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Script Editor

Dialect sensitive editor for SQL and for Procedural-SQL script files (.sql, .plsql) providing advanced editing capabilities.

   MySql Procedural-SQL is highlighted with the Oracle highlighter
   Identifier resolver still experiences issues and may report invalid references even though they are valid. A major redesign of the identifier-resolver is planned already.

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Connection Manager

Flexible database connectivity management.

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Object Browser

Tool window displaying available connections and the database objects.

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Code Editor

Highlighted code editor for program-objects (e.g. functions) and views

Note: Version conflict editors are not highlighted. Will be fixed in future releases.

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Data Editor

Tabular dataset editor for manipulating data in tables and editable views

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Execution Engine

Statement and database-method execution, compile engine for database programs

Note: Configuration of execution processes is still pending.

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PL/SQL Debugger **

Fully fledged debugger for PL/SQL programs (procedures, functions, packages) based on the Oracle DBMS_DEBUG functionality.

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** Oracle specific feature

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