Reordering tests order to run recently failed or modified tests first

If your build uses Ant runner and JUnit/TestNG tasks to run your tests (or Ipr runner with tests configured or tests run via post-build Ant script), now you have the option to instruct TeamCity to change the order of running your tests. Available options are to run the recently failed tests first, or recently modified tests first.

This is as simple as checking an option in the runner's settings and allows you to know if the tests were fixed in a much less time.

The tests are reordered within each junit/testng Ant task on the test case (not individual test) level.

Of course, the options are safe to use only if your tests order does not affect tests functioning (which is a good thing). If the tests order is significant, but this is an undesired behavior, you can still use the option to discover such dependencies (smile)

Project page

Now each project has a dedicated page. Currently it is only a list of the project build configurations and selected charts for the build configurations. The work is still in progress, more statistics and project-level reports will be included.

Here is how the project charts can look like (the LOC metric is added as a custom graph, we will publish the instructions on how to do that in your builds with further EAP releases)

Your suggestions so to the page content/necessary information on it are highly welcome.

Notifications improvements

Now, "first failure/success" notifications are also supported for "Builds with my changes" notifications. What's more, now you can fine-tune notifications by customizing the order in which the notification rules are processed. The first one that matched the build is executed, the rest are ignored. This provides you with an ability for example to suppress notifications for certain build configurations.

Custom statistics now supports multiple series display on a single chart

You can display several values on the custom values chart now:

  <graph title="FitNesse Tests">
      <valueType key="FailedFitNesseTestsCount" title="Failed"/>
      <valueType key="PassedFitNesseTestsCount" title="Passed"/>
      <valueType key="IgnoredFitNesseTestsCount" title="Ignored"/>

Read more about custom statistics feature in the online documentation.

Other Improvements

Upgrade Notes