Upgrade UI

We believe that TeamCity upgrade procedure is one of the less painful among other servers on the market. Usually upgrade of TeamCity to a new version implies conversion of database and configuration files. Until now this activity was not clear to our users, because it performed automatically. As a result users sometimes do not understand what happens and how upgrade works.

We want to make it as explicit and clear as possible. With this EAP we introduce new upgrade process. If newly installed TeamCity decides that data conversion is required, it will ask for confirmation from server administrator and also offer a possibility to make a backup (which we highly recommend in any case).

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Manual build configurations selection for an agent

It seems there are two different patterns how our users distribute agents among build configurations. Some of them configure this distribution with help of agent requirements and then TeamCity decides what set of agents can be used to run build configurations. Others want to specify explicitly which configurations can be built on which agents, and do not want to allow building of other configurations on these agents.

When we started developing TeamCity we decided that the first case is more common, but at the same time we allowed the second case too. However, UI for the manual configurations selections for the second case is far from ideal, and quickly becomes very unusable with increasing number of configurations. In TeamCity 6.0 we decided to partially address this problem by providing better and more convenient user interface.

Autocompletion in agent requirements

Agent requirements dialog now has autocompletion enabled. Autocompletion works for both parameter name and parameter value. The whole set of parameters on all of the connected agents is considered, and you can see how many agents have this parameters defined, and with what values.

JetBrains dotCover integration

Jetbrains dotCover is now bundled with TeamCity, and is listed as another coverage engine for .NET runners. Also HTML coverage report for coverage data gathered by dotCover is available.

Gradle integration improvements

Gradle support in TeamCity has got a number of improvements:

Visual Studio Addin

For the past months our main focus for VS addin was performance. We've done several improvements and would like to see your feedback on that matter.

Eclipse plugin



Other improvements

- Support [PMD CPD|http://pmd.sourceforge.net/cpd.html] to produce code duplicates report