Per-project Roles

This is the first public release that uncovers one of the major highlights of upcoming TeamCity 3.0: per-project user roles.

User can be assigned a "role" in any TeamCity project, or a global role (a role not specific to any particular project).

The set of available roles is fixed. Here is the list with a brief description:



Project viewer

Can view the builds of a project, browse build results including artifacts and list of changes (but not file content), set notifications for the project, view queued builds of the project, etc.

Project developer

Includes all actions available to "Project viewer" and additionally, can run/stop builds, run personal builds, browse file contents (via web diff view), reorder the build of the project in the queue, browse build configuration settings.

Project administrator

Includes all actions available to "Project developer" and additionally has access to administration area where can change settings of the project, create/delete and change settings of project's build configurations, set-up clean-up rule for the project's build configurations.

All projects viewer

Global role. Analogous to "Guest" access in older versions. The same as "Project viewer", but can view all the projects in the system.

All projects developer

Global role. Has "Project developer" access to all of the projects in the system.

Agent manager

Global role. Allows to enable/disable agents.

All projects administrator

Global role. Has "Project administrator" access to all of the projects in the system, can create and delete projects, manage VCS roots shared between projects. Includes "Agent manager" role.

System administrator

Global role. Includes "All projects administrator" role. All administration tasks are available for this role.

On upgrading (do not forget to backup your data before upgrade!), usual users will get "All projects developer" role assigned and administrators will get "System administrator" role.

Please note that users will not get any roles in the newly created projects. If user does not have "All projects viewer/developer" role, please do not forget to assign the necessary roles via user's profile page.

Stay tuned for the more powerful UI to ease group operations for assigning user roles.

We are waiting for you feedback in the EAP forum or via e-mail on the per-project roles and how they suit your daily needs!

Test-level Duration Charts

In addition to the list of unit tests run in a build, you can now view any test duration across the builds via a chart available in the tests list:

Ability to Mark Sources by VCS Label

You can instruct TeamCity to put a label to the version control for the sources used in the build. See Version Control Settings page of a build configuration settings. Available options are whether to mark all or only successful builds and label format that can include the build number.

Supported version controls are CVS and Perforce. Feel free to request support for other version controls.

Duplicates and Inspections runner for Maven2 projects

Now you can run Inspections and Duplicates build (powered by IntelliJ IDEA) over Maven2 project.

Extended Processes Dump

In addition to Windows support introduced in previous EAP release (Java and .NET processes), we are adding support for Linux with 1.5+ JDK (any other platform that has jstack JDK utility should be supported too).

UI is also improved featuring build processes tree.