Here I will provide the how to for Excel AddIn, but it is fully applicable for the majority of office applications.

There are at least two possibilities:

Profile from Visual Studio

1. Open your solution. Make sure the AddIn project is the StartUP one.

2. Press dotTrace -> Profile from the Top menu.

Currently dotTrace does not determine this project type automatically so it will just show the start up screen:

There is a bug report about it. But it is not actually a very big problem - few more steps and we are done.

 3. Press Connect - get the second screen:

4. Here specify the path to MS Excel:

5. Click OK -> The profilation will start.

Profile the already installed Addin

The steps are very close to what we already tried:

1. Start standalone dotTrace

2. Select to profile Local Computer

3. Select "Standalone Application"

4. Provide path to Excel.exe

5. Click OK -> The profilation will start.