As we are approaching to TeamCity 7.1 release which is planned in several weeks, we concentrate our efforts on polishing new features and fixing bugs. This EAP build does not have many new features besides some significant improvements in feature branches.

Feature branches

Extended branches specification syntax

In the previous EAP you could use * in branch specification, like this:


For TeamCity this rule means:

This rule works well, but what to do if you can't use * but still want shortened branch labels in builds? To address this problem we extended the syntax of branch specification and now it allows this:


In this case, TeamCity will use label 7.0 for builds from the refs/heads/release-7.0 branch and 7.1 for builds from refs/heads/release-7.1.

Read more about branch specification syntax in our documentation

Branch labels for builds from the default branch

In a build configuration with branches enabled, TeamCity will assign a branch label to the builds from the default branch too:

Branch selector on overview and project pages

Branch selector is now available on both overview and project page:

Branches tab on a build configuration page

Want to see an overview of what is going on in each active branch? There is a new build configuration tab to answer exactly this question:

Builds on the change log graph

If the "Show builds" and "Show graph" options are enabled in the change log, TeamCity will display build markers on the graph. We think this makes it much more clear which commit ends up in which build:

VCS branch parameter

For Git & Mercurial TeamCity provides additional build parameters with names of VCS branches known at the moment of build starting. If a build took a revision from the refs/heads/bugfix branch, TeamCity will add a configuration parameter with the following name:<simplified VCS root name>

Where <simplified VCS root name> is the name of the VCS root where all non-alpha numeric characters are replaced with {_}.

In addition to this parameter, VCS branch is now shown on build changes page:

Other improvements