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IDEA-86228 (Performance Problem)

IDEA hanging after execution of Maven goal (THashMap problem)

IDEABKL-6365 (Bug)

Regression: Implemented interface method in anonymous class does not carry over parameter names



IDEA-86184 (Usability Problem)

Simple Android project results in INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK

IDEA-79211 (Bug)

Hangs on "Building Android package..."

IDEA-85963 (Bug)

Android templates are not properly formatted

IDEA-84399 (Bug)

Android Maven <type>so</type> Dependencies do not get placed in apk:lib/armeabi



IDEA-25975 (Usability Problem)

Time in ant build end should be displayed in minutes when it is too big for seconds.

IDEA-86356 (Bug)

Ant console creates too many range markers

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-86231 (Bug)

Bug with unnecessary call to String.valueOf() inspection

IDEA-86035 (Bug)

Bug with "Fix all Constant conditions & exceptions problems"

IDEA-85620 (Bug)

Inspection "'StringBuffer' can be replaced with 'String'" produces invalid code.

IDEA-86346 (Bug)

Constant Conditions & Expression doesn't suggest Nullable annotation

IDEA-43250 (Bug)

Method doAction is too complex to analyze by data flow algorithm

IDEA-26389 (Bug)

Simple method judged "too complex to analyze by data flow algorithm" (no "try" statement)



IDEA-86180 (Bug)

CFML comment shortcut between two existing CFML comment tags fails

IDEA-86264 (Exception)

SIOOBE at com.intellij.coldFusion.model.psi.CfmlComponentReference.addFakeMappingsForImports

Compiling Project


IDEA-72193 (Bug)

[ENCODING] Problem with compilation of modules with different encodings



IDEA-86457 (Bug)

Nothing is saved when I try to save all content of the Data Source Console using File>Save as... menu

IDEA-76462 (Bug)

Weird sort option display artifact for row numbers in Database Console



IDEA-86631 (Bug)

Debugger doesn't work in a class which name contains dollar sign ($)

IDEA-80556 (Bug)

Debug mode fails to stop at breakpoint

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-86237 (Bug)

Copy, Paste, Undo, other editor functions stop working on OS X



IDEA-84188 (Feature)

Smart size, bgColor and other macros handling in HTML wrapper

IDEA-63781 (Feature)

Flexmojos: support <packaging>air</packaging>

IDEA-86456 (Feature)

Support flexmojos 5.0-beta

IDEA-79700 (Feature)

Captive runtime support for desktop apps

IDEA-82734 (Usability Problem)

Flex Air packaging: preserve BC selection on next opening of 'Package AIR Application' dialog

IDEA-86001 (Usability Problem)

Add space when completing "function".

IDEA-86399 (Bug)

Flexunit tests work in Maven but launch fails with 'VerifyError: Error #1014: Class ILayoutDirectionElement could not be found' in Intellij

IDEA-86188 (Bug)

Debugging Flash floods FlashPlayerTrust

IDEA-80407 (Bug)

Debugging Flex 3.x projects does not work on Mac using Flash Player 11.1

IDEA-85985 (Bug)

Flex error highlighting: false 'Initializer type not assignable' errors in case of spaces around Vector params of non-primitive type

IDEA-86310 (Bug)

Missing support for AIR mobile app packaging options

IDEA-86418 (Bug)

Getter/setter with different scope/namespace is colored red



IDEA-85736 (Feature)

Grails automatic upgrade

IDEA-85975 (Usability Problem)

Add option -Dgrails.full.stacktrace=true when debug a Grails application

IDEA-86261 (Bug)

Grails 2.1.0.RC1 "Settings synchronization failed"



IDEA-84488 (Bug)

In Groovy file, a variable assigned to in a catch clause that is NOT the last clause and the variable is indeed used after the whole try/catch(es)-block is incorrectly inspected as "Assignment is not used"



IDEA-85379 (Feature)

Create Haxe project from existing sources

IDEA-85489 (Bug)

haXe parser breaks on EReg syntax

IDEA-85706 (Bug)

New NMML file action should not be available in non-Haxe modules

IDEA-85644 (Bug)

Parser breaks on return blocks

IDEA-85488 (Bug)

haXe parser breaks on Generics that reference themselves

IDEA-83359 (Bug)

Haxe: Compiler declarations causing invalid inspection errors



IDEA-85229 (Usability Problem)

QL: typing opening single quote does not insert closing quote

IDEA-86468 (Bug)

JPQL should not enforce java-like escape sequences



IDEA-81316 (Feature)

OGNL: Support static field access



IDEA-86245 (Bug)

WebLogic APPC verifier fails while using archives for artifacts

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-67453 (Bug)

java files inside jars displayed as uncompiled when mixing sources-jars-sources dependencies using maven project

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-86027 (Bug)

Replace '+=' with '=' intention action causes irregular type cast.

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-86639 (Bug)

Erroneous behavior when inlining parent interfaces

IDEA-86294 (Bug)

Renaming refactoring fails

IDEA-86319 (Bug)

Change singnature is invoked for a just changed method from any place



IDEA-84213 (Feature)

Provide references to css classes from JQuery addClass/removeClass

IDEA-86424 (Bug)

JS settings made via "Configure..." are not synchronized with the table under Settings/JavaScript/Libraries

IDEA-86652 (Bug)

JS Change Signature refactoring: check for duplicate parameters when refactoring arrow functions/function expressions

IDEA-86321 (Bug)

Javascript string selection incorrect

IDEA-85136 (Bug)

Huge dialog with JS download error

IDEA-83938 (Bug)

Change signature does not work with arrow functions

IDEA-84102 (Bug)

Structure Window doesn't show complete JavaScript Structure anymore.

IDEA-86576 (Bug)

JS Change Signature refactoring: correctly show the preview when refactoring fat arrow functions

IDEA-86582 (Bug)

JS Change Signature refactoring for arrow functions: single identifier in function body appears as function name in dialog

IDEA-86580 (Bug)

JS Arrow Function: if function returns a parameter value and return is omitted, this expression is not parsed

IDEA-86363 (Bug)

Javascript @class inconsistency in 11.1.2

IDEA-74312 (Bug)

[javascript] unexpected error highlighting for unresolved variable in strict mode



IDEA-62722 (Feature)

import project source encoding from maven config

IDEA-84573 (Feature)

Maven: configurable generate-sources behavior - use it as a source root or use intermediate folders

IDEA-53817 (Bug)

Environment variable is red (not set) despite the fact it is used in profile <activation>.

IDEA-78410 (Bug)

Maven provided scope dependency is not resolved properly

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-86765 (Bug)

VM options file parsing broken on Solaris

IDEA-86764 (Bug)

11.1.1 fails to start on Solaris

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-86090 (Bug)

Try to download plugin => server error => can't try again



IDEA-86014 (Bug)

Incorrect "ambiguous column reference" warning for SQL inspection

IDEA-85848 (Bug)

Oracle SQL parsing errors

IDEA-85766 (Bug)

Unable to Create a Trigger (Oracle

IDEA-85671 (Bug)

Updatable CTE in PostgreSQL marked as red

IDEA-76276 (Exception)

SQL: PostgreSQL: PIEAE at PsiElementBase.getContainingFile() on undo deleting script with SELECT



IDEA-83955 (Bug)

Latest 11.1 build keeps displaying out of memory dialog no matter how much max heap size is allowed

IDEA-86495 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeUi._expand



IDEA-52763 (Bug)

Make IDEA understand @SupportsInformalParameters

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-53342 (Bug)

Freemarker templates in jar - autocomplete not supported?

IDEA-86192 (Bug)

Importing FreeMarker templates from dependent JAR is considered as invalid

User Interface


IDEA-71848 (Cosmetics)

Untidy column number renderer in 'Database Console'

IDEA-84019 (Bug)

Project with underscore in name lead to non functional window menu

IDEA-74871 (Bug)

Next/Previous Project Window action doesn't move focus to visible window

IDEA-79442 (Bug)

Toolbar Menus do not work in fullscreen on linux mint 11 64 bit

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-85807 (Bug)

'Show as tree' not working in Version Control History window

Version Control. Git


IDEA-55075 (Feature)

git annotate: ignore whitespace change

IDEA-80121 (Usability Problem)

VCS Push screen should separate folders with nothing to push

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-85797 (Bug)

OOME when reading results of 'hg showconfig'

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-86317 (Bug)

Getting a revision from Perforce when a file is not added to a changelist hangs the UI