This document is a work in progress.

Configuring Extensions to the IntelliJ IDEA Core

This topic explains how you can create a plugin that contributes to extension points declared in the IntelliJ IDEA core.
From this page, you can also download a sample plugin illustrating how to contribute to the applicationConfigurable extenstion point.

How to Get the Extension Points List?

To get a list of extension points available in the IntelliJ IDEA core, consult the <extensionPoints> section of the following XML configuration files:
*[ LangExtensionPoints.xml |;a=blob;f=platform/platform-resources/src/META-INF/LangExtensionPoints.xml;hb=HEAD]
*[ PlatformExtensionPoints.xml |;a=blob;f=platform/platform-resources/src/META-INF/PlatformExtensionPoints.xml;hb=HEAD]
*[ VcsExtensionPoints.xml |;a=blob;f=platform/platform-resources/src/META-INF/VcsExtensionPoints.xml;hb=HEAD ]