GWT Support

The language jetbrains.mps.gwt.client provides basic support for creating and editing of GWT Module XML files. Module manifests are represented as root nodes interlinked with source code and other manifests, including ones from .jar files. The jar files for gwt-dev.jar and gwt-user.jar are included with the language.

Supported GWT SDK versions are 2.0 onward.

GWT Module root

Supported elements. Please refer to GWT SDK documentation for details.


Specify the module to inherit settings from. In order to inherit from a GWT module contained in another model, that model must be imported first.

GWT module test   {                


Specify a class that will be used as the entry point. Must implement

entry-point Sample

Filtering paths

The following three elements support following features, analogous to GWT module XML file's elements.

  • excludes and includes parameters
  • casesensitive parameter
  • defaultexcludes parameter
  • include and exclude sub-elements

If no path is explicitly specified, the current model is assumed.

source model   {


Define a path with public resources.

public path = " resources "   {


Define a source path (package).

source model casesensitive = false {
  exclude " **/internal* "          


Define a source path stripping off the prefix.

super-source path = " java.util "   {

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