The purpose of this document is to provide information about general design, API and further evolution of IDEA code formatting subsystem

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The general idea of code formatting approach used by IntelliJ platform is to have the following:

Here is a diagram that shows the parts mentioned above:

Block API

'Block' is an object that IS-A com.intellij.formatting.Block. It has the following responsibilities:

Formatting options

All options are created using static factory methods on corresponding classes (e.g. 'Indent' option is created via various 'Indent.getXxxIndent()' methods).


Here 'Block4' is not moved to the new line because it's 'wrap' property is set to 'DO_NOT_WRAP' and 'Block5' is aligned to 'Block2' because the same Alignment object was set to their 'alignment' property.

Formatting subsystem API



It looks like formatting subsystem contains many potentially expensive operations (e.g. converting whole document text to string in order to perform 'equals()' comparison at 'com.intellij.psi.formatter.FormattingDocumentModelImpl.createOn()'). Also it's not quite clear why so many nested blocks are constructed for java source. That leads to intention to profile formatting subsystem processing and revise it as necessary.

Java & XML mix

'CDATA' blocks processing is hard-coded to generic formatting logic - 'com.intellij.psi.formatter.DocumentBasedFormattingModel.replaceWhiteSpace()'. Looks rather suspicious and controversial to overall formatting subsystem design.