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IDEA-87149 (Feature)

Switcher: Add option to close editors with 'q' (like in the Mac Dock)

IDEA-88945 (Feature)

Option to invoke UML class diagram from the "Evaluate expression" form

IDEA-89049 (Feature)

Add search by thread name in thread dump analyzer

IDEA-87938 (Feature)

Completion: extend 'middle-matching' by 'word*parts' in completion

IDEA-89218 (Feature)

Please add more options to copyright formatting

IDEA-89183 (Usability Problem)

Analyze stracktrace should scroll to the top

IDEA-60208 (Usability Problem)

VCS GUI: "Revert" and "Rollback" are used intermixed

IDEA-69174 (Usability Problem)

User should be able to save patch to existing file.

IDEA-89211 (Performance Problem)

Slow reaction on completion (~2 sec)

IDEA-85455 (Cosmetics)

Dropdown for runnable configs doesn't open on press

IDEA-88430 (Cosmetics)

Run configuration dialog: 'allow only one instance' should not be under 'before launch' section

IDEA-89318 (Cosmetics)

Missing question mark in stop confirmation

IDEA-89462 (Cosmetics)

Second long warning notification is shown with strange scrollbar

IDEA-89451 (Cosmetics)

There is no default constuctor in super class: quickfixes order

IDEA-88928 (Bug)

Rerun button icon should be refreshed upon completion

IDEA-89324 (Bug)

File structure: cannot find super class method definition when anonymous classes are shown

IDEA-89270 (Bug)

IntelliJ expands "home" string incorrectly when opening a project with shared JUnit configurations on Linux

IDEA-89122 (Bug)

Wrong align of the "Use safe write" checkbox

IDEA-88821 (Bug)

Subversion plugin doesn't add recursively

IDEA-89038 (Bug)

error after editing settings

IDEA-89130 (Bug)

Meaningless error while creating class with prohibited name

IDEA-89367 (Bug)

Cannot rename folder

IDEA-88479 (Bug)

"Copy revision number" puts a wrong revision to clipboard after you delete lines above

IDEA-89422 (Bug)

Go to declaration: duplicate entries

IDEA-88458 (Bug)

"Create patch..." command on repository revisions treeview doesn't working

IDEA-89494 (Bug)

Breakpoints Dialog: selecting breakpoints with keyboard moves the focus to condition editor

IDEA-89415 (Bug)

Shortcut not working on generate equals() and hashCode()

IDEA-89161 (Bug)

"Make before run" reappear after restart

IDEA-84382 (Bug)

Open file dialog (ctrl-shift-N) does not offer files starting with @ char

IDEA-88071 (Bug)

Samples: comparingReferences test does not work

IDEA-75807 (Bug)

Perforce support: wrong file state for updated jar



IDEA-85332 (Feature)

Warn user if he has different android modules with the same package within one project

IDEA-84455 (Usability Problem)

Android SDK: sources should be added automatically

IDEA-89094 (Bug)

Validate names of drawable resources files

IDEA-89177 (Bug)

Android: Generate Signed APK: project tree is not refreshed after generating a signed APK

IDEA-89238 (Bug)

Better checkbox text for library modules

IDEA-89236 (Bug)

Cancel action in 'Choose Device'dialog (while debugging) due to the strange error message

IDEA-86963 (Bug)

Create android tests module produces error

IDEA-76891 (Bug)

Package move/rename doesn't change class references in layouts

IDEA-89125 (Bug)

Provide dimension key for 'Choose Device' dialog

IDEA-88983 (Bug)

Keep layots id empty on creation



IDEA-88994 (Bug)

The message about unknown property should be corrected.

IDEA-88912 (Bug)

Ant completion message not always displayed



IDEA-89431 (Feature)

Collapse Inline CSS

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-88935 (Usability Problem)

Analyze Cyclic Dependencies action does nothing if non-java file is selected

IDEA-88936 (Cosmetics)

Analyze Cyclic Dependencies: confusing dialog choices on selecting a module root

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-89070 (Feature)

Support Guava @VisibleForTesting annotation

IDEA-89287 (Feature)

option for "if statement with negated condition" to ignore '!= 0'

IDEA-89331 (Feature)

@Mock'd fields in unit tests are grayed out

IDEA-89271 (Feature)

RFE: SynchronizedMethod inspection warn about overridden methods

IDEA-88961 (Bug)

Spell check doesn't like unicode T-SQL strings

IDEA-88777 (Bug)

equlas() and == should be taken into account by nullability check

IDEA-89017 (Bug)

Add "disable for annotations" checkbox for "Magic Number" inspection

Code Coverage


IDEA-89103 (Usability Problem)

Add ability to choose a coverage suite without showing a coverage toolwindow

IDEA-89229 (Bug)

Code Coverage not correct

IDEA-89227 (Bug)

Code coverage and ignored tests: confusing "Failed to start" message

IDEA-85581 (Bug)

ClassFormatError with code coverage instrumentation on large class

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-51747 (Feature)

Ability to reformat changed lines only

IDEA-87087 (Bug)

Code formatting corrupts the code

Compiling Project


IDEA-88202 (Bug)

javac2 ANT task crashes on @NotNull instrumentation



IDEA-89174 (Bug)

Setting up a data source does not allow inserting a "@" on OS X



IDEA-87924 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Ease defining breakpoint condition

IDEA-88868 (Bug)

idea 12 (142) alt+click (quick evaluate expression) is not working



IDEA-59513 (Usability Problem)

Merge dialog: after applying "all non-conflicting changes" selection should jump to first conflicting change.

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-88951 (Feature)

"Highlight usages" feature should also have a tooltip with the source code line

IDEA-88349 (Usability Problem)

reformat (of xml)

IDEA-89187 (Cosmetics)

'"Next Error" action goes to errors first' is misnamed

IDEA-89241 (Cosmetics)

QuickDoc view (ctrl-mouse over): provide descriptions for Pin and Show buttons

IDEA-89216 (Cosmetics)

Quick Documentation Info (Ctrl+Mouse over): correct the tooltip's width

IDEA-89471 (Bug)

Vertical guidelines are drawn incorrectly

IDEA-89106 (Bug)

Custom code folding regions don't work in *.properties files

IDEA-89220 (Bug)

Editor: Keep viewport at caret on font size change

IDEA-89450 (Bug)

Quick Documentation doesn't show package summary documentation

IDEA-89449 (Bug)

Quick Documentation: link to Project Settings, which is shown when do documentation is found, doesn't work

IDEA-23142 (Bug)

Rerun failed tests keymap action should work when editor window has focus

IDEA-89342 (Bug)

Folding: Restore custom fold regions on file re-open

IDEA-89417 (Bug)

Editor: Avoid VCS hint paint artifacts

IDEA-89240 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.codeInsight.documentation.DockablePopupManager.createToolWindow

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-89495 (Bug)

Show usages -> Open find usages toolwindow: incorrect scope



IDEA-88407 (Usability Problem)

Extract constant refactoring doesn't use camel humps for generating name of the new constant

IDEA-89491 (Usability Problem)

Flash mobile app run configuration: when running on emulator, 'Generated' option in 'App descriptor (emulator)' combo is confusing

IDEA-89498 (Performance Problem)

FlexUnit debug: frames/variables views update is slow if test class contains several tests and [Before] methods

IDEA-89063 (Task)

Need easier way to configure runtime-loaded modules (<mx:Module/>) and to optimize them

IDEA-88950 (Bug)

Introduce constant dialog issues

IDEA-88292 (Bug)

Optimizing Flex imports inserts blank lines

IDEA-89391 (Bug)

auto generated idea-*-flexunit.xml contains compiler.fonts.managers twice

IDEA-87195 (Bug)

'Unused method' warning should not be shown for overriding methods

IDEA-89354 (Bug)

Build Configuration in default run configuration 'FlexUnit' ignored



IDEA-88151 (Feature)

Support for SuperDevMode of GWT 2.5.0.rc1

IDEA-88540 (Bug)

False Error: Enum requires no-args constructor

IDEA-88582 (Bug)

GWT JSNI inspection problem when creating new Java object.



IDEA-89443 (Bug)

Gradle: Don't store autodetected gradle path at the settings

IDEA-89416 (Bug)

Gradle: Correct jdk setup when new gradle project is linked



IDEA-86261 (Bug)

Grails 2.1.0.RC1 "Settings synchronization failed"



IDEA-87878 (Bug)

select word should honor semicolon

IDEA-89397 (Bug)

Groovy: quick fix "Create field" generates invalid code

IDEA-88549 (Bug)

Auto completion makes it hard to add constructor with int parameter

IDEA-89097 (Bug)

Moving classes up/down doesn't work correctly

IDE Configuration


IDEA-89086 (Usability Problem)

Keymap in settings does not allow to change undo/redo shortcuts

IDEA-89307 (Bug)

Unable to share a run configuration

IDEA-89012 (Bug)

Live Template - Edit Variable - variable order is ignored



IDEA-89060 (Bug)

Incorrect persistent mapping generation



IDEA-89069 (Bug)

web-app_2_5.xsd schema used in J2EE plugin is out of date: version: 1.62 05/08/06



IDEA-88174 (Bug)

<java.lang.Object> inserted instead of generic argument in JSP code.

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-89175 (Feature)

Completing an annotation on an @interface class should always suggest meta-annotations

IDEA-84963 (Feature)

Disprefer annotations in autocomplete at places where they cannot be used

IDEA-88999 (Usability Problem)

Resizing completion popup changes sorting.

IDEA-89501 (Performance Problem)

IDEA sometimes freeze after selecting item in a completion list

IDEA-89059 (Bug)

Selected item is scrolled off the bottom of the code completion popup

IDEA-88923 (Bug)

Wrong element preselected on autocompletion (very rarely)

IDEA-89061 (Bug)

Prefix match should be preferred over middle match when suggesting variable names

IDEA-81775 (Bug)

Track auto-complete "preferred" values for longer time/per prefix

IDEA-42378 (Bug)

Live template expansion: existing identifier is converted to lower case

IDEA-89114 (Bug)

Unsuitable completion proposals in annotation attribute value

IDEA-89056 (Bug)

Strange 'xxx[]' item is shown in smart completion list

IDEA-88975 (Bug)

Java constructors autocompletion doesn't work fine for non-static inner classes.

IDEA-89046 (Bug)

Completion proposes a name that is not related to the prefix entered

IDEA-89099 (Bug)

IDEA misses some types in code completion in "try" construct

IDEA-89015 (Bug)

Java class names are presented in autopopup or "basic" completion list inside any XML literal

IDEA-88939 (Bug)

BigDecimal not selected by default in completion popup

IDEA-89217 (Bug)

Completion doesn't suggests constants inside annotation array

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-87969 (Bug)

"Keep when reformatting" breaks "replace '?:' with 'if else'"

IDEA-89144 (Bug)

"Add Single-Member Static Import" Intention doesn't work for same method names of different classes

IDEA-89344 (Bug)

Quick fix 'Create inner class' on parent of static class creates non-static inner class

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-69477 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Introduce *: in place mode: mnemonic for "Replace all occurrences" also selects typed name

IDEA-89143 (Usability Problem)

Improve variable name suggestion for new Path via Paths.get() call

IDEA-89159 (Bug)

Renaming Color variable in Java doesn't work and shows popup with FQCN.

IDEA-89045 (Bug)

Calling Rename on an unresolved method name replaces it with "wait"

IDEA-89360 (Bug)

Refactoring "Replace Constructor with Builder.." does not work on constructor refs

IDEA-89534 (Bug)

Type migration refactoring action not available in different scenarios

IDEA-89293 (Bug)

Cannot Inline Ctor.

IDEA-89001 (Bug)

Rename a variable while a renaming is already in progress silently rename the first refactored variable.

IDEA-89382 (Exception)

Refactoring / Introduce *: change "Replace all occurrences" with zero length live template: PIEAE at CompositePsiElement.getProject()



IDEA-76552 (Feature)

JSDoc: recognize lower case built-in types 'number', 'string', 'boolean' and 'funciton'

IDEA-76518 (Feature)

Resolving method only by name (but not by class) when using prototypal style

IDEA-89301 (Bug)

Resolve is broken after content roots have been changed

IDEA-87805 (Bug)

JSDoc, @type tag: 'Initializer type Object is not assignable to ...' shown for record

IDEA-88420 (Bug)

JsDoc: StackOverflow when function implements itself and has overridden functions

IDEA-89404 (Bug)

Unexpected JavaScript Inspection Message



IDEA-88505 (Bug)


IDEA-89080 (Bug)

Unable to open a maven project

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-89457 (Bug)

install plugin from disk: incorrect warning about unknown dependency

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-88652 (Bug)

make FileTypeIndex aware of newly added file types

Product Documentation


IDEA-89444 (Task)

Map help button of the Documentation tool window

IDEA-88981 (Task)

Add tip of the day

IDEA-88976 (Bug)

Use only IntelliJ IDEA" in the tips of the day

IDEA-88977 (Bug)

Use "Extract" instead of "Introduce" in refactoring names

IDEA-89212 (Bug)

Quick doc: Don't show markup elements at the 'on mouse hover' hint

Project Configuration


IDEA-87141 (Feature)

Option to not capitalize module names when creating a project from existing sources

IDEA-87930 (Usability Problem)

"Edit library" action is not dumb aware

Project View


IDEA-89093 (Bug)

Copy reference is missing



IDEA-89335 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: Table names with quotes in procedure's parameters

IDEA-88857 (Bug)

Spellchecker shouldn't highlight mysql functions and names of entities as errors

IDEA-89019 (Bug)

SQL Editor. Unnecessary quotes in autocomplete list

IDEA-89268 (Bug)

SQL: Good code red: "unexpected 'SELECT', ')' expected"



IDEA-70173 (Feature)

Spring Integration: add support for exception-type-router element

IDEA-70040 (Bug)

Spring integration support: for correlation-strategy-method, release-strategy-method attributes of aggregator/resequencer only parameter-less methods are suggested

IDEA-70723 (Bug)

Spring integration support: sftp namespace: don't show errors for valid "session-factory" attribute type



IDEA-51032 (Feature)

Support Tapestry 5.1 features: Parameter Namespace and Library Namespace



IDEA-88506 (Feature)

Diagram API: custom drawn nodes

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-89231 (Bug)

Create test picks generated-sources directory as default location for new test

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-89272 (Bug)

Run configuration error message is wrong when the package can't be found

IDEA-89158 (Bug)

Test runner shows yellow bar when all tests are green

User Interface


IDEA-89228 (Feature)

Right click menu to move tabs

IDEA-88839 (Usability Problem)

After assigning shortcut to Tool window shortcut number doesn't appear inmediately over tool window tab

IDEA-88947 (Usability Problem)

Merge "Open Project" and "Open File" actions into one

IDEA-89052 (Usability Problem)

Live template: Preserve context configuration control size

IDEA-88532 (Cosmetics)

Settings | File Templates: Plus and Minus (Add, Remove) buttons have different styles on Mac OS

IDEA-86977 (Cosmetics)

Comboboxes look bad on Windows Look and Feel

IDEA-88924 (Cosmetics)

"Event log" icon have incorrect margin at "View" -> "Tool Windows" menu

IDEA-83832 (Cosmetics)

main menu appears unavailable

IDEA-81422 (Cosmetics)

Change signature 'use any var' presentaion

IDEA-84499 (Cosmetics)

Mac OS: Finder window shown on opening IDEA's .dmg file has misaligned icons

IDEA-88260 (Cosmetics)

Recursive call icon is hard to see

IDEA-89402 (Cosmetics)

Arrow in alt+enter popup is too dark

IDEA-86678 (Bug)

Message from Event Log is kept in status bar on opening different project

IDEA-87792 (Bug)

Strange Behavior on Show History - Minimizes to Non-Existance

IDEA-87621 (Bug)

Collapse/expand all in file structure popup

IDEA-88967 (Bug)

Split window doesn't allow resize

IDEA-89157 (Bug)

Open File should remember the last location (If i open a file, it should initially point to the project's root dir)

IDEA-89401 (Bug)

Grey current file in navigation bar while standing in the editor

Version Control


IDEA-79213 (Usability Problem)

In 'Commit Changes' dialog a tree of files is invisible when there are author with long name

IDEA-78756 (Usability Problem)

Always check that parent directory exist in 'Create Patch' dialog

IDEA-89160 (Usability Problem)

Wrong diff from file history for the merge revision

IDEA-89447 (Cosmetics)

do not remove Get Version from Repository icon from File History tab on deleting file, just disable it like others

IDEA-81098 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent Revert/Rollback naming in Commit Changes dialog

IDEA-89289 (Bug)

Commit changes presentation: when treeview is used with added subtree and missing [changed] folder in the middle

IDEA-78715 (Bug)

When go to Apply Patch it always opens the Finder in the project directory instead of remembering the last location

IDEA-61919 (Bug)

Got AnnotationListener.onAnnotationChanged() event for disposed project

IDEA-84892 (Bug)

File annotations do not update on git commit

IDEA-88788 (Bug)

Refreshing Files Dialog Causes Conflict

IDEA-81273 (Exception)

IOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.SegmentArray.getSegmentEnd

Version Control. Git


IDEA-53116 (Feature)

Git Support: Show history is disabled for folders

IDEA-89470 (Usability Problem)

File did not change in this commit notification for merge commit along with commit chooser popup when file is actually changed

IDEA-89452 (Cosmetics)

Git: error shown for missing directory should not be called File doesn't exist

IDEA-89362 (Cosmetics)

Git: History tab for directory should not be called File <Name> History

IDEA-63725 (Bug)

Compare in Git history doesn't work for directories

IDEA-89051 (Bug)

Move file between Git repositories: deleted file does not appear in Local Changes

IDEA-89376 (Bug)

Git integration doesn't show change diff for moved file

IDEA-89347 (Bug)

Git: part of the file history is not shown because of cyclic renames of the file.

IDEA-79870 (Bug)

Git Push: "Can't push, because no remotes are defined" message prevents pushing despite all modules have VCS git configured

IDEA-89296 (Bug)

'git annotate' fails with error for files that were previously renamed

IDEA-89372 (Exception)

Git: Assertion failed: VirtualFile can't be null for FilePath: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.assertTrue

IDEA-89361 (Exception)

Git: CCE at git4idea.history.GitDiffFromHistoryHandler.doShowDiff

IDEA-89357 (Exception)

Git: ITE at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-88968 (Bug)

perforce VCS fails to parse p4 resolved output for files merged from p4 shelved changes

IDEA-33992 (Bug)

P4 "Delete file from Perforce" prompt should not be shown when deleting local file if file is already deleted on server

IDEA-88384 (Bug)

When Perforce is not available IDE says "Perforce connection problems"

IDEA-89040 (Exception)

Exception in perforce plugin

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-82392 (Usability Problem)

Subversion: Option to set default depth

IDEA-79639 (Usability Problem)

Missing keyboard supported navigation in SVN tree while checking out

IDEA-62649 (Cosmetics)

SVN Revert: Says "Subversion Rollback" in Progress Window

IDEA-81265 (Bug)

Lossy cyrillic encoding (svn + shelve changes)

IDEA-79090 (Bug)

SVN checkout options dialog

IDEA-78912 (Bug)

Move package containing file with spaces mangles filename

IDEA-78117 (Bug)

NULL characters appended to file when retrieving historical revisions in SVN

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-89075 (Cosmetics)

TFS checkout project wizard layout is broken



IDEA-27620 (Feature)

XML Catalog support