

Product Documentation


PY-8475 (Bug)

TOD: File Structure popup: invalid menu Item for File Structure



PY-8404 (Usability Problem)

Change signature: update validation on changing Use default value in signature checkbox

PY-8490 (Usability Problem)

Change signature: validation error about missing default value is not shown once some of the parameter is selected

PY-5554 (Usability Problem)

"Statement can be replaced with functional call": usability improvements

PY-8127 (Usability Problem)

Change Signature: show just one dialog with proposition to change base method with several base classes

PY-8131 (Usability Problem)

Change Signature: popup about inability to perform refactoring is not shown for lambda expressions

PY-8339 (Bug)

Impossible to rename *args and **kwargs from the function definition

PY-8539 (Bug)

Change Signature: usages of renamed parameter are not updated if it was reodered

PY-8400 (Bug)

Change Signature: do not allow removing last argument after star when refactoring function with keyword-only arguments

Remote Interpreters


PY-8593 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: Run configuration uses remote SSH Tool to run remote configurations



IDEA-68895 (Bug)

Change SQL dialect quick fix is useless in case of @Language annotation with certain dialect value



PY-8417 (Bug)

int.from_bytes not recognised as class method

Test Runner


PY-8545 (Bug)

Django test runner fails due to wrong import

TextMate Bundles


RUBY-12841 (Bug)

TM bundle Objective-C syntax highlighting doesn't work



WEB-2221 (Bug)

TypeScript: Extending built in types

User Interface


IDEA-95058 (Usability Problem)

An option to set regular font size on editor's tab titles

IDEA-99686 (Bug)

No icons for toolwindows in recent files and switcher

IDEA-98794 (Bug)

Rendering of Deployment -> Sync screen is broken