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IDEA-76271 (Feature)

Allow to show remote image

IDEA-72087 (Feature)

Install zipped a plugin right from Settings>Plugin panel

IDEA-74974 (Feature)

Allow to drop project folder from file manager to the welcome screen to open this proejct in IDE

IDEA-50783 (Usability Problem)

Deployment configurations: would be nice to have an action that allows to navigate to artifacts

IDEA-75995 (Usability Problem)

Plugin Manager: it could be possible to update plugins from main plugin manager window

IDEA-76159 (Usability Problem)

Usability - Clear All and Copy Content easy to misclick in run-output window

IDEA-75827 (Usability Problem)

Lack of the plugin version information in the Plugins list

IDEA-75998 (Usability Problem)

Plugin Manager: tooltip for plugins which have a newer version could be shown

IDEA-73460 (Usability Problem)

Reopen recent project list size

IDEA-76083 (Performance Problem)

Memory leak

IDEA-76270 (Cosmetics)

Recursive compare dialog layout

IDEA-74708 (Cosmetics)

parameter signatures misplaced in Change signature

IDEA-75908 (Cosmetics)

Gradient of the new navigation bar is not based on the theme's base colors

IDEA-76079 (Cosmetics)

Plugin Update Info dialog: add space between main panel and text area

IDEA-76090 (Task)

Remove the option to use groovyc's native stub generator in Groovy compiler setting

IDEA-75739 (Bug)

batch quickfix "stringbuffer can be stringbuilder" can break code

IDEA-71959 (Bug)

IDEA shows modal dialogs on a disconnected monitor

IDEA-76096 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: "List of plugins was not loaded" message could be more informative

IDEA-75333 (Bug)

Git: update with merge: wrong remote revision contents

IDEA-72617 (Bug)

MacOS: correctly support TypeIt4Me in IDEA

IDEA-68402 (Bug)

typo warning for "enqueue"

IDEA-75097 (Bug)

Every keystroke in runconfig/vm-options field triggers network listening firewall dialog on Mac OS

IDEA-71724 (Bug)

dual monitor problem with unreachable windows.

IDEA-76001 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: plugin status is reset after closing Available Plugins dialog

IDEA-75770 (Bug)

Enter key does not do anything on an item in TODO window

IDEA-76146 (Bug)

Inspection "Return of collection type 'xxx'" generates wrong code for EnumSets

IDEA-76140 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: not bundled plugins are named differently in Community and Ultimate editions

IDEA-76153 (Bug)

Make dmserver plugin compatible with lates IDEA builds

IDEA-76151 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: Update Plugin action is not available until plugin list reloading

IDEA-64219 (Bug)

JPA-QL Console use DataSource connection information instead of relying on information in persistence.xml

IDEA-76022 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: red icon for disabled plugins with newer version appears only after plugin list reloading

IDEA-76158 (Bug)

Plugin Manager -> Browse repositories...: list of plugins is incorrectly displayed sometimes after adding a repository

IDEA-75758 (Bug)

Tab focus change doesn't work on Mac Snow Leopard

IDEA-75617 (Bug)

Can no longer map reopen recent project to a keyboard shortcut

IDEA-76058 (Bug)

Plugins Update Info dialog: links in plugin description are not clickable

IDEA-73993 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: dialog doesn't change its size according to to the components inside it (some of them become invisible)

IDEA-75988 (Bug)

Plugin Manager -> Manage Repositories -> Add -> Check Now: error dialog behaves incorrectly on Mac

IDEA-75251 (Bug)

Libraries step in create new project has bad UI under Mac OS X

IDEA-75928 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't show any message about class reloading after compilation if event log is open.

IDEA-75822 (Bug)

Navigation tab drawing is screwed up

IDEA-76105 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: add support for PERFORM command in stored procedures

IDEA-76107 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: add support for OVERLAPS operator

IDEA-76108 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: missing syntax support for some functions: LEAST(), GREATEST(), NULLIF()

IDEA-76072 (Bug)

Plugin description in Plugin manager differs from one in plugin Update Info

IDEA-76073 (Bug)

Plugin Update Info dialog: available version is not shown for some plugins

IDEA-76076 (Bug)

"Simplify" quickfix doesn't work

IDEA-75735 (Bug)

REST Client should have a link to Proxy settings

IDEA-76112 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: add support for the special variable FOUND

IDEA-76110 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: add support for EXIT and CONTINUE in loops without a label

IDEA-76066 (Bug)

Idea, Flex module settings: pressing Help button results in 'Help topic 'reference.settings.modules.flex' not found"

IDEA-75720 (Bug)

False positive on "contents of StringBuilder are never queried"

IDEA-54557 (Bug)

Dialogs are displayed out of sight after Monitor Config changes

IDEA-75808 (Bug)

Using an ErrorCollector and JUnit 4, error output is incorrect when viewing individual test failures

IDEA-76000 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.LexerEditorHighlighter.documentChanged



IDEA-75871 (Bug)

Android Layout UI preview: includes

IDEA-75854 (Bug)

Duplicate classes from generated AIDL resources from Android library project

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-49251 (Feature)

Quickfix to automatically add qualifier to "this"

IDEA-75814 (Feature)

Add option to ignore inspection 'public' field for annotated fields.

IDEA-76287 (Bug)

Incorrect "Instance method access not qualified with 'this'" inspection warning

IDEA-64345 (Bug)

Spellchecker ignores all words in the line after URLs

IDEA-75760 (Bug)

SpellcheckingStrategy does not respect injection content

IDEA-75858 (Bug)

Typo quickfix breaks code by not renaming all instances of a variable.

IDEA-74213 (Bug)

NonSerializableFieldInSerializableClass - Ignore by annotation

IDEA-65018 (Bug)

Groovy: False positive "Not all execution paths return a value"

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-26934 (Feature)

Code reformat ignores xml:space="preserve" attribute

IDEA-76021 (Bug)

Groovy: Indentation of closing brace for closure is wrong



IDEA-75933 (Bug)

Console: Correct processing of user text that contains '\r'



IDEA-75862 (Bug)

Data Sources: incremental search broken

IDEA-75824 (Bug)

Database console row number is not visible and width cannot be adjusted.



IDEA-69879 (Feature)

Auto tooltips for values (Debugger) is not working for Groovy

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-75812 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't suggest keyword 'break' in switch structure

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-75781 (Feature)

Allow color configuration for 'Class Declaration' vs. just 'Class'

IDEA-75162 (Bug)

Brace highlighter: don't highlight backwards if caret is at the token start

IDEA-75866 (Bug)

IDEA inserts unnecessary line break after copy-paste from string literal.

IDEA-76050 (Bug)

shift+tab turns tabs into spaces on an empty row

IDEA-49806 (Bug)

html parsing bug with script / xmp

IDEA-75750 (Bug)

select multiply lines

IDEA-75829 (Bug)

Editor Hangs when editing Play! views

IDEA-75887 (Bug)

Surround With Runnable -> Tab deletes code

IDEA-75806 (Bug)

it's not always possible to expand collapsed imports section in action script embedded in mxml

IDEA-75802 (Bug)

"smart enter" - degradation of the source code editing over improvement in the javadoc editing

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-75773 (Bug)

Spellchecker: don't highlight XML entities

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-74979 (Feature)

Quick fix for "Too many characters in character literal"

IDEA-75910 (Usability Problem)

Refactoring intention for adding parameters to annotations

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-75813 (Usability Problem)

Find Usages dialog - two items have the same shortcut

IDEA-66708 (Cosmetics)

The bottom margin in new Replace... UI in IDEA is too small for GTK+ native LAF

Flex Support


IDEA-75620 (Feature)

Support For apk-captive-runtime or ADT compiler options

IDEA-75838 (Usability Problem)

Package Mobile Air Applications in Background

IDEA-73577 (Bug)

AS3 unused methods inspection catches interface methods

IDEA-72278 (Bug)

quickfix for "method can be static" in MXML

IDEA-76227 (Bug)

good code red: implements keyword in root tags of mxml inline components

IDEA-61400 (Bug)

"Choose Implementation" shows class from sources and swc

IDEA-75310 (Bug)

Debugging Flash Player 11: no variable introspection

IDEA-70049 (Bug)

Editor: Invalid "move method up/down" behaviour.

GWT Support


IDEA-55598 (Feature)

gwt: bad code green: calling instance method using static syntax

IDEA-76012 (Feature)

Provide completion for attributes of 'enum' type in ui.xml file

IDEA-55564 (Feature)

gwt: validate argument list for JavaScript-to-Java JSNI calls

IDEA-67812 (Bug)

gwt: unused class: usage from injected JSNI fragment should not block safe delete

IDEA-75170 (Bug)

IDEA reports java.util.Collections.sort(List<T>) not to be in the JRE emulation



IDEA-75728 (Feature)

Gradle: Try to ensure that libraries of the imported project have distinct names

IDEA-75727 (Feature)

Gradle: support library dependencies that don't point to *.jar files

IDEA-75726 (Feature)

Gradle: Allow to adjust project settings prior to importing

IDEA-75560 (Bug)

UnmarshalException while importing a Gradle project in idea-IC-110.3

IDEA-76137 (Bug)

Gradle support - ".idea" project folder for a multi-module project is created inside the output folder



IDEA-75811 (Feature)

Support Running Spock tests in Grails via intellij

IDEA-66633 (Feature)

I18n refactoring should work for string literals in GSP Groovy code

IDEA-75863 (Feature)

Create setting whether IDEA inserts space after "namedArgument:"

IDEA-74119 (Feature)

code completion for grails tag attributes doesn't take tag docs into account

IDEA-73790 (Feature)

Groovy extract method refactoring - make def keyword in method signature optional

IDEA-66561 (Feature)

'Surround with... ' in GSP could suggest if/else/each tags

IDEA-71141 (Feature)

Parameter name completion for Groovy DSL support

IDEA-74279 (Cosmetics)

"Generate equals()/hashCode()" adds unnecessary semicolons

IDEA-66521 (Bug)

Grails domain class finder completion should show a new completion popup when the method name is definitely not finished

IDEA-74344 (Bug)

Flip ?: intention has no effect

IDEA-66397 (Bug)

'Select word' action at the whitespace before a GSP tag should select the lines this tag intersects

IDEA-76253 (Bug)

Duplicate methods in file structure when using default parameters

IDEA-74202 (Bug)

"Change Signature" refactoring should handle Generics

IDEA-74490 (Bug)

Groovy: "Inject language" intention should not be suggested for numeric and boolean literals

IDEA-74566 (Bug)

Groovy: Generate Getter and Setter action: first generated getter in not formatted

IDEA-75276 (Bug)

References with unknown qualifier type resolve to the current class

IDEA-75633 (Exception)

Java Refactorings should not be available for non-java files via context menu in Project View; UnsupportedOperationExceptionat: Should not be called at JavaStubElementType.createStub()

IDE Configuration


IDEA-64394 (Feature)

Option to redirect console output to a file for the Run/Debug configurations

IDEA-76196 (Usability Problem)

Plugin manager: please provide 'download and install' button

IDEA-36803 (Bug)

Project config tree isn't rehighlighted



IDEA-75619 (Bug)

Context path of the browser url is lost if the field is modified on the Server tab

IDEA-65510 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.facet.impl.FacetModelImpl.removeFacet



IDEA-73160 (Bug)

<interceptor-ref> element inside <action> element does not take into account overriden interceptor stack



IDEA-69729 (Feature)

Support Tomcat remote deployment



IDEA-45089 (Usability Problem)

WebLogic: selecting Application server clears the value in Domain path



IDEA-64127 (Feature)

webgl: add javascript API

IDEA-72189 (Feature)

html: idea does not know about "crossOrigin" property

IDEA-76121 (Feature)

Method separators don't show up in JavaScript

IDEA-71881 (Bug)

encodeURI and encodeURIComponent functions are supposed to return type String not Number

IDEA-75190 (Bug)

[javascript] variable reference resolving improvement

IDEA-76325 (Bug)

JS: Missing method separators

IDEA-68644 (Bug)

javascript reference resolving bug in QUnit

IDEA-74481 (Bug)

[javascript] attribute setter/getter should be prefixed with 'this.' in a strict mode

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-75470 (Feature)

Provide 64-bit version of IdeaWin32.dll

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-73908 (Cosmetics)

Error message about plugin loading problem with suggestion to disable plugin is hard to understand

IDEA-75131 (Bug)

Crash when trying to show dialog from custom plugin

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-75534 (Bug)

Incorrect title capitalization warning for short negative verb forms

Project Configuration


IDEA-58788 (Usability Problem)

Rename "Resources" configurable

IDEA-46522 (Cosmetics)

Settings: Application Servers / (Add) Server dialog: what Apply button is for?

IDEA-75929 (Bug)

Don't allow to save global/project library with empty name



IDEA-75821 (Feature)

Display list of available Refactorings inside of Intention Actions dropdown

IDEA-75930 (Usability Problem)

Process duplicates after 'extract method': do not show additional confirmation dialog if only one duplicate is found

IDEA-76086 (Bug)

"Move file" destination type defaults to 'source'



IDEA-75891 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: table function invocation in FROM clause is red

IDEA-75816 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: RESTRICT action is red

IDEA-75962 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: LEFT/RIGHT JOIN without OUTER is red

IDEA-51096 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: some mathematical operators are red

IDEA-76104 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: more than 2 grouping columns are red

IDEA-76109 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: PL/pgSQL: DECLARE is not parsed

IDEA-76114 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: PL/pgSQL: expression in parenthesis as FOR expression is red

IDEA-76119 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: some expressions as array "subscript number" are red

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-75876 (Bug)

JUnit tests no longer working

IDEA-75966 (Bug)

JUnit: log full of "socket closed" messages

User Interface


IDEA-32830 (Feature)

Autodetect file type for unknown extensions

IDEA-75849 (Feature)

update plugins: provide change log

IDEA-68921 (Usability Problem)

Resizable panes in IDEA Preferences dialog don't give a visual indication that they can be resized

IDEA-75903 (Usability Problem)

Plugin dependency "fix it" message should also allow enabling the disabled dependency

IDEA-74180 (Cosmetics)

ComboBox+Mac: 'down' button is incorrectly aligned with an editor

IDEA-75878 (Cosmetics)

"Analyze Data Flow to here" and "Analyze Data Flow from here" menu items case

IDEA-73319 (Cosmetics)

Switching between configuration groups in Run/Debug Configurations dialog is poorly laid out on Windows

IDEA-75360 (Bug)

Local history fonts are too small

IDEA-70979 (Bug)

After switching monitor layouts, dialogs are displayed at the wrong screen

IDEA-72822 (Bug)

Run configuration list is shown on wrong monitor

Version Control


IDEA-64352 (Usability Problem)

Git should not show modal dialog on start

IDEA-73563 (Bug)

Balloon doesn't escape XML tags in commit message

IDEA-75247 (Bug)

Table looses focus during UP/DOWN movements in Show history for selection dialog

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-73943 (Bug)

CVS: annotate doesn't work properly for CVSNT repositories

IDEA-57957 (Bug)

CVS Tag not reporting failures

IDEA-76183 (Bug)

CVS incoming changes not working if cvs server uses symlinks to repository

Version Control. Git


IDEA-68504 (Feature)

Git: Can't add a directory

IDEA-75902 (Usability Problem)

GIT: 'Update finished' and unhelpful message 'Error rebasing' in Event log after project update

IDEA-74647 (Usability Problem)

Don't show "Open in browser" action for files not under github

IDEA-75312 (Bug)

Deadlock on update / apply patch

IDEA-75490 (Bug)

Git status never ends. nobody is alive to wake up semaphore in git handler

IDEA-75987 (Bug)

Git log: clicking on edge moves the current view to the different part of the log

IDEA-75350 (Bug)

Some new files marked as unchanged so it's impossible to do anything with them

IDEA-73843 (Bug)

Merge error message does not show erroneous files

IDEA-75972 (Bug)

Current Branch name under Git->Repository->Branches right click menu does not display underscores present in branch names

IDEA-74743 (Bug)

Escape commit message characters

IDEA-76135 (Exception)

Git: IAE at at git4idea.GitVcs.getVersion

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-75441 (Bug)

Mercurial: not able to clone repository from remote repository which requires authentication

IDEA-75206 (Exception)

NPE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.execution.HgCommandExecutor.<init>

IDEA-75200 (Exception)

NPE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.execution.HgCommandExecutor.<init>

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-72029 (Bug)

Perforce: executable on MAc

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-76246 (Bug)

When connecting to TFS 2010 server with wrong credentials 'Host contacted but no TFS service found' message may be shown instead of 'Unauthorized'