TeamCity 6.0 (Eluru) EAP

EAP is closed right now as we have recently released 6.0 release: please get it on the official download page.

We will open EAP once we are ready to share our latest improvements to TeamCity. Stay tuned!

{color:green}{*}Welcome to the cutting edge{*}{color} :-)

Eluru is a codename for the TeamCity 6 version.

h3. Current build: TeamCity 6.0 RC2 build 15700 released November 17, 2010 

h4. [Download|Download Latest] \| [Changes|ChangeLog]

This version of TeamCity contains new features, improvements and multiple bug fixes comparing to TeamCity 5.1.x
{note}Please back up your data (from administration UI or manually, [backup explained|]) before upgrade\!
You also might want to install the EAP version as a [trial server|TCD6:How To...#Test-drive newer TeamCity version before upgrade].
Newer TeamCity versions usually adjust the data structure and you will not be able to return to using older TeamCity versions once the data is upgraded.