No subsystem


IDEA-60157 (Feature)

Add com.testng.internal to default import/completion exclusion

IDEA-59841 (Feature)

Add Alt+Enter shortcut for "Module Settings" action

IDEA-68283 (Feature)

Auto-highlighting Search & Replace Just Like Find (Cmd-F) in a Single File, Especially with RegEx

IDEA-64495 (Feature)

Have IntelliJ's datasource files (*.IDS) treated same as IML, IPR, & IWS files

IDEA-27560 (Feature)

Remember folding state of ant build scripts

IDEA-68472 (Feature)

XPath 2: types of operands of "union", "intersect", "except" could be checked

IDEA-68400 (Usability Problem)

XPath: code completion in node test: Tab does not erase the asterisk

IDEA-63015 (Usability Problem)

Code|Analyse "Specify Inspection Scope" dialog VS current file name with long path...

IDEA-68459 (Usability Problem)

XPath: on typing nested left parenthesis the right one is not inserted

IDEA-68464 (Usability Problem)

XPath 2: filter expressions: primary atomic sequence with node-type predicate is green

IDEA-67717 (Bug)

Project view tree is not updated properly on new file add /delete

IDEA-68542 (Bug)

XPath 2: quantified expression with empty 'satisfies' expression is green

IDEA-67281 (Bug)

XPath plugin: "Evaluate XPath Expression" dialog: there is no text box in Advanced mode

IDEA-67125 (Bug)

JDK 7: Inspection should not suggest use of diamond operator for anonymous inner class declarations

IDEA-65329 (Bug)

JPA QL inspection: Idea does not understand arithmetic functions in "order by" clause

IDEA-68394 (Bug)

XPath 2: wildcard in form of *:NCName in name test is red

IDEA-68197 (Bug)

XPath 2: wrong number of quotes at the very end of string literal is green

IDEA-68115 (Bug)

Password required on popup menu invoke

IDEA-68196 (Bug)

XPath 2: double literal in scientific notation is red

IDEA-65333 (Bug)

JPA QL inspection: Column in combination with CollectionTable is not recognized

IDEA-67148 (Bug)

Grails -> Template Namespace seems not to be supported

IDEA-68546 (Bug)

XPath 2: instance of expression with empty sub-expression is green

IDEA-65343 (Bug)

Add Option to Force Clean Artifact build

IDEA-68349 (Bug)

Create new project: check that project folder is really created, don't show unclear message if it fails

IDEA-68519 (Bug)

Code Style Settings: cannot change combobox values on Wrapping and Braces page on Mac OS

IDEA-67694 (Bug)

Compiliation errors since update

IDEA-68461 (Bug)

IntelliLang: one more performance option is added

IDEA-66564 (Bug)

Unexpected source element for annotation member value: PsiBinaryExpression:0.0d / 0.0

IDEA-68475 (Bug)

Spring Integration Gateway Bean Discovery

IDEA-48041 (Bug)

Assignements highlights with "Assignement not used" when exception is thrown from 'default' switch section

IDEA-68514 (Bug)

Bad formatting for quickfixes from batch mode

IDEA-68040 (Bug)

Add the autoscroll to/from source to the Grails View

IDEA-68396 (Bug)

XPath 2: schema-element() kind test is resolved with wrong number of arguments

IDEA-68397 (Bug)

XPath 2: schema-attribute(QName) kind test is not supported

IDEA-68392 (Bug)

XPath 2: type mismatch error is not shown for arithmetic operators

IDEA-68393 (Bug)

Perforce "Commit Changes" window unresponsive when it loses focus

IDEA-68391 (Bug)

XPath 2: cast expression: completion shows "No suggestions"

WI-3662 (Bug)

Settings | Inspections – multiple branches got expanded after Apply/Open when last active branch has name that is not unique (for example: General)

IDEA-68194 (Exception)

XPath: Throwable at CompletionServiceImpl$CompletionResultSetImpl.withPrefixMatcher() on completing variable name with prefix

IDEA-64651 (Exception)

Introduce variable for nonexistent type

IDEA-66597 (Exception)

CyclicDependencyException at org.picocontainer.defaults.ThreadLocalCyclicDependencyGuard.observe

IDEA-68646 (Exception)

Evaluate Expression dialog: Code Fragment Mode: Throwable at LookupImpl.hideLookup()



IDEA-68133 (Bug)

array items in android are shown as unused if they are only used in preferences.xml

IDEA-67742 (Bug)

Can't debug Android app in 10.5

IDEA-68454 (Bug)

Good code red: xml drawables

IDEA-65415 (Bug)

Importing new android project from maven pom is setting the Android Platform incorrectly

IDEA-67574 (Bug)

Autocomplete now broken in Android layout files with 10.5

IDEA-68119 (Bug)

Importing maven android plugin project results in "ERROR: Please specify Android SDK" error

IDEA-65039 (Bug)

Auto-completion in manifest doesn't work for fully-qualified activity name

Ant Integration


IDEA-38319 (Usability Problem)

Duplicate Ant-targets: Highlight target name only

IDEA-67804 (Bug)

tstamp target's properties are not resolved

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-67791 (Feature)

"test method without assertions": support situation where method delegates to other (local) methods

IDEA-68639 (Feature)

new "'Math.random()' cast to 'int'" inspection

IDEA-54270 (Feature)

Overloaded methods with the same number of parameters enhancement for incompatible types

IDEA-62468 (Performance Problem)

Spellchecker locks IDEA when opening the project

IDEA-53686 (Cosmetics)

String concatenation inspection should have "Ignore for exceptions" option

IDEA-66635 (Bug)

Regression: javadoc inspection flags method names without arguments as errors

IDEA-18908 (Bug)

Launching "Run inspection on..." from inspection results doesn't ask for scope

IDEA-68354 (Bug)

'Mismatched query and update of StringBuilder' false positive

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-68348 (Bug)

Formatter: Correct 'wrap long lines' processing

IDEA-68073 (Bug)

Correct 'strip trailing spaces for modified lines' processing

IDEA-56877 (Exception)

'Editor is not disposed' assertion

Code Navigation


IDEA-48243 (Usability Problem)

Quick Definition: Show inner classes name in the combobox.

IDEA-68493 (Usability Problem)

Cannot create tests for Java enums

Compiling Project


IDEA-68231 (Bug)

@NotNull/@Nullable JDK7 code injection cause 'Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target'

IDEA-66022 (Bug)

Unable to Run or Debug Java class files



IDEA-68051 (Bug)

Database support: encoding of .ids files is system default



IDEA-49290 (Cosmetics)

Breakpoints dialog: line breakpoints in groovy are represented with defect

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-54223 (Feature)

Type Hierarchy (Ctrl+H) support in autocompletion

IDEA-67827 (Feature)

Smarter completion of tags

IDEA-68178 (Bug)

Completions does not complete class names in java annotations

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-68593 (Feature)

Emacs: Make it possible to quite from incremental search mode by pressing Ctrl-G

IDEA-68362 (Feature)

Emacs: Teach emacs like 'kill-word', 'backward-kill-word', 'kill-region' and 'kill-ring-save' actions to work with kill ring

IDEA-68361 (Feature)

Emacs: Add 'negate-kill-line' action

IDEA-66719 (Feature)

Editor: start selection like in emacs

IDEA-68416 (Feature)

Emacs: Provide support for 'yank-pop' action

IDEA-18586 (Usability Problem)

Emacs-Mode: Incremental Search Again should be mapped to Ctrl-S,Ctrl-R after first search

IDEA-52276 (Bug)

Cut up to line End deletes line when on the end of line instead should remove the line ending

IDEA-18764 (Bug)

Emacs-Mode: Ctrl-y only pastes the last line killed and not the entire kill buffer

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-68138 (Bug)

query parameter not recognized in assembled string

IDEA-68179 (Bug)

Parse in array in annotation is not shown in java

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-24874 (Bug)

Intention 'Convert method to variable argument method' fires for Scala code, and mangles it

IDEA-68379 (Bug)

Remove try-finally block - removes comments within try block

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-26851 (Bug)

Find in File not working when using Class Hierarchy as the scope

IDEA-66480 (Bug)

Replace ignores selection if the replace pane is already open

IDEA-64122 (Bug)

"Find usages" on the getter of a JPA property returns only the usages of the field itself and the setter

Flex Support


IDEA-63215 (Feature)

flex: provide "field can be local" inspection

IDEA-55867 (Feature)

[flex] [as3][refactoring] Introduce Field doesn't work on variable declaration

IDEA-68601 (Feature)

'Mark object' feature for ActionScript/Flex debugger

IDEA-68441 (Feature)

"go to class" is not working with monkey patch

IDEA-64470 (Cosmetics)

don't show FlexCompiler shell icon in the Dock (Mac OS X)

IDEA-65761 (Task)

Navigation from Flex CSS property to annotation should take into account the namespace

IDEA-53952 (Bug)

Decompiled SWF files must be read-only.

IDEA-59287 (Bug)

JavaScript/ActionScript: Inline local variable doesn't remove variable declaration

IDEA-47476 (Bug)

Protect sdk files as readonly

IDEA-68448 (Bug)

"go to Declaration" is not working with monkey patch

IDEA-57003 (Bug)

flex: inline variable: confusing error message "Function 'null' is never used"

IDEA-68452 (Bug)

Introduce Constant Not Working

IDEA-67846 (Bug)

Inline ActionScript 3.0 function showing as error

IDEA-68071 (Bug)

Good code red: IDEA fails to determine custom namespace when overriding a class method from a library

IDEA-68398 (Bug)

hung up and cannot cancel "Looking for Usages" on "Move inner class"



IDEA-67135 (Feature)

Distinction of Grails User Library is needed

IDEA-47343 (Feature)

Implement "static import intention" for groovy

IDEA-49786 (Usability Problem)

Gant: Ctrl+mouse hover on Gant-specific methods shows GroovyEnhanced class, but does not allow to navigate there

IDEA-49873 (Cosmetics)

Grails View don't compact empty middle packages

IDEA-66723 (Bug)

Grails - views included via the template namespace are marked as syntax error.

IDEA-68499 (Bug)

hasErrors tag mistakenly requires "field" attribute

IDEA-68213 (Bug)

Auto-imports insert before "#!/path/to/interpreter" instruction in Groovy scripts



IDEA-65955 (Bug)

HMTL W3C documentation links resolving to bad URLs

IDE Configuration


IDEA-39034 (Feature)

Provide meaningfull default names for running configurations

IntelliJ Platform


WI-1175 (Feature)

Javascript inspection feature request: option to deactivate checking for trailing commas in object declarations

WI-1562 (Usability Problem)

SQL dialect selection is a quite obscured feature.

WI-4116 (Cosmetics)

Underscore symbol is not visible in Automatic Renaming Dialog(Windows)



IDEA-54905 (Feature)

Jetty integration



IDEA-62362 (Bug)

Suggestion not offered for mappedBy in JPA(Hibernate) OneToMany annotation



IDEA-62808 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not support property name starting with upper case for class mapping.



IDEA-36090 (Feature)

"Highlight Usages in File" should work for taglib prefixes



IDEA-68425 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: header-enricher element: treat 'error-channel' and 'reply-channel' subelements as channels references

IDEA-68426 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: header-enricher element: validate 'header' subelement to have exactly one of the 'ref', 'value', or 'expression' attributes configured

IDEA-68428 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: support 'expression' element properly

IDEA-68110 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: 'header' sub-element: check that exactly one of 'value' or 'expression' is provided

IDEA-19192 (Feature)

usage of bean should find @Autowired usages

IDEA-68465 (Usability Problem)

When I opened my project previously saved in IDEA 10.0.2 in IDEA 10.5 it changed my project files

IDEA-68103 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: gateway: intention that creates missing method in service-interface should create bodyless methods

IDEA-68443 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: Poller element is not recognized as spring bean

IDEA-68437 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: don't demand inner 'poller' element for 'claim-check-in'

IDEA-68111 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: channels referenced in @Gateway, @ServiceActivator etc annotations should be validated

IDEA-68101 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: gateway: intention that creates missing 'service-interface' should create interface

IDEA-68490 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: 'converter' element is not recognized as bean

IDEA-68492 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: for inner bean subelement of 'converter' element no validation is available



IDEA-68474 (Bug)

'Remove redundant else' Refactor Breaks Code (trivial sample code provided - reproducible)

OSGi Support


IDEA-66585 (Feature)

Upgrade Pax Runner to 1.6.1

PHP frameworks


WI-5362 (Feature)

Add controls to Command Line Tools Console

WI-5578 (Usability Problem)

Make columns of command line tool configuration table resizable

PHP lang


WI-2291 (Feature)

A way (and an option in Settings) to disable autocompletion of php comments like PHPDOC comments

WI-5872 (Feature)

Add action "Copy key" in variable context menu in PHP debug

WI-5870 (Usability Problem)

Design problems with Generate PHPUnit test dialog

WI-5374 (Usability Problem)

Move Statement Up/Down autoformats whole document

WI-5656 (Bug)

S is marked as deprecated, but it no longer is in HTML5

WI-5540 (Bug)

Code Style - Array Initializations

WI-5892 (Bug)

PHP function uniqid() has wrong function header

WI-4472 (Bug)

Definition for stream_resolve_include_path() is missed

WI-3180 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion inserts body into wrong place for a top-level block

WI-4746 (Bug)

Add phpDoc for Closure class



WI-5951 (Feature)

apply HTML tag tree highlighting colors to HTML breadcrumbs panel

WI-5479 (Bug)

<wbr> triggers "tag not closed" inspection

WI-5682 (Bug)

role attribute not recognized



WI-5974 (Feature)

@constant annotation should satisfy Magic Number inspection

WI-5969 (Usability Problem)

jQuery documentation

WI-5938 (Cosmetics)

Use browser icons in javascript debug configuration

WI-5945 (Cosmetics)

Provide an icon for Jetbrains firefox extension

WI-5939 (Bug)

JavaScript local and remote debug configurations are allowed to run

WI-5338 (Bug)

keyword and unresolved variable inspections should not be raised on debugger keyword

WI-5971 (Bug)

jQuery :text selector help is shown instead of text() method

WI-5981 (Exception)

Exception when trying to inline JS method

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-50021 (Bug)

If an inner class is registered as an extension in plugin.xml, it's not found by Find Usages

Project Configuration


IDEA-10066 (Feature)

external lib definitions for project libraries

IDEA-53226 (Feature)

artifacts: add module test compile output

IDEA-40638 (Usability Problem)

Context menu options to edit module settings are confusing

IDEA-63500 (Usability Problem)

Choose module for artifact: modules are not sorted (ignore case), no quicksearch

IDEA-14488 (Usability Problem)

IDEA should ask for IntelliJ IDEA SDK when create a project contains plugin module

IDEA-15751 (Cosmetics)

"Detach" becomes "Remove" after disabling

IDEA-55590 (Bug)

Add Global Library - option is sometimes not available

IDEA-43339 (Bug)

Conflicting keyboard mnemonics on Module Dependency Settings screen

Project View


IDEA-68236 (Feature)

"Copy Reference" (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C) could work for selected package in Project view (when in "project" mode)



IDEA-68368 (Feature)

Show more info about context in Rename Variables

IDEA-61734 (Usability Problem)

More intuitive shortcut for renaming invalid identifiers

IDEA-68210 (Bug)

Duplicate shortcut in Refactor menu

IDEA-60736 (Bug)

Trying to introduce constant into a new inner class creates a package instead

IDEA-68367 (Bug)

In place introduce field: Declare final should not be available if Initialize in is set to current method

Task Management


IDEA-63546 (Feature)

Add Trac support in the Task/Context support

IDEA-23226 (Feature)

Tasks: no notification if login/connect not possible

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-45727 (Usability Problem)

Remove "Test runner parameters" field from JUnit run configuration

User Interface


IDEA-49715 (Usability Problem)

Changes view: Window menu key does not open context menu on multiple selection

IDEA-67899 (Bug)

add emacs's up/down keybinding(ctrl-n/ctrl-p) to 'Goto File(Class)..' popup

IDEA-67945 (Bug)

Console log level filter locks up IDE

Version Control


IDEA-68634 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.util.continuation.SameProgressRunner.<init>

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-67623 (Bug)

CVS: few more cvs-related variables

Version Control. Git


IDEA-66169 (Usability Problem)

When a merge conflict happens in git, the remote changes should not be identified as local changes and the local changes should not be identified as patched changes.

IDEA-68407 (Bug)

GitHub integration should not add a commit with "First commit" comment if some commits are already present in the repository

IDEA-68526 (Bug)

Git Push Active Branches Rebase & Push doesn't show progress

IDEA-51501 (Exception)

Git: update project with rebase failure

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-68104 (Bug)

Mercurial: UI-lock on manual conflicts resolve.

IDEA-68145 (Bug)

AIOOBE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.command.HgWorkingCopyRevisionsCommand.getRevisions

IDEA-68413 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-68589 (Bug)

Idea failed on CTRL + F5 with perforce

IDEA-68577 (Bug)

Perforce: impossible to edit file - "perforce is anavailable'

IDEA-50398 (Bug)

Perforce: impossible to connect to perforce from IDEA if 'use p4config or default connection' option is checked and no P4PASSWD set

IDEA-68552 (Bug)

P4 config parsing is broken

IDEA-68620 (Exception)

AE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.perforce.login.AttemptsStateMachineImpl.ensureImpl

IDEA-68567 (Exception)

Perforce: NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.perforce.connections.P4ConnectionCalculator.getParametersFromConfig

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-68174 (Bug)

Too many subversion checkboxes are shown

XML editing


IDEA-68188 (Bug)

XSLT: usages of namespace prefix are not found in preserve-space and strip-space elements



IDEA-24561 (Cosmetics)

Use the user's code font in the quick documentation window