What's New in dotTrace Performance 4.5

  1. Less noise in call stacks More filtering to hide unimportant calls and reduce the number of displayed visual clues
  2. Put all methods of specific class in single tab Now you can see how a particular class behaves
  3. Source preview for .NET Framework assemblies
  4. Display of IL code in source view
  5. Productivity, usability and performance improvements: hotspots and plain view construction, search in hotspots
  6. New license attachment: do not touch floating license if the tool is not used
  7. Better tree representation: more compact tree representation, more usable representation of foldings.
  8. Welcome Page facelifting
  9. More possibilities to model behavior of the snapshot (gain from specific parent)
  10. Less intrusive profiling: an application under profiling runs faster and with lesser memory consumption.
  11. Auto-profile API to collect sampling report from a running CLR 4.0 application

Download 4.5 Performance EAP

This website is the source for dotTrace 4.x early builds. If you prefer using release software, download officially released dotTrace 4.0.1 Performance and/or dotTrace 3.5 Memory builds

dotTrace pre-release builds are published automatically. You can see ratings from other users to decide whether you should download a build and rate builds yourself. We stopped selecting special "EAP" builds ourselves as different users have different stability criteria.

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