No subsystem


PY-3169 (Bug)

buildout support not working for buildout >= 1.5

Code Insight


PY-3167 (Bug)

Redundant/useless import suggestion appears after manually added import



PY-3104 (Feature)

Execute selection in console: handle various indentation cases

App Engine Support


PY-3134 (Bug)

New error when using v1.2 instead of v1.1.1



PY-2891 (Bug)

Refactor: Rename fails for local variables, functions, methods, class names, and modules when using virtualenv

Django Support


PY-3129 (Bug)

Create def from django by alt+enter without create template

PY-3145 (Bug)

Django template reference doesn't work with keyword arguments in direct_to_template

PY-3141 (Bug)

Pycharm mark sorl.thumbnail "empty" tag as error

PY-2921 (Bug)

Django shell problem

PY-3098 (Bug)

Doesn't understand filters in 'extends' django tag

PY-3114 (Bug)

Problem with msgid_plural in .po files

Test Runner


PY-3128 (Bug)

Bogus assertEquals diff if value being compared is not a string



PY-3164 (Bug)

"Unresolved reference" false positive for `functools.partial` with Python 2.7.1



PY-3140 (Bug)

"[: 92: Illegal number: false" every time I run